Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school is a church school, catered mainly to those who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That is not to say that non-members don't attend or are not welcome, but the majority of the students will be LDS.


I would advise anyone who wants a quality education and who wants to involve Christ in their lives and education to go to BYU-I. There is a strong emphasis on learning and truly integrating your knowledge into your life at this school. Professors are focused on preparing you for the real world. I have had many wonderful professors at this school who have not only increased and changed my understanding of multiple topics, but have changed my life for the better. The emphasis on involving the Lord in your education and asking for His support is refreshing.


anyone that is willing to learn and stick to it


This school has a wide range of learners: single, married, parents, fresh out of high school, late 20-somethings. This school does require a reasonable and enforced honor-code, and high behavioural expectations. This is not a school with out-of-control parties or late night drinking. It is a religious school with high standards for it's students. The atmospshere is very positive and uplifting. There are a lot of wholesome activities and functions to keep the excitement, though. A person looking to attend BYU-I should be responsible, self-motivated and have great self control.


Someone who is religiose and has high standards. The standards are difficult to keep if you don't believe in them , but they are what make campus feel the way it does.


Students at this school should be very smart and want to gain a great education. Students should have high standards and be disciplined. If an individual is looking for a school with lots of parties, this is not the school from them. Due to the honor code, all students refrain from drugs and alcohol and are expected to attend church.


Any person that would a like a college to have high standards, clean enviorment, a place where college professors care about their students and want them to learn would enjoy attending this school. This school is talored more to students who are member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints but even if you are not a member this is a great place to learn and study. Honestly the LDS culture makes it easy to learn and not be distracted by other things.


Somone wanting to learn by the power of the Holy Ghost.


BYU-Idaho has very strict policies and codes. You should have high morals and values to consider this school. There is an "Honor Code" that is enforced and everyone must agree to live by. The Honor Code includes a very modest dress code, chastity requirements, no drugs or alcohol of any kind, and many other requirements that most schools don't enforce. You must complete at least 14 credit hours of religion courses to graduate. The majority of students that attend are LDS (Mormon).


The kind of person that should attend is a religious Mormon who knows how to be social and study at the same time. Also someone who is dedicated to their religion and the "rules" that come with it. They need to be kind and not judgmental and deinitely not rebelllious.


usually mormon students attend this school but the school welcomes anyone who would like to apply. They have a high standard of no drug or alcohol allowed so typically good clean people come to recieve a wonderful education.


Everyone and anyone should attend BYU-I. This college offers so many possibilities to any type of person. It is a place that welcomes growth, passion, love, service, and a hunger for learnging and education. The type of person that attends this school should want to leave college with the ability to go out into the world and change it. The graduates of BYU-I are promised to create a legacy, wherever they may go. A person with integrity, honor, faith, and honesty should attend this school because they will recieve everything they offer in return.


Honest, eager, responsible, and respectable people should attend this school.


The kind of people that should attend this school are those that like to be with studnets that have the same beleifs and ideas as them. Those that are focused on their careers and like the same classrooms where there is a lot of teacher-students reaction.


The type of person that should attend this school should have high standards and a great desire to learn. They should also have a strong moral character and want to be an active student.


BYU-I is really good for right out of high-school young college students. It's older population sometimes struggles fitting in, but I found it wasn't as bad as it could have been.


Students who are able to work well in groups, learn from their peers as well as the instructor and who are willing to dedicate themsleves to what they are learning.


If you want to attend BYU-Idaho it is important to remember that most students here are very focused. For the most part, the administration will not tolerate it if you do not try your best to do well in school. I have seen one of my friends get sent home because she did not hold up her grades. Acedemics is important at BYU-Idaho. You must learn how to balance your social life with your academics and extracurricular activities.


The kind of people that usually end up at BYU-Idaho are students who are enthusiastic about their academic futures. This may not seem like it's different than any other school, but at BYU-Idaho there's a lot of emphasis on spiritual and secular learning.Many students, including myself, have found that a lot of the learning at BYU-Idaho happens outside of the classroom. There is also a great attitude among the students that attend here--they are very optimistic, caring, and overall really happy individuals. Sounds cheesy, but it's true.


Anyone who wants to. it is a great environment with super awesome people, the classes are small and easy to get through. every teacher i've had has been super understanding of all situations.


This school is great for anyone who is willing to follow the rules and dedicated to their education. Brigham Young University--Idaho does have diverstiy not only in race but also in socioeconomic status, age, and religion (although there is a majority religion). Personally, I would say that this is a great school for anyone seriously pursuing future education and who have a respect and understanding for rules that are set in place


The type of person that should attend this school is one who is deeply rooted in faith and can work hard and display passion in everything they do. They shouldn't attend if they just want to kill time. You must have a plan to start with even if that plan changes over time.


It is an LDS Church school, so definitely church members. Also those who like small towns with a big college feel. The University prides itself in keeping the number of students to a minimum while offering a full functioning University.


It would probably make sense, since this is an LDS school, that the person who attends is LDS. LDS is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I non-member can attend but those who are a part of this church understand why we have the rules we have here. The person would also have to be able to follow the rules, not following them can get you sent home.


Someone who is willing to live by a set conduct code. Someone who wants to learn beyon what is thought in a classroom. Someone with high moral standards. Someone who want's a great education for a low cost. Someone who want's small classes with expirianced and knowlegable professors.


