Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I really can't think of any worst thing about Brigham Young University Idaho other than it is very competitive to get employed there after graduation. Why, because it is such a great place to be employed.


The credit limit is discouraging. I want the flexibility to explore other career fields while I am at the prime age to do so. I took concurrent college credits in high school, which transfered up to this school and I have mapped out exactly how many classes I need to take to earn my degree. I will not have any room to take any elective courses. College is supposed to be a time and place to explore more about my interests, who I am as a person and who I can become. The credit limit takes away from this.


The brainhoney system that they have is probably the worst thing. It is the system that we use to accomplish our homework. Professors are able to post the assignments that are due on the site and work is able to be submitted via the website. However, there are always glitches in the system during the start of the semester, and this can cause some prooblems in classes. The professors are understanding on this topic though and there is some leeway.


The worst thing I would consider about my school is many students do not value it's quality education and infact many outsiders do not quite comprehend how much a high quality education and enviroment this university offers.


The worst thing about my school is the difficulty of feeling at ease with the atmosphere. The school is intensely LDS and very religious. It can be a difficult environment for anyone who is not of that faith. There is a great emphasis on their religion and it is almost encouraged to place Bible study before school work. There is nothing wrong with being spiritual and it is a very beautiful thing; however, it can be difficult to find the courage to really express yourself in a school where you know that you will always be different from your peers.


The worst thing about my school is clean checks that happen in the appartments once a month. It happens in every appartment here and is mandated because it helps on move out day. This school has three semesters to let a third more students attend so it helps them because there is only a week inbetween winter and spring semester and not enough time to clean. We keep our apartment fairly clean but every two weeks we have to deep clean which is hard between classes and other activities. It's good but just an annoyance.


I really can't think of anything I would consider the 'worst thing.' BYU-Idaho really is a great school.




The worst thing about BYU-I is that the layouts of some buildings are confusing. You get used to it after a while and can eventually find your way around. There are no competitive sports.


I feel like the biggest thing lacking from BYU-Idaho is a lack of diversity amongst the students. I wish that there was even more people of different cultures who shared the beliefs that the school teaches.


The only thing bad about the school would be the weather. It is Rexburg after all though, so cold, bitter winters are too be expected, and you can get past that.


It seems like everyone, encluding teachers, expects you to get married right away. It makes it harder to focus on schooling, and to take things at your own pace.


I think that the worst thing about this scool is the lack of social activities like big school dances. There are dances like learning latin dancing and country line dancing but there are rarely other dances where more than 30 people show up. It can be hard to meet people on the campus without those types of activities.


The weather can get very cold in the winter.


Honestly, sometimes I think that the Honor Code can be a little restrictive, but I know that is for the safety of all the students here at school. Honestly I do not think that there is anything wrong with Brigham Young University. This school has an amazing spirit too it, which means there can not be much wrong with it.


Some of the staff is very anal about the honor code. I like and respect the honor code, but if you show up to a test scruffy because you forgot to shave, there's a chance that they won't let you take the test.


I think the only downside to my school is that they run on a three track system so you may or may not get consecutive semesters. Also one of your semesters may conflict with your usual summer work making it a struggle to figure out how you will save money for the next year. I understand this is to help have as many students as possible attend, it's just a downside that I feel personally.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the fact that we don't have real competitive sports. I love watching and participating in a variety sports. Of course they have intramurals but they are not quite the same. You don't get the effect of trying hard and your school coming to support you.


The worst thing about BYU Idaho when I attended was the limited program options. And the incessant cold.


I would say the worst thing is the housing costs and also the weather. It's very cold up here in Rexburg most of the year, and it's often raining or snowing. One thing that bothers me a little about the school is that sometimes I have to go to several different places to get an answer to a question. They are usually pretty good at helping people, but sometimes it takes a while to find an answer or find out what you need to do.


Nothing, really.


Small town environment. Not enough degrees offered.


There have been a few incidents that I was involved in where the teacher singled me out in front of the class. It discouraged me from wanted to attend class the rest of the semester. I think that if the teacher needs to discuss something with a student, they need to set up a time for the student to meet with them.


The worst thing about BYU Idaho for me personally, is the religion aspect that is somehow incorporated into every class. Some of the teachers are intolerant in the fact that if you have conflicting views on politics, beliefs, or thoughts they will mark your papers down.


The word "cold" takes on a whole new meaning. Most days are fine, and fairly sunny, but during the coldest months of winter walking outside is like inhaling freon. Before you leave any building you have to mentally prepare yourself for the onslaught of cold wind that will attack you as soon as you step outside. You often wonder if you are going to die before you reach your destination, or if your extremities will require amputation. The Fall, Summer, and Spring are fine... but Winter is a viscious, evil demon waiting to destroy you.


Parking! We don't have enough parking on campus because we are a "walk-on" campus. The idea is good, to keep the students close to the school but there are only so many places to live that are close enough to walk to campus, especially in the winter. Most apartments require a car to get to campus because of the distance. The city has also started requiring parking permits in the communities surrounding the campus, further inhibiting the ability to find parking. Also those city permits are limited to a certain number per year, and its not nearly enough.


