Brigham Young University-Hawaii Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school has students and professors from all around the world, bringing a larger perspective and cultural awareness to the campus; also the university is located on the north shore of Oahu, it allows for plenty of adventure for people who love nature and the great outdoors.


The best thing about Brigham Young University Hawaii campus, is the cultural experience. One being in Hawaii you get the experience of the islander life but also being a school known for its cultural diversity you can meet people from all around the world. It brings the world together and creates the ability to branch out your experiences of life. Also, since most students aren't from Hawaii, everyone is in a unfamiliar enviroment making it easier to find friendships that will last a lifetime.


The best thing about Brigham Young University Hawaii is the diversity. The students are from all over the world, maily the south pacific islands, Asia, and north america, which provides a unique learning opprotunity on our small campus. The size of the school allowes students to become very familiare with eachother and to learn new things and experience new cultures as well as gaining a secular education. The unity of people and cultures that brings together and enhances the educational experience here is common belif in God, and desire to have high moral standards.


The people and the wonderful fun atmosphere make you feel so welcomed into school and the community.


I believe the best thing that I have seen about my school over the last semester is the emphasize on using our knowledge to do something. My teachers have inspired me to start a small business while I am in school instead of waiting til after. Even my social work teachers teaches us how we can interact with people from all walks of life and help them. I really feel that this school has an unique atmosphere that encourages students to go beyond their comfort zones and work for the future.


BYU hawaii has a safe and clean campus that is secluded on the far edge of the island. The professors as well as the students have high standerds and are focused on learning. The student body is small and the teacher to student ratio is excellent for learning. The best thing about the school is the atmosphere, they have created a place where people can study and learn.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii integrates both spiritual and secular aspects of the learning experience. The mass diversity in the students allows for students to get to know different cultures and make lasting friends from all over the world, literally. Not to mention the school is minutes away from the famous north shore beaches.


I consider the student-to-teacher ratio at Brigham Young University the best thing about my school. There are less students and more teachers, so you get more attention and help if needed.


It is definatly the diversity of students and their willingness to learn. Many of the international students come here to study and get better education and desire to become a leader. As the school motto says "Enter to Learn/Go Forth to Serve"; we come enter to this school to LEARN to become a leader and go back to our own country and lead those who we can SERVE. Brigham Young University-Hawaii foucuses to learn and serve people. That is a great and best thing about this school.


The helpfulness and attitude of the majority of the students.


I think the best thing about this school is the variety of cultures and the atmosphere that comes from that. You come to learn about and love people from all over the world, learning new ways to do things and new ways of thinking. Being with so many different kinds of people helps you to come to a better understanding of cultural practices. Studying in so much diversity brings about new ideas that you may never have experienced otherwise.


The importance placed on moral values at this school is the best thing. Too much time and money is wasted when students become stuck in frivolous things outside of studies, treating school like a playground social event. Because of this unfortunate period of development, many don't obtain proper skills and the mind set necessary to succeed and make the most out of their studies. This school places strong emphasis on its "Honor Code" of conduct. This allows us to steer away from those things that would distract from success in studies and encourages us to become greater people.


The best thing I consider about this school is that I was able to meet people from all over the world and learn about them. My eyes were opened. I was so ignorant. Learning about my friends and their backgrounds broadened my perspective, changed my outlook, and enlarged my heart. It has been one of the greatest blessings that have ever occurred in my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.


The best thing about our school is that everyone is friendly. There are no cliques. Everyone accepts other's ethnicity. That being said, this campus is International-friendly. With a friendly environment, I can say it was easy to find help from other students who are willing to give their time to help me.


The best thing about my school, Brigham Young University-Hawaii, is the ‘spirit of Aloha’. This isn't something tangible; it’s a feeling you get when experiencing love by rendering service to others. There are always ways to give service, which is something that overfills people with happiness. The peaceful and uplifting setting of a campus with a religious foundation helps me keep priorities in line. At such a crucial time in my life I’m so lucky to have an institution that focuses on building up its students through diversity of cultures, and nurturing a spirit of Aloha.


The Best thing about our school is the diversity. I have met many people from all across teh world. This University really opens up the possibilities of learning about different cultures, and making friends all around the world. Having so much diversity in our student body we learn about many different cultures that we might not have come in contact with at any otehr University. As we learn about other's cultures, we also learn how to adapt and react to their cultures in a positive way. We become better people as we interact and study here.