A student at BYU-I should be able to live the standards set forth by the Honor Code. They should be commited to the lifestyle that BYU-I students are required to live and they should be willing to take advantage of the great programs available. A BYU-I student knows where to be and knows how to be there on time. A BYU-I students puts their integrity before their ego and puts knowledge before their personal agenda. Most of all, a BYU-I student knows how to lift others upwith their smile, kindness and good example.


Any Person who is looking to receive a quality education from teachers who truly care about you should consider Brigham Young University-Idaho. It is an amazing learning environment, full of friendly and helpful people. At this university you become proficient not only in your specific area, but you will learn life skills that will help you to succeed no matter what your field.


Someone who would really benefit from BYU is someone who wants to better their education aswell as gain a stronger bond with Jesus Christ in the process. The school has a very good program and try to base everything around the gospel of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. You are filled with the spirit of the lord at this school and can experience it with other students with the same morals. Also if you like outdoor activities and snow, BYUI is the place for you.


Someone who is willing to work hard but have fun too. Someone who has an open mind and loves the chance to meet new people. Someone who loves learning in the classroom but who takes their learning to a new level on their own. This school helps to train leaders in the real-world. Be ready to learn how to do just that.


A person that is not used to alot of people. That has to adapt to being around alot of people.


Those students who have high moral and academic standards thrive at Brigham Young University- Idaho. Students are expected to uphold high standards and adhere to an honor code. Aherence to the honor code as fostered a campus atmosphere where learning can be facilitated not only by professors but by your fellow classmates. It is a spectacular atmoshere for students who strive to be anxiously engaged in their education and want to be in the driver seat. Students who enjoy wholesome recreational activities can get involved in sports and others activities through the student based activities program.


A person who is willing to do there homework and focus on school, preferably LDS and enjoys attending church.


Whose who are looking for spiritual growth along with academic and social. If you are comfortable around highly religious people who enjoy life and love to give service and enjoy life then you will fit in here. Academic achievment is valued but is of considerably less importance than social life and campus and community involvement. If you are looking to be a person who can make a difference, a person who will stand out to an employer as a person rather than just as a employee, this is the school to attend.


A person that should attend this school is someone who is commited to living the priciples of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and they must also be a person who is ready to learn for themselves. We do a lot of preparation outside of class because of the learing model that we have been taught how to use.


This school is mostly for people who are LDS, but anybody who wants a good school can attend this school. Also this school is for poeple who want a good dress code, and honor code.


There are lots of opportunities to try new things. If you like to learn new sports, participate in outdoor adventures and be close to wonders like Yellowstone and the Tetons, then BYU-I is for you. A student leader, volunteer, service oriented person would love BYU-I. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in school activities and student leadership. A person who likes a small town feel with nature as their jungle gym would feel right at home.


Anyone who comes here is welcomed. Although it is a religious school, we do have some students from other denominations, and they are respected for their beliefs. People who are looking to feel peace and safety in a community quite secluded from the world?s issues will love this place. It is cold a lot, so if you like skiing or snowboarding it is paradise, but if not, you might want to reconsider seeing as we have had negative degrees in the last two months!


One who is devoted to education, and who wants to make the world a better place


The school is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so most people on campus are LDS. Someone interested in this school needs to be able to follow the guidelines and work hard. This school is really good for people who want to mix religious study with academic study.


People that attend this college should have some self-discipline and are willing to follow the rules. There are many rules at this school, but they are put in place for the students own good. They need to be hard workers and have an open mind.


Some one who is motivated and is ok with a mostly conservative student body. Somebody who doesn't mind living in a small town.


People that should attend this school are ones with good morals and values. It is a religous school so they have rules and guildlines that not a lot of schools have. They have curfew and a strict moral codes. This is definitly not a party school. Drinking and partying is not aloud. I think this are good guildlines because it really allows a student to focus on their studies and not have any distractions. They have fun activities students can go to, to meet new people and socialize. The campus is a little small but overall very nice!


I believe that someone who values their education and loves the quiet, small-town atmosphere would do really well at this school. It has many activities to offer, both on campus and in the surrounding area. The school itself is fairly small, and would best suit someone that prefers a more intimate school setting. It also would appeal more to those of the Latter Day Saint religion.


This school is for enthusiastic individuals that are eager to contribute and have a great experience while living a lifestyle of high standards.


Anyone who wants good friends, a good education, and professors that care about them.


I think a very conservative and religious individual would be happy here. It is a small community so if a person doesn't enjoy a small-town feel then they might not be comfortable here. They also have to like snow and cold winter weather!!


People who are looking for and are willing to work for a good, well priced education. Someone who is looking for being outdoors Rock Climbing, Snow Boarding, Hiking, Rafting, horse back riding as well as many other activities. Someone who is sure in there faith no matter what it may be and willing to make good choices.


Most of the students who attend this university are LDS, or mormon, though all students of any religion are welcome and encouraged who want to be enlightened and become a better person! The students who plan to attend this school should be ready to work hard academically, but also to have good, wholesome , clean fun as well; there is immense emphasis placed on living a happy and balanced life at this school, preparing students for a balanced and happy and long life in the future! No student can enter this school and leave as the same person!




Someone who understands and wants to follow the honor code as a higher set of standards. Someone looking to gain a unique education through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.