Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students just looking to party should not attend this school. It is a religious school with very high standards and a strict honor code.


College CAN be a waste of time and money if you don’t take it seriously. Excuses to not try come so easily – the topic is boring, the teacher is even more boring, no one else is listening, this information will never be useful. No matter the teacher, the class size, the subject, education taken seriously is never a waste. If you can take something uninteresting and focus on it anyway the result is an attitude that will make you a more productive worker. BYU-I is a fantastic school for anyone who is willing to work hard.


Someone who doesn't work hard.


people that are not interested in learning


If you cannot stick to a cerfew and follow rules or guidlines BYUI would be a very difficult school to go to. It is a very religious atmosphere so if you arenot comfortable with prayer or talk of God you will not enjoy school here.


People who get restless or bored easily, or who are looking for a place with a lot of entertainment probably wouldn't want to come here as Rexburg has a very limited amount of things to do, and the closest place where there are actually things to do is Idaho Falls, 30 minutes away.


Someone who likes to party and break the rules! If you aren't willing to abide by the rules set up by the school, it's not going to be a very good time.


If you are against religion this is not a school for you. Every class is started with a prayer and sometimes even a song.


People who want sunshine and to party.


Some one who is an aetheist would not be comfortable in this school as it is a highly religious campus. Nearly every class tries to tie the subject being learned back to the gospel.


Anyone who doesn't like to follow rules would be a poor candidate for this school. They have very high standards for their students regarding their dress, grooming and even lifestyle. I appreciate that about the school because it helps me to focus on what I need to do to present myself to future employers and clients after graduation.


Some think that there out to get a hubsand or wife but I am out too get eductuion!


Anyone who is looking for a party school or who wants degree that the school doesn't offer.


If you like to party, this isn't the school for you. If you don't do well with following rules, then this is not the school you should think about attending.


The kind of person who should not attend this school is the one who feels himself above rules.


Everyone at the campus is very kind to one another, however it is a very small town without a lot to do if you are not interested in the outdoors. If you need to be around a lot of stores or entertainment involving a city or suburban area this is not the right school for you.


A person who is not organized should not attend the University of Phoenix Online. In order to be successful here, one needs to be able to plan one's time (to include class, home/family and work) to adequately allow for the rapid pace of assignment due dates. If one is not organized and aware of their time, then one will not be able to succeed at the University of Phoenix Online.


Anyone looking for a great place to learn while still having fun


Someone who is dishonest or who does not like to obey rules. Here at BYU-I we have a lot of rules that other colleges do not since it is a private university. There is curfew at midnight, no camping with the opposite sex, no co-ed dorms, etc. A person who does not like those type of rules should not attend. Also modesty is required and a lot of the summer clothes are not acceptable for wear. Men are not allowed to have beards only a well trimmed mustache.


A person that is focused on getting an education first and partying not at all. At BYU-I students live according to a strict honor code system. This helps keep the campus calm so that students learn more while stressing less.


Anyone who doesn't like Mormons or the cold should not attend here. The people here are a ton of fun but a vast majority are deeply religious and will not particapate in drinking or drugs. Its a great place to make friends and have good clean fun, but if you are into a wild nightlife than this school will not float your boat. They have a curfew and an honor code they expect every student to live by, so if you are a hardcore partier than I can guarantee you this is not your school.


Any lazy person who is not very serious about college and really getting a degree and who doesn't like to do the homework (even when it's practically nothing) should not attend this school.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school would be someone who doesn't like boundries and rules. Of course everyone is welcome at Brigham Young University Idaho. Here we follow an honor code that we believe helps us create an atmosphere for better learning. But if someone is a little more rebellious and wants a party school, this is not the place for them. Its a very conservative campus with very conservative rules. If you do not follow these rules, then of course you will be kicked out.


A non-Mormon should not attend this school. Neither should anyone who has opinions or a strong desire to pursue a challenging education outside of the Mormon church. It is more of a monastary than a school- too much emphasis is placed on religion and following petty rules and not enough on school and learning.


BYU-Idaho isn't for those who don't like rules. BYU-I sets forth in the Honor Code a different lifestyle that most teenagers aren't accustomed to living; unless one does well with change and structure, this would not be the school for them. People that enjoy breaking rules probably shouldn't attend. People that hate cold weather also shouldn't attend, Rexburg is very, very cold. If people don't want to be in a place where religion is deeply rooted in the course work, BYU-I isn't the place for them.


