Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

Describe the students at Brigham Young University-Hawaii.


Classmates are very helpful and honest, they push you to do your best, so that everyone graduates.


My fellow freshmen have an inability to focus.


My classmates are an amazing array of different nationalities, they come from all over the world and bring a diverse cultural aspect to the campus that makes it unlike any other university on earth.


My classmates at BYU-Hawaii are from all over the world and are very accepting of everyone from any background.


My classmates are their to learn, be succesful, have a desire to get back to the community.


Students at BYU-Hawai'i are, to say it in a word, diverse. Walking around campus you hear a variety of different languages spoken: Chinese, Samoan, French, Japanese, and African are amongst the many languages you will hear on campus. Do not be alarmed! This is normal. The town of Laie translates to "the Gathering Place", and BYU-Hawaii embodies that title. With students coming from over 70 different countries, this small town University is literally a Gathering Place of the world. Where better to go to school and learn about the world than with this culturally immersive experience?


Brigham Young University - Hawaii is home to students in over 79 different countries; we are the nations most diverse group of men and women seeking a higher education, gaining knowledge in order to serve more fully. My classmates in this university are intelligent, goal-oriented and dedicated students, maintaining their cultural identity and sharing their customs with their fellow-students.


My classmates come from diverse backgrounds and are all very kind, hardworking, and faithful people.


Ranging in nationality from Colombian to Filipino to Samoan to Indonesian and many more, the students with whom I associate here on the lovely campus of BYU Hawaii are the most accepting and charitable people you will ever have the good priviledge of meeting.


I prefer do not call them ( classmates ) I would like to call them (friends); I would like to have friends at the school with the same values which I have.