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I am a transfer student. My freshman year I went to a small comunity college, it was one of the hardest experiences of my life. I went through some pretty tough things while I was there. It was so bad I couldn't go back. Then I found BYU-I. I went on a tour there, it had the most amazing feeling to it. The people were warm and welcoming, something about this campus is special. It is completely different from the college I previously attended, it is an uplifting enviroment, it feels like home.


Byu Idaho has something called 'the spirit of Ricks'. It's a religious school and we always say a prayer at the beginning of each class. We live in a very out doorsy place which means that there's a lot of fun things to do! It's not necessarily about compition, but rather helping each other succeed. We are honest and kind. It is rare to find someone that isn't cheerful! I hardly know anyone that doesn't have any friends! Everyone is friends at my school. It's a peaceful place to be and I love it!


Part of tuition is paid for by tithe payers. The atmosphere is always upbeat and friendly. Faculty are very willing to help students outside of the classroom.


This was the furthest and coldest school I considered.


My school is very career oriented and gives a lot of opportunity for internships and career services. They require 2 to 3 internships and they expect every student to make connects with Alumni and other prominent people in your feild. They bring in big companies to interview students and give lectures in order help students make connections and find jobs after they graduate.


I love the small town atmosphere. Everything is in walking distance so I don't have to run my old car down by driving around a bigger town., and hopefully I'll keep off the freshman 15. The teachers are always willing to help you through the class. I love that education is mixed with religion and a majority of the students there share my same values and beliefs.


The tuition is very inexpensive and the education offered is extraordinary! Since BYU-Idaho is a private institution tuition is very affordable. The school offers a lot of opportunities for work on campus and because it is a relatively small university it isn't to hard to find a job. Most of the staff members on campus are students. Also, unlike most universities the atmosphere isn't cutthroat academically. Rather it is an atmosphere that encourages building one another and working as a community to help everyone succeed. There is healthy competition and the students are driven to do well.


The people. Eveyone is so nice here and it is easy to make friends.


The thing I noticed about BYU-Idaho is how welcome I felt immediately. It wasn't too small like my high school, but it also wasn't as big as some other options I was thinking about. It was the perfect size for me, and I knew I would be able to take classes with a better all around teacher to student ratio so I could do better in school.


Because this is a private school run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints there is a different feeling here. There is no alcohol or drug use and that really changes the atmosphere here. We also are able to take religion classes to better know our religion.


The teachers here are amazing and really know their stuff. Because this school is a religion school, you can definitely feel the spirit and it's great because it's a constant thing. The teachers here are great at teaching, telling you what you need to know, and tying our religion into everything. It makes the classes very interesting.


My school has very high standards, yet is fairly easy to get into. We have a 95% acceptance rate, but the education we recieve is extremely important to everyone. Your teachers will help in any way they can. We don't have any sports teams, but we do have inter-mural sports. There are so many ways to help your education here too. We have tutors and study centers and there are many study groups that you can join.


BYU-Idaho has an incredible atmosphere, which is very contagious. Everyone is happy and very friendly. Everyone is very active in school activities and socializing. The classes here are incredible, the professors are very interested in the students and make sure that they understand the material and that the student feels involved.


I LOVE BYU-I. I won't be arrogant enough to say it's for everyone, but the school offers a unique experience, a cheap and quality education and an uplifting student atmosphere that's a lot different from most colleges in a good way. Sure, it has plenty of problems, and there are unsavory elements to the student body and faculty, but the school is a good one. I've only had one semester and I can't wait to get back from my mission and enjoy many more.


We agree to live by certain high standards that set us apart from all the other party schools. We don't drink, stay out till all hours, use drugs, lie or cheat, wear immodest clothing or extreme styles, etc.


Everyone has high standards, and has found a way to acheive their goals. It is small, and possibly the friendliest place on earth. It's just easy to see an attainable, happy future from here.


My school is not a place where the teachers really teach you but where the holy spirit is there to teach you and tell you the truth about what you learn in class. Its a very inspirational place where people are always there to help you learn and help you achieve your goals. My school is a great place where I learn things that can not be taught to me in any other school. My school is a great learning place.


BYU-I is totally centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ; how it can work in our lives and influence our learning. We have a fairly strict dress code, which isn't very hard to follow generally, and everyone is SO nice. It's crazy how you can leave something valuable laying out and get it back in the same condition. You can't find that anywhere else.


My school is not your typical college. Students come there to learn. It is not for the usual college things like partying and drinking. It is small so that classes aren't huge, but it is big enough to get to know a lot of people.


My school is unique in the fact that they look at education in a different appropach. We do not just go to class to listen to lectures that our professors have prepared. We are expected to come prepared and participate in the discussion. We are told that we are all learners and teachers, and are expected to learn from not only our professors but our fellow students . This approach to learning gives us more ownership and responsibility over our educations. We are to activly make our education what we would want it to be.


