Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

Chelsi Kanani

I really get frustrated about the amount of homeworks teachers give. There would not be a day that would go by that a student would not have any homework. Every single day I have to check all my school websites just to make sure to check that I didn't miss any homeworks. Especially one's that have so much number of questions to answer which takes me more time than what homeorks should normally take. I mean homeworks aren't bad at all, sometimes it's just very tiring and frustrating when teachers would give too much to do.


I can't be there soon enough.


The most frustrating thing about BYU- Hawaii is the inability to expand and allow more students to attend, due to the small area of land owned by the shcool and the anti-growth activits in the community.


The dress and grooming code feels overly restrictive at times. Sometimes for example, a man might forget to shave and upon entering the test center to take an exam, he would be kindly asked to come back at a later time clean shaven. Every student accepts the dress and grooming standards in order to be accepted into the university, but sometimes the zero-tolerance rule leads to frustrating experiences from what really is only an accident as simple as forgetting to shave.


I think the most frustrating thing about this school is that it is far away from any bigger cities like Honolulu. It takes a while to get there if you go by bus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that sometimes its cloudy and we cant get a tan on the beach! This school is amazing :)


I'm sure you've heard of 'Hawaiian time' as in, everything is late and there is a laid back attitude about work. This campus is not excluded from Hawaiian time. While most professors are pretty good at doing things on time, the majority of school faculty not dedicated to teaching seem to run on Hawaiian time and don't have a sense of urgency in dealing with matters that are important to the students.


Brigham Young University - Hawaii, does suits my personality and my style of learning; the relatively small size of the campus/school creates an opportunity for students and professors to interract intimately. However, i wish more attention and resources would be channelled towards expanding the research scope of the college of math and sciences. Thats what i am most frustrated about, the college of math and science is receiving relatively less attention than the other colleges in the school.


The most frustrating about my school is that there are mininum possibilities of receiving scholarships. The school only offers one scholarship according to grades and no other needs.


The school is very slow with paperwork. You can't wait on the school to get things done you need to do everything yourself. Housing is the worst. Everything is a fight. They never have enough housing and living in the dorms can get expensive with all the fines they give.


Sometimes you dont have the time to do everything you want to do. You need to prioritize your time so you can be effective.


Brigham Young University- Hawaii (BYUH) is home to more than 2,000 students from over 70 different countries. Since I have been here- less than a week, the hardest thing I am facing right now is making friends, and this because of that reason- diversity. Although it is great to interact with people from many different cultural backgrounds, after the initial meeting, the magic seems to die a little and often times, students will gather in groups that speak their language and share their roots. However, it is a challenge that can be overcomed I believe.


The most frustrating thing I believe is that due to the hig concentration of students in the small town of Laie virtually making any well paying job impossible to find thus creating a vicious circle of poverty.


The professors are maybe too easy on students sometimes and dont push them enough to be better and see growth within themselves.


The financial aid department is the most frustrating thing about this school. While they have great financial opportunities they are not at all well advertised. Most people do not know about the scholarships. To find a scholarship you have to search and search all over the website to find even one scholarship. When you can find a scholarship you usually do not meet all the recomendations. I feel that the scholarships are there to help the students and should be made easily assecable and gainable so that our college experience might be better. This would help future students as well.


The most frustrating thing about BYU - Hawaii is that the beach is a constant distraction, but it is also a great stress reliever to go to after class.


You will be attending school in paradise but you will have some side effects. Everyone is on "island time." If you want something done you have to go in to the office in question and demand that you are taken seriously and inform them that you will not leave unto your problems are solved. Many of the workers will do things when it is convient to them. Deadlines are not often acknowledged because the email informing students of the deadline, never was sent.


It is very isolated. There is not a lot of things to do around. There is very limited number of stores and recreattional activities, other then the beach of course.


The most frustrating thing about my school would probably be the difference in the quality of the teachers. There were half teachers that wanted to help you as much as possible. Then the other teachers that just seem to not care if you pass or fail.As long as they get you out of their class they are fine.


Housing is quite frustrating. The off campus housing is a pretty bad situation. Landlords charge an arm and a leg to live in a shack. It takes a really long time to get in the on campus housing as a married student. While the school has been improving, there is still a long way to go.


While I stand proudly for the school I am going to, if I could offer two bits of advice to the school it would be to update the webstie more frequently, and respond promptly to messages left. :)


I could graduate this semester if one of my classes was offered more frequently. Instead I have to graduate in April because that one class is only offered during winter semester.


