Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its high academcis and strict honor code.


The school has a great environment that allows us to learn while not compromising our standards. There is always something to do around campus if you are willing to put yourself out there. There is lots of help available and everyone is super friendly.


This University is most known for the wholesome lifestyles of its students; lifestyles resulting from their dedication to live a strong code of honor. This honor code includes items such as honesty, dress and appearance, moral cleanliness and respect for others. These standards of conduct guide and shape the lives of students after they have graduated as well, sending them forward into the world with a highly developed moral strength, personal discipline, and respect for others. That is what Brigham Young University produces, honorable men and women, prepared with the skills, habits, and characteristics they need to better the world.


Our school is best known for its strict rules. These rules were established for the students, by the students, and each student must agree to follow the rules before being accepted. I think it is a great system.


For small classes, and more one-on-one time with your professors. It is a religious campus that allows you to ask questions about what you don't understand. You also don't have to be a member of any religion to attend.


I would say that BYU-Idaho is best known for being an LDS, or Mormon, school. If you are LDS, it is encouraging to have the support of so many fellow students, as well as professors, who hold the same values and belief system as you. It strengthens your resolve to improve, spiritually and in other ways.


Being a college that is for LDS people.


BYU Idaho is best known for the friendly atmosphere on campus. There is a very welcoming and loving environment here were most people feel welcomed. This school is also known for its dating environment, with very high marriage statistics. It is not uncommon to have several friends get married each semester. When people that don't go to BYU Idaho approach me, they usually recognize that it is a friendly place


To be honest?? Being a Mormon school. BYU-Idaho is a church school, but that doesn't take away from what we do here. We're here to learn and gain a education. So in other words we could also be known for having excellent students that get their work done.


This school is known for it's status as a church-owned school, being owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Because of that, the campus code of conduct promotes integrity and strong moral character and encourages hard work.


Brigham Young University Idaho is known for producing knowledgeable employees that are full of integrity. The University is a private religious college that tries to instill the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on their students, as a result the school has a strict honor code that students are expected to live. Students graduating from BYU-Idaho are confident, reliable, independent, kind, and driven by strong morals. A BYU-Idaho graduate is sure to enhance any organization because of their strong work ethic and willingness to do what is right rather than what is easiest.


BYU-I is infamously known as BYU-I Do. A lot of engagements and marriages happen here. But we are also known for our outstanding academics and performing arts programs. Our students travel the world to teach English and to perform concerts of all kinds. We also do lots of volunteer service and love to help those in need.


Being a LDS university


The teachers here really care for the students. Every one that I have had has gone out of their way to make sure that I understood what was being taught, and if I didn't, they all offered to have a one-on-one study session with me outside of class.


Formerly Ricks college, BYU-Idaho is know as a school where students come in to learn and leave stronger, and clearer understanding of thier purpose and goals in life. At least that is the closest way I can say it.


BYU-Idaho is known for being a school that is pretty student centered allowing them to become involved in various aspects throughout campus, whether it is being involved in student government or working in campus. Around campus and in the community of Rexburg, "The Spirit of Ricks" allows for a learning environment found nowhere else.


The Spirit of Ricks, the Honor Code, and the Learning Model. Students learn in a great environment with high standards by great professors, preparing outside of class, and teaching each other.


Our school is best known for the high integrity and honesty of the students here at school and in the work place. This school is known to be one with friendly students, great teachers, and one of the best learning enviornments around. The classes are small and well taught and people care about one another. Everyone is so friendly that it really throws people for a loop when they come here and everyone is willing to help or wants to get to know them.


BYU-Idaho is a religious school and they try their hardest to help all the students grow spiritually while helping them furthering their education and grow mentally. I think they are well known with sticking to their standards and creating an amazing environment for growth in many ways. Also with the student as the teacher thing that they encourage.


Getting people married


For the hard work and integrity of the students. Our school has a history of having great employers recruiting here, because of this.


My school is best known for being a church school and for not being a party school. We accept non-members of course and it's great to be at a school where you know a party isn't going to involve drugs and alcohol.


Probably the religion: LDS. Because it is a private Church-operated school. The other thing it is best known for may be the marriage thing: it is jokingly referred to among members (LDS church members) as BYU-I-do. Also, it seems to me to be a very academcally capable institution and so I definitely wouldn't disclude a poitive academic reputation.