The diversity of the school. I am able to meet and make friends with other students from all parts of the world. The school is also a very safe and calm environment and place to be and it is very beautiful.


There are many great things. Probably the best this is the atmosphere. Not only is there a great atmosphere of learning, but because it is a church school there is also a great spiritual atmosphere. On top of that the is an incredible amount of diversity among the student body. This creates an atmosphere that is conducive to cultural learning. You really can appreciate the variety of people in the world and the differences in their lifestyles.


The campus is beautiful. BYU-Hawaii is located in a small town on the north shore of Oahu. The weather is always perfect, so traveling by foot or bike are very cost-effective and enjoybal means of travel. The class sizes are small which allow for more teacher/student interaction. I have only visited the campus a few times, but have not started school there yet, so I do not know all the wonderful things it has to offer yet, but I know there will be many more.


The best thing is that Brigham Young University of Hawaii is a multi-cultural campus.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii can be considered as a pan filled with different condiments, since it's considered a very diverse school with students from all over the world. I love being around people with different cultures and that speak different languages. This university is like meeting the whole world inside of an area of 100 acres. Another reason I really like about this college is the size. I went to a small high school, which you had more chances of, one-on-one with teacher and this college allows that to happen to all students


The cultural environment. There is an opportunity to meet students from all over the world. Seventy different countries make up our campus. I love how open minded everyone is to learning about the different cultures. I also think the opportunity to serve is really huge here. Students are constantly helping one another and caring for each other.


It's a place where I can be surrounded by people with the same values and beliefs as me. This is the best thing about BYU -Hawaii because here you are not judged for going to church every sunday or not doing the things which the world considers as okay. You can practice your beliefs in a beautiful place with beautiful culturally diverse people who understand.


One of the best things about the BYU-H is that we have a small student body that allows students to have a more one on one relationship with our professors. They show genuine care for the students here. The proffesors at BYU-H are very approachable which makes me feel very comfortable in approaching them when I have concerns or questions about the work we are learning. Our atmosphere in class is more of a discussion which allows students to voice opinions and hear different perspectives of certain topics related to my course work.


The best thing about BYU-Hawaii is it's a missionary school whereby its school of LDS members. I am not a member of LDS but my boyfriend do. I would like to take this opportunity to learn more about this church. Besides learning it i would like to gain knowledge for my job opportunity in the future. I would like to learn how to pray before classes starts which make studies more effective. Not only that, this school does have a honor code meaning students are not allowed to drink, smokking and wear pants above the knees.


I love the size of the campus and the size of the classrooms. The close-knit community helps me to feel important and my professors know be by name rather than just a number


The best thing about my school is definitely the variety or ethnicity. I am fortunate enough to go to a small university, with students from over 70 countries in a student body of only about 2500. I have met people from all over the world, and we all share the same goal: to gain an education, and benefit from it. It is incredible to see all these different people come together, to study, and to learn; all in one beautiful place.


The school is strongly affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, emulating throughout all activities and studies. The ability to study secular knowledge in the light of spirituality is very important to me. This helps me to focus my studies on gaining knowlege to better myslef as a moral person and to use the tools an knowleged gained at Brigham Young University to serve others. Knowlege is only useful when applied.


The best thing about BYU-Hawaii is definitely the wonderful diversity of the students that attend here from all over the world.


The people there all have the same high standards as i do and it makes it really fun and comfortable.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is following an Honor Code which exist to provide an education in an atmosphere consistent with the ideals and principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That atmosphere is created and preserved through commitment to conduct and reflects those ideals and principles. Those individuals who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are also expected to maintain the same standards of conduct. We are ecpected to Follow and do the Honor Code. That's the best thing about being here.


That there is a wide diversity of people. Brigham Young University Hawaii has students from all over the world and there are so many different cultures you can become acquainted with and learn from and I think that it is a very neat experience.


I would definately say that it is the people who attend the school and the people of the community that are the best thing about our school. One would think that the best thing about a Hawaiian school would be the beautiful weather but really it's the people!