The Construction. Half of the school is blocked off.


The worst thing about the school is the infringement on personal life. Students are expected to obey, obey, obey and not challenge or think critically. The school acts as much as a babysitter as a university. Rules are made to help students follow rules which were set in place to keep more rules, which is all very counter-productive to developing a student's rational thinking and decision making abilities.


The worst thing about my school is that the campus is located on a huge hill which, when driving, seems small, but when walking up in -20 degree weather takes a lifetime!


It doesnt have an anthropology major and education majors can only have an education minor, not another one.


The only thing that I dislike about Rexburg Idaho is that shopping and employment is a bit limited. One thing that I wish our campus had is a greater number of major choices. I found a major that I really enjoy, but it did take me a while to decide on something to peruse considering my choices.


People often feel then nedd to fake their way through the righteous principles being taught. Some students spend many precious hours living double lives. Their rebelious stereotype is the worst thing about my school.


12:00 am curfew? Although following it, I end up well rested for classes the next day.


I believe the worst part of the school here is the same as any other school. The construction. It is in a major part of the school so students are forced to go around to get to classes and they will most likely not see the completed building in their time as a student.


To be honest, I cannot think of a single thing that I dislike about my school. This is a surprise coming from me because for years I told myself I was never going to BYU Idaho to live in a "mormon bubble." Now that I am here I could not be more happy with my choice to attend this special institution. It truly is a remarkable place and I am blessed with the opportunity to be here.


The school is marvelous, but there are some issues in adapting to the growing student body. Some classes are in high demand and it can get very competitive when it comes to finding a seat. In addition, while Rexburg is a nice town, it is simply too small for roughly 5,000 students. Finding a job is very difficult and lots of people have struggled to find work while attending school.




The worst thing about my school is the school dances. Every high school is suffering from the so called "freak dancing" epidemic going around, and it will slowly be accepted into normal characteristic of society. People thought it would be alright if they did what everyone else was doing, and no one ever thought twice of how ridiculous and disgusting they looked. Not a single teenager on the dance floor knew the true meaning of dance and could not go through a song without "freaking" on the person next to them.


The snow! Seriously, nothing. The only thing I would say would be the weather in the winter, but seeing that I cannot control that, then it is not a big deal! The internet access could do with a bit of tweaking, seeing that when we're in class and we need internet access while it rarely worked.


Nothing, its a great school for people wanting values, morals, and education in the classroom.


As I think about this question, bad things don't really come into mind about my school.


I would have to say that the worst thing about BYU-Idaho is the weather. Rexburg is in a harsh desert climate and especially in the winter campus is blanketed in a thick blanket of snow. For those that come from places that do not experience cold temperatures, hovering around 20 degrees Fahrenheit during the day; it is a hard adjustment to make. The climate does make it possible, for those that enjoy extreme outdoor sports, for great snowboarding and skiing slopes qute close to campus.


Brigham Young University Idaho has a system called the "track system." The track system was created to allow more students to attend during the school year but it only allows students to attend two semesters per year. When each student is admitted, they are assigned a track. For example, my track is called Spring/fall. Therefore I am only allowed to attend in the spring and fall semester. This system makes it harder to graduate faster.


One of the worst things is that there are very few stores near campus. It makes it difficult to go buy groceries if you do not have a car. However, if one of your roommates has a car, you can always go with them and it works just as well. Also, there is the cafeteria on campus that provides a good variety of healthy foods, so you can always do that for meals instead of buying your own groceries and making your own meals.


I can't wear flip flops, they are considered to casual.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of diversity. Everyone that attends BYU-Idaho is a member of the LDS church. While I as a student still maintain my individuality, it is difficult to not be exposed to totally opposite points of view. I call it the Mormon bubble. The entire world isn't Mormon and I think it is important for me to learn to interact well with other adults of other faiths.


The worst thing about the school so far, in the 2 weeks that i've been here, is that they have just recently updated the registraition, and I-learn online website, which makes it difficult to figure out your standing in the school in regaurd to grades, classes, and schedule. Although not a big problem, it was frustration trying to get registered in time for classes. Overall the schol is very good.


To be perfectly honest, I don't have anything that would be the worst. I really love this school. It is perfectly in line with my beliefs, goals, and personality. If you are self-disciplined are willing to follow the rules, you will love BYU-Idaho.


The worst thing about this school would probably have to be the size of the town that the school is in. The reason I would say this is because there isn't a lot to do here so it puts a lot of pressure on the school.


The worst thing about my school is the ice and snow. Yes the snow is very pretty, but it is also extremely cold. The school does have employees that go around shoveling the snow off the sidewalks and roads, but occasionaly there is still a patch of ice somewhere which looks, very deceptively, like a small pile of snow. So slipping and injuring yourself is an issue. Also, because most of the classes are in seperate buildings and the student has to walk to each building to get to the class, the student is usually frozen upon arrival.