Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who wants to be in a healthy environment, who wants to get so much out of their education and will not be influenced to drink, smoke or do any activities that are not safe for their body and spirit.


A person who is willing to accept people from different cultural backgrounds and to be friendly and nice to them. An outgoing and friendly person so they can meet more people and learn more about other people from various countries around the world. A kind and humble person so that people may find them easy going and can blend with them more easier.


I think that anyone with a dream hould come. It is a great place to meet new people, and if you are looking for a fun way to learn new cultures, experiance new things, and have a blast come! Everyone who is an anyone can become someone because of everyone!


Someone who attends Brigham Young University-Hawaii should be: open to new experiences and cultures, prepared for academic rigor, prepared to be extremely happy, and willing to live the standards set by the university.


People who are looking to better their nature, in reference to their character and atmosphere in whom they become, will discover their true potential in blessing the lives of others here at Brigham Young University Hawaii. BYUH has a positive influence in their environment which helps those who attend stay consistantly uplifted and inspired to better one's own future. It provides great support and guidance educationally. Those who seek uplifting experiences and a positive change in their life should invest in attending at BYUH.


The type of people who should attend BYU-Hawaii are people that will work hard. Show up to class everyday, not get so eaisly distracted by the beach and all the cool hikes that there are to do. BYU-Hawaii is a very international school and you have to be open to many different races and ethenical groups. This school is like no else.


People who enjoy a racially diverse school should attend Brigham Young University - Hawaii. Students from more than 80 different nations attend Brigham Young University Hawaii.


The typical college student here would be a young man or woman, in their late teens, or twenties, who practices Mormonism and probably speaks a second language. They will be uplifting and happy, with a great attitude towards school and life in general. They will be patient, happy to help, and very diligent, usually in great physical shape, and has not smoked or drank before. They will be well-groomed and conservative, with great love for everyone.


A person that likes to meet new people, as there are people from all over the world at the university. Also a person that is hardworking and likes to work with other people and is social will definitely fit perfect at BYU Hawaii


The type of person that would enjoy attending Brigham Young University-Hawaii would firstly be someone of faith. Faith in God is something that plays a big role in the education of the students at BYU-H, it helps all students realize that all knowledge gained helps them understand God and the purpose of our lives better. I also believe that any person who is hardworking and desires a good education in a beautiful place that has high moral standards should attend this school.


To be truly successful at Brigham Young University Hawaii, it takes a set of special characteristics. With the beach less than a mile away, it takes a lot of discipline; homework is far less inticing than the waves, yet more important. Equally as necesarry is patience. There are so many different languages being spoken, so true communication takes time and honest effort from both sides. Finally, to attend BYUH you must be cheerful! Hawaii is well known for it's spirit of Aloha, or love, and it's a spirit that every student should try their best to emulate!


A very dedicate person who wants to study; this school offers classes almost all the time, the student can finish its bachelors degree in less than three years.


Any kind of person who wants to be the best they can be should attend this school. BYU Hawaii is a culturally diverse campus which allows for interaction with people from all over the world. We uphols a high standard and cherish values and morals which are reflected in the studentrs that attend.


Any kind of person should attend this school. Students at this school give such a warm welcome, and there's tons of fun activities to do around the island with former or new friends all the time.


Brigham Young University - Hawaii place where virtually every ethnicity and race is represented. Anyone williing to absorb other cultures of the world should consider BYU-Hawaii. The campus is small with about 2500 students; this is advantageous as students do have direct and unlimited access to professors. Any student who wish to work directly and inimately with his or her professors should have BYU-Hawaii at the top of his/her list (especially science majors). People who are not very comfortable in crowded environments will enjoy BYU-Hawaii as well.


Someone who loves diversity and is willing to learn about new cultures and apply it to their learning so that they can be more effective in their future careers. Also, people who attend this school should be friendly, outgoing, and active recreationally.


The best part about this school is that everyone fits in, no matter race, background, or religion. The love shown by the members of the LDS faith is miraculous and the different cultures that are displayed here make everyone feel comfortable in your own skin. If you are white, black, brown, yellow, Jewish, or Catholic, you belong at this amazing university. Any kind of person should attend here because everyone is welcomed warmly and invited into the community with open arms.


People who are committed to live a rightoues successfull life (good people).


Although diversity has been at times, a social weakness to this school, its strength lies in the fact that really anyone can attend Brigham Young University- Hawaii (BYUH) with the comfort that they won't be the "minority". With students from Japan, Korea, China, and even Russia, England, and the Polynesian Islands, it is hard to say what kind of person can't or hasn't. Not only does the diversity of the student body remove the threat of being singled out, but BYUH has a lot to offer academically as well. In short, really anyone can attend!


I think a person who has a clear dream and desire should attend this school. There are all different kinds of people with different purposes to attend the school. I respect all of them, but especially who has strong and clear dream that they want to make it come true. They put their effort and passion into school life. i think it would be really nice to give them an opportunity to attend this school who have desire to serve others and contribute to the communities they are in, in the furture.


Everyone should try to come to this school. However it is taylored specifically to connect you with people all over the world in your desired proffesion. People that enjoy life and learning, and are patient and relaxed will especially like it here.


Someone who enjoys outdoor activities, is interested in diverse cultures, likes to participate in group activities, and is generally low maintenance (there are no fancy malls nearby).


Someone who's ready to work hard on their classes without letting the easygoing lifestyle and the beach distract them.


Someone who is looking to work hard, and who wants to enjoy the freedom to explore and learn about new and foreign cultures.


