Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Brigham Young University Hawaii is well known for being open and accessable to all countries and cultures. There is a huge student population of those from different cultural backgornds. I had fellow students in my classes from all over the world including China, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and may more!


Our school is best known for it's location. Brigham Young University- Hawaii is located only 5 mintues walking distance from the beach. Also, right next door to the campus is the Polynesian Cultural Center, which is the main tourist attraction in Oahu. The center also provides jobs for the majority of students at BYUH, and provides a cultural learning experience that is unparallelled.


My school is best known for its international studies. The students that attend BYU Hawaii come from over fifty different countries around the world. Many students here major in international or cultural studies. It is a great place to learn about other cultures and place yourself in that direct learning environment. This school really is a melting pot of cultures and has a great sense of family.


BYU-Hawaii is best known for its diversity in its students popualtion and sports. Locals from all over the north shore come out to support each sport group. The student population has a very wide rage of where the students are from. Since the school is so diverse, student respect eachother more.


Brigham Young University is best known for its culturally diverse population, and an education system that provides students with the means available to academically bring them to a steady lifelong and enjoyable career.


It's best know for having a lot of mormons and being so close to the beach, like a five minute walk to the beach from campus.


This school is probably best known for the mixture of study and religious practice. It is a school that also teaches the beliefs of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Combining these practices really pushes students to be the best person that they can be. Working with the church, as well as the school really helps people to find options for future careers.


My school is best known for its diversity. At the top of the Polynesian triangle in the Pacific Ocean, it represents over seventy two different countries, which reaches far more than one hundred cultures. This is a recipe perfect for secondary education. Students go to university to broaden their knowledge and stretch their viewpoints. At a campus that has such rich cultures embodies this idea. In order to best increase your knowledge you should be exposed to as many ways of life as possible. At Brigham Young University- Hawaii this idea is best represented.


Because of the proximity to the beach, I feel like most people think of our school as being a surfing school, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The other thing our school is well known for is the Polynesian Cultural Center, located adjacent to campus. It is the highest paid tourist attraction in the entire state of Hawaii. Thousands of visitors come each week. Students from BYU-H work at the PCC and develop skills necessary for future employment.


My college is best known for the well prepared people who gradute from BYUH. People who graduate from BYUH are ready to serve the world with their knowledge, to build companies, to shine in this world. BYUH have great professors and employees who help students to reach their potential


Brigham Young University Hawaii has a very good feeling about the campus. BYUH has the most diverse campus in the world, there are more than 70 countries represented. Everyone who has ever spent time on this campus knows that there is a different atmosphere here. You will feel loved by everyone and everyone wants to be your friend. The classes are small and after one class the teacher will know your name and major. Once you come on campus you will feel loved and you will know that this is the place for you.


My school is definitely best known for its cultural diversity. We have students who come from all over the world just to go to school there and it is great to see how well we all fit together. Everyone is able to learn about each other's cultures and the school does a fantastic job of making everyone feel like they belong. My school definitely goes out of its way to cultivate a learning and understanding experience among the diverse lifestyles in order for us to experience a great sense of unity and love.


Brigham Young University - Hawaii is definitely best known for including religious learning along with regular schooling. The university is set up to help students grow not only intellectually, but spiritually as well. Weekly devotionals give students a chance to forget about classes for a short time and reflect on what they could be doing better or differently to improve themselves personally for the long run. Constant help from the members of the church that most students and faculty belong to really help to relieve college-life stresses and fulfill the goals you have as an undergraduate student.


My school is best known for the diversity of the student body. We have many students from different countries around the world. There are over 78 languages spoken on campus.


My school has a lot of school spirit. We take sports very seriously considering we are a division 1 school. I'd say that is what we are best known for. Our school also likes to get involved with greeklife as well.


Brigham Young University Hawaii was founded and still supported today by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Our school is unique because of its honor code to help students abide by its religious principles. I think it is nice to be in a "bubble" from outside influences. Other college students at other schools are drinking at parties. I think being away from those influences help me to concentrate on why I chose to attend college. I am also told that employers highly respect Brigham Young University graduates because they are people of strong morals and ethics.


BYUH is probably best well known for it's cultural diversity and high standards of curriculum and student life. It is a very positive and uplifting environment that is stimulating to faculty and student body alike.


Brigham Young University Hawaii offers a higer education for students in different countries. They have I-WORK program that offers finacial aid to those eligible but poor students around the world. It is a school sponsored by the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Most of the students and faculty are members of the church. If you enter this school, you will immediately feel the warmth and care of the people. Though the students belong to different cultures, they treat each other as brothers and sisters. Students, faculities and other leaders in school here are spiritual and talented.


