Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is a wonderful school that allows you to not only receive academic progression but as well as religious and spiritual progression. If you would come to this school I would ask if you are someone who wants this type of progression. If you are then this school is perfect for you. On the other hand being a church school for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints you would be learning about this religion if you have hard feeling or negative thoughts about this religion then perhaps I would apply elsewhere.


Brigham Young University in Hawaii accepts everyone. It is a cultural school that is willing to work with all students no matter where they come from or any difficulty. Even the students are just as accepting. At Brigham Young University there is an environment that cannot be created anywhere else because you cannot find a school that is more culturally diverse and safe.


People who don't like a small university campus and want a more big city feel for their university experience.


People who come just to goof around and have a good year at school just to play around should not come to this school. So many students come for their first year of college and just play around and do not take school seriously then transfer so they can take school more seriously at another school.


This school is very racially diverse. You will find people from all over the world attending this school. If someone has a problem with diversity, they shouldn't attend this school. This school is also very conservative and there aren't many big parties or much of a common social scene. The social scene here involves going to the beach, going on hikes, doing different adventures. If you're looking for a party, this is the wrong place. The community is highly integrated with local native Hawaiians and respect for the native people of this town is necessary.


A person who doesn't appreciate the outdoors and diversity. This university is so diverse and offers so much outside of the classroom. A person who has no desire to progress as a person and enjoy the great academic and extra-curricular activities. It is a little far away from the mainland United States so if a person struggles with being away from home for extended periods with out any visits, they may have trouble attending BYU-Hawaii.


This university has high moral standards. Any student not willing to obide by those standards and live moraly should not attend this school. This school offers international experience and a beautiful background. Anyone not willing to get involved with a diverse group of people and experience new cultures should not attend this school. This school is rich with diversity and culture. It is in the heart of Hawaii and anyone who does not love the beach, out door activities, and paradise should not attend this school.


Someone who doesnt have a desire to follow rules. If they like to party and drink and do drugs, dont attend this school. If you are not focused on your education, there will be too many things to distract you. If you dont have any belief in God in may be hard to attend school here.


I think selfish person shouldn't attend this school. This school is trying to train and make leaders who can go back to place where they come from, and serve others in the community . I think it would be impossible to do that if they are selfish. Our school moto is "Enter to learn, Go forth to serve" in other words, a person who are looking just for their sucess would not fit in this school. Second, person who doesnt like to abide by the rules shouldnt attend this school, because we have honor code to follow always.


This school is extremely culturally diverse it is hard to say who should not attend this school. I would have to say that people who are easily distracted by the sun and surfing will find it hard to focus on school because we are only a 10 minute walk from the beach.


I think people who don't want to work hard should not attend this school. People who are going to sign the Honor Code and then not abide by the rules should not attend BYU Hawaii. You'd think it would just be a fun place to goof off and pretend to be a student but it's not only play, it takes a disciplined student to be enrolled here.


Depending on your personality all different kinds of people should attend this school for at least a short period of time. However, people who have the corporate ladder climbing type of personality would probably not appreciate this universities atmosphere. While there is still absolutely a competitive spirit we also have the spirit of Aloha-and we enjoy it. I have many friends who are top of their class but would probably not be the top at another university with a higher attendance rate.


Students who are still contemplating their majors should not attend here. Students who want to take their time in achieving their degree should not attend here. This school is a very fast paced one with direct tracks to graduation. If a person is not willing to work above and beyond average, this is probably not the best school option for them. Also, the school is Christian-based and requires the students to abide by an honor code. Persons who are not spiritually motivated will struggle if they attend here. Anyone who lacks passion for the beach should not attend!


If you are looking for a really competitive school with big classes this is not the school for you. If you are looking for a school that isn't really religious this is not the school for you. This school has some pretty strict rule and standards that some people find overbearing, so if you don't like rules this may not be the school for you.


Someone who is independent and stable. The school is on the Island of Oahu, on Hawaii's north shore. It takes someone who is fine with potentially only seeing their family once a year because of traveling expenses. The north shore is also more "country" and is secluded from the fast pace of the big city.


Students who are interested in social parties which include drinking and drugs should not attend Brigham Young University-Hawaii. This campus has high standards required of each student to follow. That kind of inappropriate behavior is not tolerated. Also, students who are not interested in learning about other cultures, or who have racial prejudices against students of other countries should not attend this school. There is a special, culturally rich student population here, which is unlike any other school which should be used to its fullest potential, creating links between the world by making friends with students from other countries.


Someone who is looking for extremely high standards! Don't come here if you want an experience like Harvard or MIT.


A person who loves a vibrant city life would fine Brigham Young University boring. The campus is situated in Laie, which is on the north shore of Oahu, is in a secluded area of the island with lots of nature and greenery.


I'd say someone who loves to get involved. students throughout campus are involved and most of them are very friendly too. If you like the heat, you're friendly, and like to have fun then this would be the school for you.


Someone who is not very religious or does not like to abide by the rules should consider a different school. This school is very religious and the religious veiws of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are often incorporated into the classes. The school is also very strict on dress code and maintaining high standards, so if you do not like being told what to do or how to dress I would suggest somewhere else.


i think everyone is welcome to attend this school as long as they follow the school rules.


If they can't Follow the Honor Code I think they should not try attending Brigham Young University at all.


