Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew that I must need to be friendly and make the first move when meeting people. I thought I didn't need to make the first move to know others before. Now I realised greeting people first can make you more likely to have more friends in this school. I wish I knew the extent of isolation of this school, so I can buy more useful supplies beforehand.


When I applied to this school I was already attending another college. If there was one thing I wish I would have known about this school before is how much I would love it. If I’d known that beforehand I would have applied here from the beginning. This school is the exact thing I was looking for being an Elementary Education major the program is amazing I love being able to work towards teaching the next generation while getting to know Hawaiian culture at the same time.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is one of the most international schools in the country. Despite knowing this prior to arriving to campus, I didn't expect to experience culture shock. Learning to work and study alongside students from Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, Russia, etc took understanding and more patience than I had anticipated. I wish I had known more about the shock that would come (both from the sheer number of international students, as well as from the Hawaiian culture) and be prepared to experience it.


There was nothing i wish i knew before i went to BYU Hawaii! It has been in incredible time. I love the professors and students. I love the moto "enter to learn go forth to serve"


I wish I had known just how expensive it was going to be to live off campus and that I had come more financially prepared to deal with that. I also believe that I would have benefitted from understanding the culture of the surrounding area more. With an understanding of these two thing I would have been more prepared to suceed.


I wish I would have known how to manage my time better, and how to better study. If I would have known how to better do those two things I would have had an easier time adjusting to my first year of school, and I could have gotten a better GPA.


I wish I had full understanding of all the culture I was getting myself into. BYU-Hawaii has the most culturally diverse undergraduate campus in the United States. I also wish I had full understanding of how expensive it is to live in Hawaii. I always knew it was expensive but, my advice would be to save up NOW. You'll thank yourself when you get to school there.


I wish I had known to sill bring some sweaters for the winter, even though it is Hawaii, you get used to the warm weather and it gets a little chilly in the winter months, nothing compared to other places but enough to wiah you brought your sweater.


I wish i had a better understanding of what my life goals were.


I wish I had known what the campus looked like, and I wish I would have visited it before I came here. College road trips should definately be taken before you decide what college you want to go to. The place and campus of an University directly affect the students. Before choosing a college we should always educate ourselves about what the university is all about before we accept the admission.


I wish I had known that the housing is not good here in Hawaii. But I like living and learning here with poeple who have same cultural and religeous value.


In all honesty there is nothing I wish I would've known. My school is quite availabe for questions, and they answered all my question seriously regardless of how important they may have sounded to others. Everytime I would call in the operaters were able to direct me to the person who would help me the best. They would always go out of their way to make sure that I had been helped; I was completely satisfied.


I just wish that I had known better about american way of studying and teaching. Studying in the U.S is way different than studying in Asian countries. I just wish that if I had come here earlier, I would have learned more things. I prefer american way of studying.


I wish I better understood how expensive the cost of living actually was.


I believe I was really prepared to go to Brigham Young University- Hawaii. I spent a lot of time researching about the area, talking to friends that already go there and students that have graduated from Brigham Young. The only things that really had me scared was the price of food in the island, it was a little more expensive than I thought. However, I was able to survive the experience of living there.


I really wish I would have been smarter in planning my education. I knew what I wanted to do, but I did not plan how I was going to get there well enough. I would have liked to know that I should look at prerequisites for graduate school a lot sooner and scheduled those in. I wish that I would known to do a pre-med minor along with my chosen degree. I wish that I would have taken advantage of the schools resources better.


When you think about the friendly, laid back spirit that encompasses the culture of Hawaii, it's hard to imagine that a campus that is deep in the heart of Hawaii would be anything different. And although BYU-h is extremely friendly, welcoming, and in many ways remains laid back, the professors definately demand a level of dedication that requires more than attendance. So I wish I had been more prepared for the amount of study, research, and ultimatley time that is required to do well here at Brighamn Young University-Hawaii.


I wish I had knew that they offered a Graphic Design Emphasis Program, because I would have enrolled in that program to start my courses.


Before i came to this school i wish i would have known how expensive living was going to be.

Norman Vincent

I wish I had known more about speaking and writing in english language beacause as of now I have still difficulty in some aspect of my english language. But I think it is not a big problem because I am improving and people said that they understand my english.


Well, I knew that American universities are expensive but I didn't know that it would be that much expensive! That is why I'm looking for any scholarships to help me because my father is unemployed and my mother does not have enough resources to help me. Also, I have 2 little sisters and actually my parents are divorced. Which makes things more difficult for me.


There wasn't too much I didn't know. The only thing would be what places were available to me to work at and those are pretty accesible from the school website.


I recently finished the Winter semester at BYU- Idaho, and will be attending BYU- Hawaii this fall. One thing I wished I would have known before I went to school in Idaho was how to use my time more wisely. As the school year began, I found myself struggling to keep everything organized. Although I ended up doing very well in my classes, I started off on a bit of a slow note due to my lack of writing down all the things i needed to do during the day, and during the week. Being organized helps a ton.


I wish I had known before that books are very expensive here.


I wish that I had realized how small of a campus/university it is. I am having a difficult time going to school full time and still keeping my full time job, because of the lack of flexibility in class times. I need to work in order to pay for school, but since the courses are not offered at different times throughout the day and evening, I am required to work less in order to be a full time student.