Brigham Young University is well known for being one of the least partying schools in the US. Although that may not appeal to many, for those who want to gain an education in a calm and safe enviornment, it is the perfect school. Also everyone refers to BYU as the "mormon school" because it is a church based school but anyone of any religion can attend.


Our school is best known for being the school without inter-scholastic sports. When our school transitioned from a 2-year community college into a 4-year university, the inter-scholastic sports program fell by the wayside. It is something that most people outside our school know about and most people inside our school complain about.


Lots of people know my school as the "Mormon" school, so I guess that's what's the school is best known for, where Latter-day Saint students attend to gain the same knowledge as other students at different schools, we just have stricter rules that help us keep up our standards.


Probably for being a religious school. BYU-Idaho is sort of a side school of BYU main campus so BYU in Utah has all the sports teams and everything but we are known more for the standards this school has of its students.


It is best known for it's uplifting atmosphere. All the students and professors work together to create a friendly, educational environment.


Its excellent religous program, and well known education program.


My school is best known for the students that attend. The majority of the students are LDS and there is a dress code that holds us to a higher standard than many other schools. We also have a unique semester plan. There are three tracks, Fall-Wihter, Winter-Spring, and Spring-Fall. This three track system allows more students to attend full-time throughout the year. There is also no competitive sporting events, just intramural sports, which keeps the focus on education, not winning the next game.


My school is best known for being the other BYU or Rick's College. But, I think that preception is changing about us, I think people know that is getting more competitive here, its not just an easy college to get into and some really great people come out of BYU-Idaho


Brigham Young University Idaho is best knows for it's very strict, but high religious and moral standing in the world, including following the honor code, a set of rules that each student must conform to, in accordane to the standards of The Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That being said, this school is famous for the amount of student marriages that happen here, due to the high moral standard, and common ground between the students.


I think that my school is best known for its high standards. These standards come from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who owns the university. Because of these high standards, each student is accountable for his or her own actions. The honor code is fairly strict, but provides the students an environment in which they can learn without distractions.


It is owned and run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


It is pretty well known because of its connection to BYU-Provo and because it is one of the biggest private religious universities in the nation. It has a great engineering program as well as a great nursing program. It also known because of its widely recognized art program particularly in the field of graphic design. There are many on campus activities and clubs to get involved in and it is a very friendly university. People are just so nice there. There are many outdoor activites there also. It is a fast growing university.


BYU-I is mainly known for its hard working ethical students. All degree programs require ethics classes and internships that teach students how to ethically work in the real world.


Being mormon


It is known for every student getting along and having a good relationship with others and teachers. My school focuses on having students who will be successful after they graduate.


Don't really know what it is well known for. I hear that the nursing program is good.


Clean students, both mentally, physically and emotionally.


BYU Idaho is best known for its strong ethics, academic learning, moral standards, honor code. It is a school that is known for being a very good experience and everyone who attends it has fond memories of attending it.


The Nursing progam used to be the top in the nation when it was a two-year college. It also has a great construction program, but is also building it's other programs rapidly.


Brigham Young University-Idaho is best known for its stone-cold sober students and the leadership qualities they possess. The absence of drug and alcohol use is a catalyst for learning. All students are given opportunities to lead and learn in a variety of activities like sports, dances, art, talent shows, church participation, etc. BYU-Idaho spits out reliable, honest, and effective leaders like a candy machine spits out M&M's; Everybody loves 'em and can't seem to get enough.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The friendly environment. The Spirit that is here.


Small, friendly, supportive, loving, caring, fun, and our religion


There is a great Spirit here. Everyone is cheerful. Everyone has a smile on their face. The students ehpl each other. There is a great bond and friendship amongst the alumni of this university. Brigham Young University - Idaho is a place where a student can feel peace in an unstable and sometimes corruput world. This university is known for the alumni being full of integrity and honesty in all their doings. The alumni enters the workforce with zeal. WE are happy to help and eager to learn. We are tomorrow's leaders.


My school is best known for having a positive atmosphere and having a lot of fun without using alcohol or drugs.


Brigham Young University Idaho is best known for being an LDS Private University. As well as being extremely cold in the winters.