BYU-Idaho has a very strict and student code. There is no participating in drugs, alcohol, and there is also a very strict curfew of 12 AM Saturday through Thursday and Fridays curfew is at 1 AM. We also follow a dress and grooming standard. No flip-flops,skirt above the knee, tank top, and boys also have to have a clean shave when attending BYU-Idaho. So with this strict student code, I would say people who wouldn't be willing to follow these rules should not attend this University.


People who don't like to be a part of a spirtual atmoshere all of the time, because at this college you are always surrounded by a "Spirit of Ricks" as we call it. Also those people that like to do drugs and go to those sorts of parties would have a hard time at this university. I think this college is for people who are serious about their future career and who they are to become in the future.


A person with high moral standards and a devotion for learning both spiritual and secular knowledge should attend this school.


Someone who is extremely liberal and someone who is looking for a real college campus experience. Duquesne is located in a city so most students party in bars rather than frat houses. Also, we have a rather small sports program, so there are no tailgates for games.


Someone who is not willing to live according to high moral standards should not attend BYU Idaho. I would also advise anyone who is not serious about school, and is only attending a university for the party scene, to look into another university.


A person that is not going to take school and there education serious and as a top priority. A person that is not going to abide by the honor code and rules of the university. A person who will not follow strict dresscode policy.


To all of you late-night partyers, drinkers, smokers, and rebels: Stay away! This school is very competitive and serious about their standards as well. Classloads are very heavy and missing assignments are unacceptable and will hurt you grade quickly. Teachers are not very forgiving if you miss class due to a hangover or a rough night; most teachers have an attendance policy that also affects your grade. In a nutshell, this school is not for the faint of heart when it comes to hard work, nor the unorganized and irresponsible.


Someone who does not want to learn, develop meaningful friendships, or work with a will to not only win, but to come out victorious with a group. The school encourages group activity, and from the group work the individuals who attend the school are able to bounce ideas off of each other and gain a braoder perspective. Those individuals who are looking for a quick way to get a college degree will not be the best students for this school, because those who come are often encouraged to become a well-rounded individual supportive of a group.


Someone who is going to college simply to party and waste their time


Anyone with a rebelious, party personality! There is a strict honor code that you must follow to attend BYU-I and you won't have any fun at all trying to get around the rules. If you want to party, go to a party school!


The kind of person that shoudl not apply here is someone who doesn't believe in God, a person who loves to party all the time, drink or do any type of drug. This is a very laid back college, except when it comes down to morals and keeping them. You need to be on your best behavior and not very obnoxious.


The kind of person that should attend this school who wishs to drink or smoke and who does not want to dress modestly.


Anyone who is wanting college to be all about partying should not come to this school. We are a religion based school with a lot of standards that would not involve any kind of alcohol intake , drug use or immorality.


People without morals, aka those who drink and mess with drugs.


Someone who is unwilling to accept or try to understand people who are different from them should stay far away from my school, although much of the student population is mormon we observe our religion in vastly different ways. Someone who wants to party more than study would also be very uncomfortable in this setting. Anyone who intends to be a social hermit might also be rather uncomfortable in this atmosphere, the social involvement aspect of student life is very stressed and we are often encouraged to study together and spend time with other students rather than be alone.


Someone that is not willing to obey the school's honor code.


a partier or someone who is not respectful of others


Anyone who has trouble obeying rules should not attend. We have a curfew, dress code, hair restrictions, all of that. We have to sign a honor code to attend here, and if you sign it and are not willing to obey it you won't last. Also, if you aren't willing to go to church then you won't be allowed to come back. If you are very liberal you won't fit in and will have kind of a hard time.


bad persons


Anyone who can't cope with a conservative/religious environment, the cynical or negative, and anyone who's after a huge school with an exciting campus and lots to do --- we make our own fun around here.


A very liberal person or someone who enjoys to go out and drink. The majority of students up here are LDS/Mormon and as such the Mormon values are followed at school. Someone who is extremely liberal may see this as everyone is being close minded. Most students up here do not drink and you can actually get in big trouble with the school so if you want to go to drinking parties then good luck finding them up here!