A person that should attend this Univeristy is one that lives high morals. They do good for those around them and are dedicated to gaining education to better their future. They should be commited to strengthen their testimonies of God every day and serve those that around them.


People who enjoy drinking, smoking, and having sex outside of marriage will not be allowed at this school. If you are racist or uncomfotable around people with special needs, this is not the school for you. If you hate the beach and strict teachers who communicate well, or if you have no self-discipline, another school may be more suitable. Especially if you are closed-minded to different ideas, cultures, and socializing, this is not the school for you, either.


Brigham Young University is a school that has very high standards. If you want to go to a school to party and goof off this school is not for you


To be honest I think that any person, regardless of there race, personality, or gender could attend this school! The city Laie is 90 percent mormon and so everyone seem very accepting and kind. I would feel comfortable saying that anyone and everyone should come here to this school.


Like almost any school someone who doesn't care about their education and learning shouldn't attend school. There are so many eager minds out there who would love to opportunity to learn, grow and develop themselves. To not only benefit themselves but their family, friends and communities. Education is to be a fun experience yes, but also taken seriously. People who don't want to take their education or learning seriously should not attend this school. Plus, this school offers something even better and that is spirituality. This school is defnitly has high standards.


A person who is not willilng to work with others from different cultures and races and who is not willing to live by high moral standards such as refraining from drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and having premarital sex should not attend this school.


This school purpose is to learn and use them after graduating to wherever you live. So, if the person who is not willing to do so, or not interested in other welfare it may not be interesting for them to study here since it will not fit in with their goal.


A poor applicant for this school would be someone who is not willing to follow the honor code, rules set, or show respect for the teachers and students. This is a prestigious University and anyone who leads it to be otherwise does not deserve the right to attend this fine school. Millions apply to attend Brigham Young University-Hawaii; however only few get in. Anyone addmitted to this school is recieving a wonderful opportunity and should be grateful and respectful about it.


Students that are just wanting to go and party should not attend this school. They have a very strick policy for upholding a clean and alcohol and drug free enviornment. Students that are not willing to work hard in class and abide by the school rules should not attend this school. This school is strickly a religious atmosphere and students that cannot live by the rules should not attent.


there are no pesron should not attend the school. the school opend to all students. people are all equal, so there is no reason to say like that


People who get frustrated with people who are trying to learn English. Anyone who has a problem with the LDS church and anyone who is not comfortable with living the honor code that is enforced at this school.


Someone who likes to drink, do drugs and sleep around. This is a church run school and we have an honor code that upholds our religious values.


Though I think this university has something to offer everyone, I would not recommend it to someone with narrow views or closed off to different lifestyles. Many different people come from all over the world and as such, no one does things the same or have the same mindset. With all these varied cultures, it is difficult for a person to say how should things should be since everyone comes from different backgrounds. The school is also religious base and has an enforced code that may not follow everyone's personal beliefs.


I think this school is a great experience for anyone who is willing to give it a try. However, if you like a city setting or a very social school you should think twice before you come to this school. Also if you like to experience more than one climate, hot and humid, then you should consider another school. Many people give the school a try but find its laid back Hawaiian atmosphere not what they were looking for.


The type of people that should not attend this school are they that are looking for a good time rather than trying to complete their education. Brigham Young University Hawaii (BYUH) puts emphasis on completing ones education in 3 years if possible, and should not be for those that take their education lightly. BYUH serves more than 2,500 students from over 70 different contries and focuses on the students from the Asia or the islands of the Pacific.


Someone who doesn't know what they want to do for sure should not go to this school. It is expensive and you should only spend this kind of money if you are sure you want to do what you plan on majoring in.


People that love to party, or people that are racist.


People that are not able to live up to a high set of standards should not come here.


Those not willing to put in a serious effort and take way too much time away from study to go and socialize with friends.


It is a wonderful school and has many rules because of LDS Church. So someone who don't follow the Church regulations and don't like BYU-Hawaii honor code shouldn't attend this school.


People who will have a hard time focusing on school work while the beach is right outside their door should not attend this school.


Everyone should attend this University. There is such a wonderful atmosphere here with loving people everywhere. The only people who would dislike it here are those who intentionally wish to break rules because they will be treated with the high discipline that the high standards call for. It is not the intention of the school to seclude anyone, but there are standards and morals that are expected to be kept, and when they are broken then the experience is over.


Someone who isn't open to lots of new cultures and has a hard time adjusting to a new perspective on life. Hawaii has a unique diversity and culture and people who aren't willing to explore or learn shouldn't come here.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is a campus that is friendly and open to the cultures and beliefs of all the students, however it is a school with very high standards and an enforced honor code. The only type of person that should not attend this school are those who are not willing to abide by the honor code. The code is not unreasonable, but it is important to the entire environment of the campus. If one is not willing to try their best to live according to the standards expected at this University, they probably should consider a different school.


Someone who hates the beach, a great education, and the best atmosphere possible.


A person with low moral standards who is attending school to party and surf all day should not attend this school. Universities are for students who are willing focus on school in order to succeed in life.


A person who is not commited to finishing their studies. A person who likes to party all the time. A person who doesnt like being around different people and cannot adjust to the island life. A person who doesnt want to know about the cultures and who is not social.


There is no alcohol or drug use of any sort on campus or really in the surrounding community as it is a neighborhood that thrives off of the university , a private Latter-Day Saint college. If you want to party clean and creatively, go on hikes, surf, hit the beach and talk story Hawaii is your campus.