Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates are very helpful and honest, they push you to do your best, so that everyone graduates.


My fellow freshmen have an inability to focus.


My classmates are an amazing array of different nationalities, they come from all over the world and bring a diverse cultural aspect to the campus that makes it unlike any other university on earth.


My classmates at BYU-Hawaii are from all over the world and are very accepting of everyone from any background.


My classmates are their to learn, be succesful, have a desire to get back to the community.


Students at BYU-Hawai'i are, to say it in a word, diverse. Walking around campus you hear a variety of different languages spoken: Chinese, Samoan, French, Japanese, and African are amongst the many languages you will hear on campus. Do not be alarmed! This is normal. The town of Laie translates to "the Gathering Place", and BYU-Hawaii embodies that title. With students coming from over 70 different countries, this small town University is literally a Gathering Place of the world. Where better to go to school and learn about the world than with this culturally immersive experience?


Brigham Young University - Hawaii is home to students in over 79 different countries; we are the nations most diverse group of men and women seeking a higher education, gaining knowledge in order to serve more fully. My classmates in this university are intelligent, goal-oriented and dedicated students, maintaining their cultural identity and sharing their customs with their fellow-students.


My classmates come from diverse backgrounds and are all very kind, hardworking, and faithful people.


Ranging in nationality from Colombian to Filipino to Samoan to Indonesian and many more, the students with whom I associate here on the lovely campus of BYU Hawaii are the most accepting and charitable people you will ever have the good priviledge of meeting.


I prefer do not call them ( classmates ) I would like to call them (friends); I would like to have friends at the school with the same values which I have.


My classmates are diverse in culture and talents.


I have to say that we are definately learning from each other and we help each other to become a better leader.


My classmates are young, bright, cultural students; looking for opportunities to grow as a person. All of them, have a clear goal of their futures and what they are going to accomplish.


My classmates here at BYU-H are very diverse, but socially accepting and pleasant.


Very friendly and very open to cultural diversity.


My classmates are driven and caring people who are always trying to help others.


My peers have oscillated between both ends of the pendulum—some of them driven and bright, while others rather apathetic or lacking in academic motivation.


My class is EIL, English as an International Language. Most of my classmates are Japanese. They are very nise persons. They study hard every day so we can work hard together. And I have two Mongolian classmates. I am good friends with them. We have to speak English to communicate, so I can study English while enjoying chatting. I enjoy my school life thanks to them.


My classmates are a diverse and inter-cultural group with a very strong desire to learn with an unparalleled sense of community and zealous drive for sucess.


"We know global" because, as a student body, we represent almost all countries, cultures, and languages, as well as social and economic backgrounds and experiences.


Students here are very respectful and well spoken. They value the education they are given and as a whole, work very dilligently to complete taskts. The various mixes of cultures makes the campus a very special place and allows for us to further our knowledge outside of the classroom, simply by making friends.


My classmates are a group of cultural diverse people. Though we all come from different backgrounds, we attend BYU-Hawaii with the same goal and expectation: to live up to exceptional standards. My classmates agree to the same honor code as I do. The majority of us come together to learn in a school where everyone is expected to live the same values. I love being surrounded with a group of people that are striving to live up to their potential and reach their goals in their educational persuit.


I haven't attended the school yet so this information is N/A yet.


My classmates are multi racial, intelligent, easy going, spiritual, and just all around amazing. They dont put down anyone, they dont judge, and they have high morals and standards.


My classmates are very cheerful people that come from many corners of the world, they are brightly spirited, they come to this college to become the next generation of world leaders, and lastly they have the best attitude towards gaining a better education and future.


I respect my fellow classmates. Everyone is so different and their lives are do diverse. We have one purpose together and that is to improve our future and our communities through formal education. As we use this education in our futures we will be more able to help better the world.


My classmates at this university are a unique group of culturally diverse people who are friendly, hard working and dedicated.


My classmates here in BYU-Hawaii is a total mixed of different students from different cultures/people from all over the world.


They are friendly, fun, unique and diverse. Most of all they all seem to have great sttitudes and are very laid back.


My classmates are intriguing people from all over the world, and each of them brings his/her personal culture and desire to learn to class each day.


My classmates are from differentes palces in the world, we are differente but those diffrences will helps us build our personalities and the way we see things and better prepare us for our futur carreer.


The classmates are supportive and encouraging!


There are so many different kinds of people. From all different kinds of backgrounds. I love the diversity because I love learning about new people and new places. It's a wonderful way to be so connected to the world and it's people. We're all so similar and have so many hopes and dreams the same. It's great to work together and help one another succeed.


Classmates at this school are culturally diverse and eager-learners


My classmates come from all over the world. They often speak their native languages and invite others to participate in activities from where they come from. Everyone I have met here have been very kind and hospitable. We are the type of people who work hard during the week and party on the beach whenever the sun comes out. I feel like I can trust the students here. My experiences with them have always been very positive. They are just as ready to help as they are to hang out. I love these people.


Students at Brigham Young University Hawaii come from countries all over the world. Everyone is friendly and enjoys experiencing the cultures of their classmates. Although we come from extremely different backgrounds we live together happily and peacefully because we have common standards and beliefs. Students at this school are of the highest caliber.


Small tight knit community.


My classmates represent the cultures of the whole Earth in one small room.


They are all awesome because there are different races in every class.


My classmates came from many different countries and they are improving their English diligently.


My classmates are focused on their studies but are still willing and eager to help students that are having problems with understanding the criteria. They will not leave others in the dust but will offer a warm hand of friendship and help out in any way possible.


My classmates are a melting pot of ethnic cultures, backgrounds from all walks of life to have great motivaton and desires to become more educated and also to share there knowledge.


My classmates are very racially diversified, honorable, kind, and willing to help.


Small class and everyone is very friendly and helpful if there questions


My classmates are a culturally diverse people, and are motivated to complete their education in the U.S. and become successful.


My classmates are very friendly towards each other and are able to make one feel comfortable when coming into a new environment especially since this school has so many people from different parts of the world.


Mostly Asian and Polynesian. Fun loving, but hard working.


They are friendly and always willing to help you out when you are in a bad situatuion.


they are very culturally diverse, speaking many different languages. They are conservative and respectful of all cultures.


they are smart and spiritual