BYU-Hawaii is a great school for anyone who is looking for a relatively small studenty body with a low student-teacher ratio, who is interested in being immersed in diversity and culture, who enjoys small-town life, beaches and year-round sunshine.


The kind of person who doesn't need to "go out" all the time to be happy. For anyone like me, who is easy-going, positive, and doesn't get island fever, this school is a perfect fit.


There is no specific "person" who should attend BYUH. If one likes Hawaii, country life, the beach, locals, Hawaiian spirit, very cultural, full of international students, small classes, interaction with professors and students, small community, is a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or is interested in our beliefs, then BYUH is for you!


To attend this school, one should be very open to other cultures. It is probably the most diverse college in the United States, with students representing 73 different countries! There are roughly 3,000 students that attend here, so the classes are generally small and it takes someone appreciative of one-on-one interaction with teachers to enjoy the environment of this school. Because administrators are pushing for students to graduate within three years, those who attend need to be hard-working and focused on their studies moreso than anything else! This school is designed to train students as leaders!


Someone who is open to meeting others of various cultural backgrounds and willing to interact with such people.


Brigham Young University is a friendly, motivating, and inspiring school. Anyone who wants to gain a higher education should definitely attend the university. Brigham Young University is one of the schools that is multi racial, international around the world. It is a great place to meet many different people from other countries and learn their cultures. It is a great school and those who want to experience the life of an international student should come attend the university.


Those who wish to enjoy a diversity of cultures. Brigham Young University- Hawaii has students from over 72 countries here. Also those who prefer a small class size.


Student's that are looking to be in a classroom setting where the student teacher ratio is lower. There are twenty students to every teacher at this school. It is fairly small so you will really get to know your professors and your fellow students.


a person should attend this school if they want a good education, and want to have a good relation ship with students and teatchers. it is a small University, but there are alot of great clubs. and if you like sports and school spirit this school is for you.


The kind of person who is interested in exploring cultures. A person who would count a trip to the beach as a shower. Who doesn't need a big city, drugs or alcohol to have fun. Who can make friends with FOBs from all around the world.


This school is for people who love the beach! Everyone's really laid back. You have to plan ahead because classes are sometimes only offered one semester a year. Your dorm wil be tiny so only bring what you need. Also, it's an LDS school so follow their standards. No flip-flops on campus :( but people wear their simsuits to class!


Anyone who is open to new experiences and cultures! BYUH is really an amazing school that is so accepting and motivating to push us students to be the best that we can be - spiritually and academically! If your outgoing, hardworking, goal driven, and love warm island weather... then BYUH is definietly the school for you! Were a small school, with big hearts and big spirit! We all know what we want in life and are going to push eachother so we can all reach that goal together! Our goal is to enter, and then go forth and serve!


Someone who doesn't think they are better than others. Most of the kids here are poor in money but rich in spirit and friendliness. Everyone works together and does the best they can. If you are other-oriented, you will do well. If you are focused only on yourself you won't like it.


It is a very good school to attend if you are an international student and if you are interested in getting to know people from all over the world. You should either be interested in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or be a member of this church because the school is run by the church and is a big part of the experience of being here.


This is a university set up by a church called the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. So it would be most suitable for the LDS members who could like to obtain university education.


A honest, hardworking, friendly person who is open minded and not afraid to meet peole from different nationalities.


Brigham Young University-Hawai'i isn't for everyone, and vice versa. The kind of person who should attend this school is one who is self-motivated, determined, willing to serve, share and learn, and open-minded. You really have to know what your values are and value them.


A person who attends here needs to be OK with the relaxed feeling. People and events constantly run late. Also, like the outdoors, because even when you're inside you never know what creatures you'll find. Also, be open-minded. It's incerdibly diverse here, so don't miss out on learning opprotunities just from getting to know the people around you.


Anyone who wants a quality education and a life-changing cultural experience should attend Brigham Young University Hawaii. There are individuals from so many different backgrounds and races. There are also some very unique, and incredible, choices of majors here that can really excell in the the enviroment provided by BYUH. Things like oceanography and marine biology are amazing programs that are truly unsurpassed here because of the beautiful island enviroment. Also majors such as International Relantions or International Cultural Studies are so profficient here because of the diversity of the students who attend this school.


The people that should attend this school are those that are looking for an environment to complete their education quickly, with a lot of support from the faculty and their fellow students. Students here are also surrounded by other students from well over 70 different countries, and saying that they should not only want to come here to focus on their education, but also the many different cultures that they are so completely immersed in.


If you want to attend this school be ready to focus on your studies and not the beach. Our campus is one block away from the beach and it is sometimes hard to go to class when the sun is out and the swell is big. You have to know how to have self control. If you like to drink and party this school is not for you. The students sign and abide by an honor code which creates an enriched learning environment. It is nice to not have to worry about drug and alcohol problems among peers.


Many students can join BYUH. If they are motivated and well energized to come to Byuh they could. Mainly this school is well known for business so if business students come to this university they'll be well understood with there major of business or accounting etc. However, many students with good heart and ready to learn can come to school and they can meet new people from all over the world.


This school is great for people from any background, because there are 72 nations represented here, anyone can feel welcome. The small classes mean that people receive individual help and instruction.


The kind of person that should attend this college should be mature, responsible, academically focused, social, optimistic, goal-oriented, determined and lively.


Everybody is welcome. This is a church school so if you want to go to school here you must expect church standards to be followed by you. With students from more than 70 countries, you will be exposed to different cultures and races and so it is best to get ready for it. Students who are planning to go to school here must know how to adapt and adjust to the atmosphere that the school is bringing. It is a very great university worthy of praise.


self motivated, dedicated, honest, respectful, open minded