BYU-Hawaii is definitely best know for being a private LDS school, but also a university directly affiliated with the Polynesian Cultural Center that is next door. It is know for being on a quite isolated environment, and yet with a lot of international students from all over the world.


Everyoe knows BYUH is the fun school. It's in HAWAII. Be jealous.


This school is best known for its background, culture, and beleifs. It is primarily a Latter Day Saint (Mormon) school and one of the main goals of the school is to provide the students with a good, clean, wholesome atmosphere to allow students to grow spiritually as well as academically. The students are expected to live in accordance to the Honor Code, which is a guideline for students to live honest and virtuous lives. People from countries all over the world come to attend this school and to feel of the great spirit that presides on the campus.


Brigham Young University of Hawaii is best know for its ethnic diversity.


Brigham Young University is known for its diverse and multi-cultural campus. There are students here from several different countries around the world. It is a great place where people from extremely different backgrounds can meet and learn to work and grow together.


BYUH is accredited as being the most diverse student body in the United States. This university represents over 70 nations with students from around the world. I have friends from India, New Guinea, New Zealand, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia, and so many other countries. The school embraces this diversity and everyone is welcome and friendly. Students of all different cultures here are able to work side by side with the goal of an education. I am continually impressed at how the school is able to incorporate this diversity through the food, clubs, activites, and classes.


Ithaca COllege is best known for the music and theater programs. It is also a highly environmentally aware school.


My school is best known for having students from all over the world attend and become successful.


My school's best known for their percentage of international students compared to domestic students. There is a vast variety of cultures at the school. This helps our students become enculturated and broadens our mind’s capacity for higher learning. The school consists of students from over 70 different countries. The school is also known for its honor code which entails of being well groomed and well dressed and abstaining from drugs or alcohol.


BYU-Hawaii is best known for its ethnic diversity and ability to help underprivileged students gain an education


BYU-Hawaii is bet known for its diverse culture and unique atmosphere. There are so many ways to learn and grow in an academic environment such as this. BYU-Hawaii offers a top of the line education with the added bonus of learning about so many different types of people from so many different countries. The interation is one of a kind and worth it.


Moral and ethical standards in the highest degree. To teach not only educational excellence but also to help people in their spiritual endevours and to become a more wholesome person.


BYUH is best known for having a diverse campus, including ethnicity, and career choices. They are extremely kind, and willing to help you gain your education in any way they can. Their campus is small, but beautiful. And is surrounded with the wonders of nature found on the island of Oahu, They are very helpful.


My school is known for its cultural diversity. We have students from over 70 different countries; it is one of the most internationally diverse schools in the country. I have had many wonderful opportunities to learn and participate in cultural sharing activities, with clubs, activities, and simply interacting with the students who attend here. We are taught not only how to be international leaders, but also leaders in our homes and communities. Our teachers and administrators encourage the developement of integrity and a moral code, which is what makes a good leader.


My school is best known for its high standards. As a mormon school, we follow a honor code that keeps our minds and body clean and pure that we might have the most focused and cultivating college experience. Our students strive to be honest and hardworking. We value goals and support one another through friendships and church organizations. Basically, we are a family all striving together to make ourselves and the world a better place one person at a time.


Brigham Young University Hawaii is a unique school, but full of a very rich culture. When you look at other universtities, they lack in diversity and cultural backgrounds, but not BYUH. There are students from mainland USA, but BYUH strives off it's international students and the way all the cultures interact peacefully. The moto of the university is come forth to learn, go forward to serve. The university believes we all have a duty to live peaefully with all these amazing cultures around us. That's what the universtity is best known for.


Ethnic Diversity


The school is best known for its most friendly and the spirit of aloha.




BYU Hawaii is known for quality education in a cultural environment where working and learning with people of different cultural background is encouraged. Professors have time for students since there is good sizable amount of student in each class as compared to other University.


My school is best known for the diversity of people who attend this school. Its program and the polynesian cultural center which attracts every tourist.


BYU Hawaii is best known for the embracing and understanding of everyone and their cultures. It is a school that represents over seventy-two different nations and strives to create a sense of unity among all. It has an attitude of acceptance and strive of dedication and hard work. It is very community/student oriented and prides itself on giving back to the community, donors, etc for everything. BYUHawii realy focuses on the importance of understanding every culture around the world and being diverse.


cultural diversity


My school is probably best known for the Polynesian Culture Center, the number one tourist attraction here in hawaii. It boasts seven different cultures from the south pacific. About half of the students work there, I personally was a english-spanish tour guide for a year. It is a wonderful place. And then i would say for the cultural diversity of the school, people leave this school with very different perspectives and outlooks on life because of all their racially different friends they make.