I wish I would have known what to pack. Hawaii is so different. When I first arrived it was burning hot, but now that it's December I wear hoodies and long jeans. Also, bring an umbrella, because suprise rain is not unusual.


While attending Windward Community College, I wish i've finished everything there like my electives and other course that were needed to be done. When it's time to transfer over to Brigham Young University Hawaii, the things I would've just been worried about are finishing the courses needed for my major. However, it's all my fault and if i have to stay here more than two years; its okay.


They pray in every class. It good but I never knew they did this.


I wish I had known the reality of island fever. Being on an island, an ocean away from family, can be tough sometimes- especially during the holiday season if you do not get the chance to fly home and see them during those times. I also wish I had known the lack of respect from the Financial Services office towards students. If I had known this, I would have put more responsibility on myself to get information about financial aid, rather than trying to ask the unexperienced workers in the Financial Aid office.


I wish I would have known more about it's diverse cultural differences. It is so exciting to me to be at a relatively small campus but still have seventy countries respresented in the student body. I feel that if I had recognized what a multi-cultural experience that BYU Hawaii offers, I would have considered it more strongly than I did for the last year as I prepared for college. I am very grateful that I took the time to research BYU Hawaii and the things that it provides. I feel that I can get a strong education there.


When to apply for student housing. When to apply for everthing is really overwhelming. It would be vey helpful to have a check list of what to apply for and when.


I wish I had known that cultures vary. I had always thought that wherever you go it is always the same. When I got here at BYUH I found out it is not. As an Asian, I grew up with a laid back life. I just chill out here and there. Job is no big deal. I can live with less money. I am enjoying life. When I got here I have to work and go to school at the same time. It was killing me at first but now I learned and adapted the culture.


I wish I would have known which Hale was the best to reside in


Nothing actually, I was well informed about BYU-HI. My older sister went to school here so she told lots of stories about campus life, late nights at the library, going to the beach, also about the different cultures represented at the university. So i think I'm good.


I wish I would have known how strict the rules are around here. I wish I would have known how low quality the food was here. Also there aren't a whole lot of selections of off campus housing. I wish I would have known that it has a high school type of atmosphere because it is so small.


I should have known that there are many international students and have respect for them. Campus is very small and should have learn how to deal with others before I come to this school.


How to study more effictively so I wouldn't have to spend as much time studying.


I wish that I had known that college was pure self motivation. That no one would be checking up on my to see if my room was clean or if my homework was compelted. I wish I had known what it was like to be truely stressed out. I wish i had known what it would be like to live in a tiny room with a complete stranger. Most of all, I wish i had known that COULD DO IT, so I wouldnt have been so scared.


Before arriving I would have liked to better understand how to transport my belongings in a better fashion from the main island to Hawaii, as well as a lesson on personal extermination of little critters! In honesty, I wish that someone took time to encouraged me to get involved with clubs and all the different activities that continually go on. Being a part of the special school spirit the Brigham Young University Hawaii has to offer is uniquely special as you blend different cultures and backgrounds in uniting for one purpose, a higher education.


I had never visited BYU-Hawaii before I attended this wonderful University and I wish I would have known more about the history and culture of Hawaii so I could have an even greater appreciation for it. I love Brigham Young University Hawaii so much and by attending here I have truly been changed for the better. I have friends of many cultures and traditions and I love each and every one of them, every one is unique and I embrace that aspect of life.


I knew what I was getting myself into when I applied and was excepted to this school. I don't regret it.


That the cost of living and food was going to be so high.


I wished to know about my school's enviroment, activities, and student body before I attend Brigham Young University Hawaii. I got a student bulletin before I arrived Hawaii. Also, I wished to work with student body that now I'm working in a department related to student body. Also, what the school mission statement ? and what does it means? All those I checked up school website and found out. Basically, the school has enough information online to interpret all school facilities and service.




I wish I knew how expensive everything is here. I would have saved more money and worked longer before I came.


I wish I would have known about the bugs and the rats. I was very surprised at how easily both get into the house. I've had to keep all my food in plastic bins under my bed so the ants and everything else won't get to it. The weather is very unpredictable too so I wish I would have known the right kind of clothing to bring, because although it can be very sunny in Hawaii, it rains a lot, as well.


I wish I had known how strict the rules are at BYUH. I was not completely prepared for a 12 midnight curfew or 24-hour dresscode for example. Besides the strict rule system, I think it would have also been beneficial to know of the huge diversity on this campus. There are students from all over the world which makes school a lot more interesting. I also would have liked to know that the campus is on the countryside of O'ahu, so it takes at least 45 minutes to drive to the nearest mall and town area.


One thing I wish I knew before coming to this school is to better prepare myself to compete with each others in academic area and keep myself in accordance to the standards they have.


One thing I wish I was aware of about coming to BYUH was the dorm room condition. Upon arriving my dorm, the living standard is relatively low two people have to share a tiny bedroom with large unnecessarily sized furnitures. The price of the room and board is expensive for students to afford. If I had known about this earlier than I would of looked for housing off campus.


I wish that I would have had better study habits and skills.