Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


People at this scholl are extremly conservative and scared of people with ideas that are different thatn theirs. I am a very liberal person who is outgoing and always open to different ideas.


Prior to attending Brigham Young University-Idaho I wish I had been aware of the available options for recieving assistance with choosing a major and developing a graduation plan. Using the sources here to pinpoint an appropriate major for my career goals would have removed much of the stress that came when trying to make that decision. In addition, making use of the graduation planner would have made choosing appropriate classes easier, and given me a better idea of where my schooling would take me.


This university is one that encourages tou to be very involved. I wish that I had participated in more social events in high to prepare me for all the events that this place has to offer. Another thing that I wish I had known is where everything was. Preperation is something that is very important for me. A tour of the campus would've help me feel more prepared as to where I needed to go for each of my classes.


I wish I had known how to study better. Study skills are incredibly important in achieving your goals. Luckily, my teachers and roommates are great at helping me stay on track, and refine my study skills.


I really wish I had better integrated myself with the social aspect of the experience. Each day I see students who are shy, quiet and not at all outgoing. I was one of these students. I showed up for class, did the work and graduated - not much more. Knowing what I know now, I would be more outgoing, more open, more talkative and have a stronger desire to be more friendly and approachable with my peers. It would have made an incredible impact on my social attitute.


The campus is located on a hill and there is no sort of transportation system unless you live at specific school owned apartments, so getting to the grocery story can be hard. It is a small town though so getting around on foot or by bike isn't that bad. When you go to the grocery store, go to Harmon's instead of Walmart because it is closer, so less of a walk.


What I wish I had known before coming to this school is the fact that it would be very difficult to feel comfortable in such a different atmosphere. This school is very beautiful in all of its righteous endeavors; however, it is a tense situation when you do not know what everyone else knows and this makes you feel lost. People here quote Bible scriptures during math class and sing hymns before English class, and it can be difficult to keep up with everyone when you have no idea what is going on.


I have known my whole life what school I wanted to attend, so I was prepaired for what I needed to do.


I wish I would have realized how many ways I could have gotten involved in the outside of school activities. BYU-Idaho offers so many fun and different experiences, and I was too scared to try most of them my first semester. But, once I started getting more involved my 2nd semester, I loved it here a million times more than I did my first semester...and that's saying a lot.


I wish ihad been better prepared to take studying seriously, and to not procrastinate. It also would have been nice to have better planned living on my own.


I wish I would have known more abotu preparing beforehand for college in general. Nothing in particular about BYU-Idaho, is there that I wish I had known. I hope you each will prepare in all aspects of your life. There is a lot to learn and be prepared for--the more you know the better our experience will be.


I wish I had known how much the professors would care about me on a personal level, how kind and welcoming the students were, and how many wonderful opportunities it offers to students with different interests. How the burden of living on my own would be made light by so many willing to assist me in the learning process, and that independence and college is the best time in life. More than anything I wish I had known how much I wouldn't want to leave during my break semester so that I could've afforded to stay.


I wish I had know what to expect. Because before I left all I knew about college I had seen in movies but when i got here it was way different than the movies portrayed whcih is good I like it this way better.


I wish I knew how cold it would have been. Other than that I loved everything about BYU Idaho


I knew everything that I needed to. Just look at the website, it's very helpful.


I wish I knew of the problems with all of the online systems. It crashes all the time. Unfortunately, most of the teachers have their students submit their work online. This creates problems throughout the week. It is worst during admissions, mid-terms, and finals weeks. 17,000 kids are turning in all of their papers, and the system just can't handle it.


The college prepares you well there really isn't anything I would add to my pre-college knowledge.


Before I came to Brigham Young University Idaho I wish I knew how much support and caring I would have from my teachers and classmates. I wish I had known what a friendly enviroment it is and how easy it would be to fit in so I didn't spend so much time worrying.


I wish I had known the best way to plan your schedule. It is very cold in Rexburg making it harder to get up so early and make it to class. Also I wish I would have none more what major to pick.




Honestly, I can't think of anything that I wish I would have known. I took a tour of the campus here a couple years before attending, and I completely fell in love with it.


I wish I should have known how much studying I was going to need to put in for certain classes so that I could have been more prepared. I also wish that I would have known how to effectively schedule my time so that I could include all my studying, homework, and classes with enough personal time and social time.