BYU Hawaii, which I will be attending this fall, provides a diverse yet close-knit community of college students who share the same standard and beliefs. It accepts a variety of different students from different countries and backgrounds, but it remains just the right size for people like me, who have attended smaller middle or high schools. The campus is beautiful and the learning environment is clean and focused.

Norman Vincent

The best thing I consider about my school is that it is a place where spiritual as well as academic learning is encouraged. In this school, we follow a standard that is consistent to the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints such as being honest in our dealings with others, follow a grooming standards, etc. Also, students especially of our faith will learn secular knowledge that is consistent with our belief which make it easier for us to accept what is being taught to us.


The people that are here. There is such a huge diversity here andit is really fun and interesting to be involved with peopl from all over the world. Not to mention Laie is a great town and there are so many fun things to do in Hawaii.


The best thing about Brigham Young University of Hawaii is the outstanding morals they require. The Honor Code they have is something seen in few schools today. The Honor Code helps students to build a character based on high moral standards. This is invaluable to our future employers and to the world as we are the leaders of the rising generation.


This school is beautiful with its unique aloha-spirit to life. It makes you want to take an active role to be a leader and to help others that maybe less fortunate and help the world improve. The environment is very uplifting, the people are welcoming and theres a respect for elderly which is nice. The school encourages hands-on activities and classes to get students involved, educationionally and culturally. Brigham Young University of Hawaii becomes a home away from home because of its strong friendships that are created.It simply is a place of growth for a better funture.


The diversity. It's a small campus, but almost half of the students come from countries outside of the US. It's impossible to have only white friends. It's really awesome.


one of the best things at byuh is diversity. we have about 100 conturies students. we have difference culture, race, background, etc. however, we are cooporated each other. through this, we are learning so much.


I love how diverse campus is and how I get to meet people from all over the world. There are so many differences in our cultures when compared, yet when I get to know them and spend time in and outside of class, I find we have so much in common. It makes me feel so connected to the rest of the world. It really has helped me see the world with a more global perspective. Here I've learned to I respect others more for their differences and not judge.


The best part about BYUH is the atmosphere and social environment you are in. Everyone is here to study and do work, but also everyone wants to live and love life and those around them. It's a smaller campus and right on the beach, so being with friends and relaxing is a big part of the daily life. You get to meet a lot of people and it's relatively easy to make friends and talk to people. You feel encouraged with school, but not cut throat. It's a great mesh of focus, friendship, and performance.


I think the best thing about this school is that it proviedes me with a safe and reliable studying environment. I'm living at the school dorm and it is such a very good experience living here in an environment where you don't have to care about crimes and all of those things.


One of the best traits of this scchool is its cultural and ethnic diversity. Students come from all over the world and with that comes a plethora of ideas, traditions, and view points. You will have a truly unique experience as you are able to observe and learn more about different cultures. Oppurtunities to try new foods, learn new languages, and observe different lifestyles are in abundace as well as being able to create bonds and friendships on an international level.


The interaction with the students and their professors. The classes are pretty small so it is very easy to get help from the professors and to really get meaningful direction and assistance in projects for classes and for career choices. The professors here really care for the students and really want to do everything that they can to help them succeed in life.


The best thing about BYUH is the student body. The school maintains the "spirit of aloha" or a welcome environment where the student body is a family, and here, we are ohana. With each student I meet, I can see the happiness and the blessing that this college education is in their life. The students here are grateful to learn, not because it is in one the most beautiful places on earth but because we are uplifted through each other. The diversity is rich yet the student body is one in purpose, to learn and then go forth and serve.


The best thing about BYU-Hawaii is the diversity on campus, and the devotion of the teachers to the students.


Brigham Young University-Hawaii is a private university being ran by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And for that reason, I am surrounded by students that have the same beliefs and standards as I do. We work together and being a small school, everyone knows everyone else. I am also able to get to know my professors better than if there were many more students. This provides for a friendly and positive learning experience.


I consider the cultural and ethnic diversity to be the best thing about this campus because it is easy to make new friends from other countries and learn about other places around the world.


The best thing about BYU-H is that they have a vision for students to come to enter, to learn, and to serve. At this school they do not just give us an education , they give us a mission to fulfill in our lives to leave and make the world a better place by serving our fellow beings. They instill this in us and it makes us want to be better people.