Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


very challenging but fun


The classes that are offered there are all taught by experienced professors with real life experience and bring in those experiences to the classroom. There are so many majors that are available, so finding your perfect fit is possible!


While there is not quite as much selection as there may be at larger universities, what is offered is taken seriously, and they truly aim to give students the experience they need to get into their career fields.


The classes are very good, and help students to achieve their goals. One class that I have personally enjoyed is the psychology 111 course, because they help students to understand the information instead of simply leaving the students to their own designs. The classes in general include lots of participation, but one class that has been a struggle is the math 108 course, because it is a hybrid class. We have class once a week, and the rest of the class is online. This causes more difficulty because I struggle getting the information and guidance that I need to learn more of the material. I don't spend much time with the instructors after class, but in the future I plan to involve myself more with the faculty and to gain more guidance from them. The students are pretty competitive in this school, and the positions for jobs are very difficult to find because they are filled by students. My major will focus on applying psychology in the business world and help others apply correct principles to their work ethic. This is why it is a more difficult major and occupation. This school provides some key resources for advancement in this type of occupation.


Great examples of a clean and uplifting life. They inspire me to be better and challenge myself in the class. They also awaken my interest for the subject and actually care about my learning experience.


Student life is much like that at other church schools. The VAST majority of the student body are LDS, and the LDS influence is everywhere and in everything. Classes are often infused with official church teachings, even science classes (which, contrary to popular belief, meld quite well....they teach both evolution and church things in the science classes, for instance, side by side with no problem.) The music department is exemplary for a school of BYU-I's size and scope, with excellent teachers, quality classes and accomplished choral and instrumental ensembles. The school has particularly vibrant jazz and acoustic scenes.