I wish I had known how to manage money and plan the classes I would need to take before attending.


I wish that I would have known what career I would like to have before I started so that I could have done more core classes mixed with general courses. Upper division science classes tend to carry with them a big work-load, it is difficult sometimes.


I wish I had known to bring a bike. The campus is set on a hill and getting to class is a hike. It also gets really cold here. I was not prepared in my wardrobe for this kind of weather. One morning it was so cold that my breath was freezing my hair to my coat.


I wish I had known how invaluable a college education is. I didn't have a grasp on that fact as I do now. I wish I had known how very difficult the struggles that come with being a "starving college student" would be; and all of the sacrifice that that entails. And I wish I had known how perfectly worth it it all is in the end. Because a college education enables you with the power needed to survive and and even thrive in the real world. The power known as knowledge. I wish I had known all that.


I wish I would have known how stressful college can be, especially money wise. Once I got to school I had to find a job that would allow me to work around my crazy class schedule. I finally found a job on campus that was amazing; I wish that I would have been able to find it sooner to help out with saving money for groceries and the rest of my schooling.


I wish that I had known just how important high school classes could be as a springboard for my classes now. If I would have tried harder in high school, I think my understanding of my classes in college would be much better.


where the best housing was


I wish I would have had the experiance of budgeting my money. I know how to budget money -I did in high school. I just didn't have the experiance of using a budget effectivly and tailoring it to my own needs. There are a lot of cultural activities at this school that inexpensive (2-5 dallors) but when you add it all up it can take a toll on your funds.


I grew up in the town where the school is located so I had a general knowledge of what it was like. One thing I wish I would of understood was how much AP courses in high school can help you succeed in college and give you a head start.


I wish I had known to relax and have fun. Get involved in the activities, make friends. Use the resources available. Equally important to having fun is studying. Be on top of your projects and papers. The professors are always ready and willing to help.


I wish I had known how cold it can get!!!


I wish I would have know how exciting and fulfilling learning can be. I have come to find that learning makes me stronger, happier, and really a better person in general, than I might've been without it. I now care about something I only wish I had before. Had I have been this excited about learning before I came to school, I could've done so much more. I would have better study habits, greater experience, and a better attitude towards important things in my life. I can't go back but I will do what I can now!


I wish that I had known what a great responsiblity it is to get an education to prepare for our future lives as mothers, fathers, providers, community members, and teachers.


I wish I could look back and think to myself, "You did great! You knew everything you needed to know!" However, I didn't know what to expect from teachers and fellow students. I wish I had known not to be afraid of change. Embrace what comes your way and don't hold back. Be yourself wherever you go.


I wish I would have known involvement, meaning what the school was like.


I wish I would have known more about all the service, leadership, society and extra-curricular opportunities. I would have been more involoved ealier on in my schooling. There are many oppotunities to build up a resume for graduate school.


That actually going to classes is INCREDIBLY helpful and makes the daunting tasks of finals a joyfully easy activity!


I wish that I had known how to study better. In high school it seems that students have no real desire nor need to really be interested in their classes. They only have to learn to pass. But in college, a student is more likely to enoy and understand what they learn.


The snowy winters last from October to early May and it's extremely cold!


I wish I had learned more in high school. My writing skills were not developed very well, and I wish that I would have worked on that more. I also wish that I had known what major I wanted to get into before I went to college.


The winter is really cold! Bundle up.


How hard it is to have a thriving, bohemian arts community at a small religious school.


That the school would run a 12 week semester.


I would have liked to known how to manage my class schedule better because as a new student you sign up for classes all over the place and it can be stressful if you aren't ready for it. Time is an important part of being a student and it would have been nice to manage that better during my first semester.


what i want to do


I wish I would have known more about the education process. On my campus teachers are really focused on students teaching other students, and I really like this method because it helps me to learn better because I get to teach other students what I know.


How to study effectively and proper time managment.


While there's not much that I complain about, there are a few things I wish I'd known about beforehand. For example, the various programs that were available. Granted I didn't discover what I field I wanted to go into until after I arrived, I still wished I had been more informed about that (this is mostly my fault though). I also wished I understood the reality of the unequal ratios of single men and women. There are not as many single men as there are single women.