Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is having each teacher give you work like their class is the only one you should be taking or care about. I am sure this is common in most Universities though.


Although I have a great love for Brigham Young University Idaho and their high standards, the most frustrating thing is the strict dress code that prohibits capris, shorts, or flip flops. I understand the desire for the students on campus to look professional, however in the warm summer months, it is hard to feel comfortable while in jeans.


While the atmosphere is great and the opportunities plenty, sometimes the culture can be frustrating. There can sometimes be a high pressure to be "perfect" in a sense. You are expected to married before the age of 24 as a woman and usually far before. Of course these are just stereotypes but as a 21 year old student, I sometimes talk to people who put a ticking time bomb over my head of when I will cross over the threshold of single for life


The most frustrating thing about this school has nothing to do with the academic scene but more on the social scene. Sometimes the weekends can be a bit dry but if you can make friends easily, you won't have that big of a problem!


It's cold. When it snows it doesn't melt for six months.


I hate that I go to school from September to December and then April to July, becuase BYU, ID has a weird track system. I also dislike that there are waiting lists for almost every class.


Although there is a wdie range of diversity, people often allow group think to dominate. It is common for people to be more concerned about being "nice" than being real.


The school it's self is not really frustrating. But the weather here is super frustrating! It doesn't matter what season it's supposed to be, Rexburg can't decide what season it wants to be. Seome times it snows during spring semester, and the next day it could jump up to 100 degrees.


The most frustrating thing about attending Brigham Young University, Idaho is the fact that the campus is in the small town of Rexburg that seems very far away from "civilization". This fores studnts to be creative when finding activities to entertain themselves. This is both a good and a frustrating thing. There are many outdoor activities to be involved in, but not much else inside of the 3 hour drive to Salt Lake City, UT. Impacting these frustrations is the fact that it is very cold and snowy in the winter.


there is no room in rexburg and the housing is spendy


The only frustrating thing about this school would just be the fact that we are not allowed to wear capris or flip flops around campus.


There literally are no frustrations with this school. I love being here socially and academically. I do not feel out of place at all and an in a very friendly and caring environment.


I find that there is nothing that I find frustrating about Brigham Young University- Idaho. There is help everywhere and if you ever do need time to relax there is always something going on. There is a tutoring center and writting center to help with papers and there is also a counseling center and a clinic. If you ever need help the teacher is always happy to help and you can email them your questions. There is always help.


I loved the school, but was frustrated and considered transferring when I couldn't find my top-choice program offered at the school.


Busy work teachers assign that serve no purpose other than to fill time.


The most frustrating thing about my school is probably the construction that's been going on for quite some time now. It's just hard to get around it and sometimes it makes it hard to study, but I know that the expansion is good for the school.


The pressure to get married is super intense. Every church meeting you go to, there will always be comments made about dating and getting married. Remember why you go to school. It's not to get married. As long as you maintain that focus and try not to get sucked into the feelings of inadequecy because you're not in a relationship, or you're not engaged, or you're not married, everything will be just fine. Focus on school.


uphill both ways, cold winters


One thing that is a little bit frustrating right now is that our school is going through a revision on the requirements to graduate. The only reason why this is frustrating is that I wish I would have been here after the revisions were made, because I think the new system is going to be wonderful.


It is frustrating that most of our eateries on campus close so early, and also that we are not able to get public bussing for free like other pittsburgh universities. Also, since the school is catholic, we have too many rules that govern the student body that coincide with religion, such as no opposite sex students are allowed in dormitories after 2 a.m.


Honestly, it is a little hard to work with as far as housing, tranferring credits, and things like that.


The most frustrating thing to me about this school is it doesn?t have collegiate sports. I think it would have been fun to be able to attend games and show school spirit and associate with students through those activities.


For me, the most frustrating thing about BYUI is the lack of outside people that come to present opportunities for work and internships. Not very many companies come to this campus to recruit.


It's a lot like high school with the classes and all. They make attendance worth a lot of points and if you miss like 3 classes you get moved down a letter grade. This is college and you shouldn't be forced to go to school. Just the material and how some classes are conducted, it's very high school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the dress code; its pretty strict, however, there are good reasons for the dress code, so I respected it.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is the dresscode policy, because during the summer its hard to have to wear long pants every day.


It has a 4 track system an only allows you to be enrolled in 2. So right now I would love to be enrolled in the winter semester, but I can't.


It is considered a "walking campus" which means you can walk one end to the other in about 15 minutes. It is very nice to have everything so close together, however, parking is limited for the same reason. If, for some reason, you have to drive to school, it is difficult to find a good parking spot sometimes.


That we only have intermural sports , not competitive sports like other universities.


Since the school wants to give as many people as possible the opportunity to get an education, there is a cap on credits. A student cannot get more than 140 credits at the school which can be a problem if the student does not have the right classes to get a degree. It sometimes seems like the school is trying to rush students through.


Realizing that the classes I took were too much. I made a hard mix.


The third floor of the library is a social hall and does not provide a very effective place to study.


As a religious school we do have a lot of regulations, however they are rules that most of us have grown up with anyways. I think one of the more frustrating things here is that we have people in the apartment complex you live in who are supposed to "check up" on you and make sure you are in your apartment by curfew. I realize why this is and can respect it but at the same time i would like a little more free agency.


It is very conservative, which at most times is alright, but there are a few times when I would like people to be a little less conservative.


Some students at this school get frustrated with the sometimes overwhelming emphasis placed on marriage. Most students at the school desire to date and get married, but get frustrated when reminders are ever prevalent and all around; they feel they are being reprimanded when they are doing their best.




A lot of conservative mormons are really closed minded.


The winters are awful.


The school puts a lot of pressure on marriage, being a church school this is understandable but they do put a little to much on it. Another frustrating thing about the school is living the honor code, it should be on your honor but they cheeck up on you to make sure you are always living accordingly


The most frustrating thing about my school is that not everyone really knows what all is available to them, such as printing places on campus. The university needs to be more informative when it comes to resources available to the students.


There are very stirict rules regarding dress and grooming oncampus. They are very strict about this


Students are only allowed to take 140 credits before they have to request permission to continue to study at the school


there are so many extracurriculars, you don't know where to start! But they are all great!


Many of the first time students are very inexperienced and naive. They don't really want to do the homework or follow the school regulations.


we're kind of out in the middle of no where! it takes money to get anywhere.


The management for off-campus housing isn't on top of things and doesn't respond ontime.


We run a 12-14 week semester, which is two weeks shorter than average and that makes the academic par tof this school very competitive and very difficult. There is not very much time for extracurricular activities.


There's not really anything at this school that fruastrates me, so I would have to say maybe the cold because its winter 8-9 months out of the year here.


It seems as if the workload is too much at times. It is near to impossible to find a job. Some of the teachers are just focused on themselves rather than helping a student.


that everyone is the same religion so some people cant express their true selves because of being judged by the people around them. And the very strict rules. It doesnt feel like college