Housing and the meal plans. Freshmen have to stay on campus until you have so many credits. You also have to sign a contract for housing and a meal plan. It is pretty expensive and there is pretty much no way to get out of it. It takes away the opportunity for one to plan and budget for themselves. Making it so that we give so much money and they give us so much food, even though it is not the food we want or can really afford.


Brigham Young University- Hawaii offers an education unique to many other universities around the world. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to come and study here in Hawaii. Not only do you recieve a top-notch education within the classroom, but also outside of the classroom. BYU-Hawaii is so culturally diverse that you will learn new things about the world and its cultures everyday. The only negative aspect of this Institution is lack of class flexibility during some of the semesters, since it can only offer certain classes during certain semesters due to its small student body.

Michael Angelo

the most frustrating about my school is that we are only few students.


There's so many opportunities and I wish I could be apart of all of them. There's so many things that I wish I had time and means to study and develop talents in. It can be frustrating to have to pick only a couple things.


The most frustrating thing about Brigham Young University is also one of its greatest attributes, that being its laid back attitude. The university is enthusiastic about learning and helping students acquire high morals while making them capable of building up their home countries when they graduate but it very much has a worry free Hawaiian attitude. A lot of the time it takes a little longer to get things done than it would at universities in the mainland because nobody here is in a hurry.


Nothing is frustrating!


I think the most frustrating thing is the relaxed atmoosphere. It keeps things from feeling too stressful, but on the other hand, it also makes it feel as if things never get done.


One thing that is frustrating for those who attend Brigham Young University - Hawaii is the difficulty to pay for college. BYU-H is located in a very small town which doesn't provide a huge work force for the whole student body. Many students are still unemployed. Even without taking education into consideration, living in this area is very expensive. Minimum wage is the usual reward for those that do have a job. Such circumstances lead students, myself included, to work two jobs while attending school full-time.


The most frustrating thing is that people make the assumption that anyone going to school here just came to be on vacation


A frustrating aspect of BYU-Hawaii is that the housing is somewhat dreary and is falling apart. The rooms are very small, and there is not a lot of room for anything. Another frustrating aspect of BYU-H is that many things close very early. The bookstore closes very early, as well as the Seasider where i get much of my food. I feel that it would be better if they were opened at more convienient times of the day.


The most frustratiing thing about attending BYU-Hawaii is the administration. Dont get me wrong, they are fabulous people, however they are very frustrating to get a hold of when you need them most. Most of the time I have problems when it comes to communicating with the academic advisors.


Not having access to a fridge in our dorms. Due to my medical needs I have to have a fridge available for medication storage.


Because BYU-Hawai'i is small in size, it does not provide as much of an abundance of academic opportunities that many other universities do. The list of majors offered is very limited, and the majors that are offered are kept on a generalized level.


I don't know if it is the cultural difference or not, but sometimes some office workers might neglect their jobs. For example, one of my friends went to an office for getting her job. She wrote a lot of papers for applying. It must have taken much time to write those forms. She submitted it and waited for a long time. However, officers didn't reply to it for a while, and then she headed to the office. Surprisingly, they just said "Sorry, we just forgot about your application." If I were in the situation, I would be disapointed.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that it is very far away from home. I do love living on the island of Hawaii and the benifits of living in paridise are very rewarding but it is hard and expensive to get back to the mainland. Hawaii is a very expensive place to live and hard to pay for rent, tuition, books and food. Our school could use some more sport teams.


It's small and has a harder time financially, it can be to get the nicest programs or resources.


The most frustrating thing about BYUH is the terrible schedule. They are trying out a new schedule that shortens all of the terms to the point where ther is simply not enough time to really learn anything from your classes. All that there is time to do is memorize, recite, and then remember what you want to understand more of so after the term is over you can go back and study it.


I am pretty sure there is no frustrating thing in my school. I love my school , especially the standards its providing, the culture we have to mingle with everyone. One thing which bothers me is, we as studentsfrom different countries come here to study and serve in our countries. Now to do that we need to build a trusteable relationship everyone because that's the only way we can improve each nation. We need to start a business in our countries and unite the world in one so we as students need to be kind of united every time.


There isn't anything frustrating about it!


The tuition rates keep rising.


The most frustrating thing about BYU-Hawaii would probably be all the different languages people speak. This can be a good thing as well, but it is sometimes hard to understand the staff helping me on the phone. The teachers sometimes speak other languages, so it can be hard to take a class from them when you can hardly understand their accent.


the most fustrating things at this school would be the parking and the new class schedual.


There's not enough: organizations, people, opportunities


We need newer facilities, especially science labs. And we need better scheduling of classes. I've had lots of scheduling conflicts with classes I wanted to take. More off-campus housing would be nice too.