Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


BYUH is friendly and welcoming.


It is a culturally diverse school where everyone wants you to succeed.


Culturally diverse university with small classes and limited majors.


BYU-Hawaii has a very laid back environment and allows you to meet a wide range of people from all over the world.


This school has it all from hundreds of cultures, beautiful beaches, holy grounds, and peaceful sounds of the wind, and experienced teachers.


Brigham Young University Hawaii personally is a solid opportunity to build ones future and character in both an educational and spiritual perspective, in order to better prepare oneself for independance in many aspects in the near future.


Brigham Young University Hawaii is not only a university, but a culturally diverse world of its own that creates endless opportunities for its students from around the globe to interact and make friends, while also learning to become the operators of the future.


Cultural melting pot of the world.


The atmosphere here is very spiritual since majority of the students are Latter-Day Saints (LDS; Mormon) yet very diverse; students from all over the world have come here to learn from qualified teachers- from over 50 countries in fact.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is heaven on earth, it is schooling in paradise, and with over 70 different nationalities living and studying together, it is on of the most diverse universities in the world, and will open your eyes to the beautiful world around you.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is a school consisting of students from 73 different countries who come for the same reason, to maintain a knowledgable foundation to further their schooling to integrate their knowledge in future endeavors, while making life long connections with countries, which could help for career building.


My school is divers while still obtaining a high level of education.


A safe place to learn and study far away from distractions of the world.


It's full of culture, amazing people and beautiful scenery.


Culturally diverse and very friendly.


Well rounded,focused university, set on helping students graduate and help them get the career they want.


Brigham Young University is a wonderful place to learn.


Diversity centered in developing a future of leaders in all fields and careers.


The best kept secret Hawaii has to offer.


Very culturally diverse, friendly, spiritual based, and extremely beautiful.


An amazing, wholesome experience filled with kind people with the same standards and ethic, working for a successful future and learning from educated teachers.


BYU - Hawaii is heaven on earth, with a great diversity of students and a beautiful campus.


Brigham Young University of Hawaii is where we learn academically and spiritually.


Byu is a place where you go to learn and leave to serve...


Brigham Young University is culturally diverse, challenging academically, career and leadershiop focused, and a unique and special place on Earth.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is a culturally diverse school that accepts and invites students to learn and then go forth to serve others internationally for the good of peace.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is a place where students go to learn about not only their area of study, but about who the world is, who they are, and who they hope to become.


It's college in beutiful Hawaii: awsome!


Brigham Young University Hawaii is perfect.


My school is a school that promotes values, religion, academics, physicall well-being, and will strive to assist students in achieving their goals, whatever they may be.


Brigham Young University- Hawaii is having conducive environment for academic activities for both spiritual and curriculum education. It gives student a room to conduct research and work towards his/her potential.Thank you


This is best school to get education.


BYU-Hawaii is an excellent meeting place for students from around the world who want to change the world for the better while keeping their moral standards.


BYU-Hawaii is a school that holds their students to the highest form of excellence. It is a school that enables its students to be the best that they can be, in terms of academics, moral character, and overal well being. I go to a school where there is an internationally diverse student body that encourages its students to think outside their own cultures and come to a level of world wide awareness.


My school is Shangri La.


The school is happy and uplifting.


Brigham Young University Hawaii is a univeristy that is not only offering a higher education but it is a school that will mold students from different countries to become good citizens and leaders.


Brigham Young University is an extremely pleasant place to be and it is culturally diverted.


BYU–Hawaii is a unique multi-cultural campus where spiritual as well as academic learning is encouraged among the most "international" student body in the U.S.


Aside from the incredibly warm weather and wonderful location, BYUH offers students a chance to excel academically, socially, pyschologically, and most of all spiritually; however, the most valuable memories come from learning about the 50 different cultures attending that campus and being able to learn of, practice, experience, or maybe adopt a variety of different perspectives and ways of life different then my own.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is one of the most diverse school in the US that has 72 nationalities. The university train futur leader that wil go back to their home and to serve.


Our school focuses on making learning a lifetime commitment in all aspects of life.


This school is very diverved with dieffernt cultures and very internationally organized.


BYU-Hawaii is the most diverse school i have ever been to that opens its arms to students of all races.


My school is very open and accepting of all schools. The students and the staff are equally accepting of all ethnicities and are very accomodating to every students needs despite language or cultural barriers. My school is very multicultural and does not discriminate against anyone or any cultural. BYU Hawaii places emphasis on everyone's cultures and the staff is very involved in helping the students do the best that they can do in their classes and seem to really care about their education as well as personal lives.


The school is accepting to all cultures and works to broaden individual's perspectives


Brigham Young University of Hawaii is full of life, culture, resources for a better world and enriched with students that have prepared themselves very well to become leaders. It is filled with Professors who will help their students advance to become their potential selves. If you seek a school that is of academic high standards,filled with friendly people and a beautiful environment of the "aloha-spirit" and if you have a desire to grow then you have chose the best school.


BYU Hawaii is a culturally diverse atmosphere that provides an evironment encouraging academic and personal excellence.


Great school to go to


My school is very accepting and I have learned about so many different cultures while being here.