The general education classes have been changed to Foundation classes and are unlike any other school so they cannot transfer.


Everyone on campus is very friendly. If you drop something, several people will stop and pick it up for you. I've had complete strangers run up to a door just to open it for me. Everyone at my school is so caring and accepting of each other; you automatically feel welcomed by those around you.


Since it is a supported religious institution every class starts with a prayer which is either rare or non-existant in other schools. There is just an atmosphere of love and support, not competition between students like there are in other schools. People want to get to know eachother and help eachother out. While it is predominantly an LDS university, there are non members who attend and recieve a very good education, especially for the price they pay.


Birgham Young University- Idaho focuses on my religion. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I feel that religion is extremely important to life. I love being able to go to school, and learn how my religion can be tied into educational studies. Other schools refrain from discussing the topics of God or religious figures, but here at BYUI, we not only learn about our religion but others as well.


BYU-Idaho is a private, religious school. The campus is extremely clean and the students her are very respectful. It is unusual to find rowdy behavior among students and teachers. Every student that attends school here is typically happy and friendly. Because it is a religious school, I have personally only met 2 students attending BYU-Idaho that were not a part of our religion. They were still treated the same and no one cared if they were LDS or not.


My school is filled with people who genuinely care about each other and look out for each other. It is not a school of lacking standards and many people around the country respect BYU-I because of the high moral expectations of the students. BYU-I is a small school, so it is easier to have a one-on-one relationship with your teachers, which makes a great learning environment!


I would consider the general mindset of the teachers the most signifigant difference at BYU-I. Classes are small and each teacher knows me by name. There is an emphisis on learning together through discussions and peer to peer reviews. I feel completely comfortable approaching any of my teacher in order to ask a question about a class or for career advice. I can tell that they care about me and see my potential and want to help me achieve it.


A student that attends here can have grow in many areas and it is a safe enviroment to voice opinions.


We put emphasis on spiritual matters as well as academics. We believe in using all truth to become fully enlightened.


My school is a very socially oriented campus. It seems that the faculty is very interested in the well being of each individual student. With our structure of classes, each class only has around 30 people so each student really begins to feel included in campus involvement.


At BYU-Idaho students don't just learn, they learn with the help of the Spirit. This is something other schools do not have.


It is a private university affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


It is more focused on my religious beliefs than most others would be.


Our school is stronly focused on group work and teaching other class members. We are also a religion based school so we are very involved in that aspect.


It blends together secular and religious viewpoints in the academics.


Brigham Young University Idaho has a whole different atmosphere than any other school. There are several rules and guildlines that only the BYU schools have. I havent heard of any other school that has curfew, no drinking, and no partying. They try to get the students really involved and have fun activites for them to be able to meet new people. You must take religion classes and attend your church meetings. They give good guildines to really keep students out of trouble and focus on their studies. Makes it nice to have no temptations while being away at school.


The sports program it offers is extremely different than those of the other schools that I studied when I was applying last year. Instead of being limited to an elite group of athletes, there is no intra-school team. However, there is an amazing competitive sport program that invites all of the students to participate. Seasonal sports are hosted, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, ice hockey, swimming, and cross country; as well as other sports such as ultimate frisbee and flag football. There is also a intermural program that is availiable if one has limited time to devote to sports.


I was looking for a school that I would be able to have others share my religious ideals. I have always been in the religoious minority growing up, and I wanted to have a social network of people that i could relate too. When I came to this school, i was so glad of the choice I had made. I am in a small university so I get to know many of the students on camups.


Stricter rules and small classes.


This school is very friendly and very progressive. The administration and faculty are seriously dedicated to taking the campus to its fullest potential.


My school is accepting. There is a spirit about the campus and the people that is addicting and makes you want to be around. It allows you to be yourself, and have fun and learn at the same time.


There is a big activities program, anyone can get envolved with what they like. For example I would not be able to play tackle football at any ohter university, here I have the change to play again competively. This goes for other things as well, you dont just watch you get involved.


Unlike our sister school BYU Provo it has spirit, but with smaller classes, and everything is close together.


The community is extremely nice. The school has a testing center that allows me to take a test at any speed and at any time within a certain amount of days. So if I'm not a morning person and I have a test in a morning class, I can wait until the afternoon to take the test. I love having a testing center.


My school is a church affiliated school and most of the students that attend there belong to my church, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Our parties and activities do NOT involve alcohol or drugs. Everyone is kind to each other and the teachers are all very approachable. We sign an honor code and promise to uphold the standards of our religion and of the school.


it focuses on religion and how faith can be applied in each field.


For it's size, it is able to offer a quality education in a varity of fields and since it is a religious school I never feel like an outcast.


well this is a church school, so the rules and the basic culture of this school are very different than any other. there are competitive and intermural sports, but there is not real collage sports like at other schools. also there is no alcohol sales in the city of rexburg so it is a bit different than anywhere else.