Brigham Young University-Idaho Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Brigham Young University Idaho is the natural positive and welcoming spirit that fills campus. I feel that the campus is not only physically beautful, but it has a feeling of happiness regardless of where you may be. Students and faculty all seem to radiate this joy and this university quickly can feel like home because of it.


I definitely feel a spirit of trust, care and love here. I feel supported in what I do to stay morally straight and I really appreciate how all of the professors try to know and communicate with each student. I heard about this all the time before coming up here and brushed it off but now that I am here, I can feel that this is a community that should not be taken for granted.


The best thing about BYU-I is the staff. All of the teachers are friendly, and involved in making certain that you, their student, do the best you can and reach new hights. They also love what they do.


The spirit found on campus.


Being surrounded by people that have the same standards as I do.


The cost vs. quality of education. The tuition is subsidized by the church it is run by which makes it much more affordable for both members and nonmembers fo the LDS church. It also has very experienced and dedicated teachers who spend time with students and help them to receive the best education possible. They do expect students to do their part and take their education seriously and not waste time.


The best thing about this school is what you recieve for the price. It is affordable, and accredited.


I think the best thing about our school is that it is a religous college so there is very little drinking, drugs and sleeping around. They also have a huge online community where they have students from all over the world getting an education for very little cost. The school requires high standards. The tuition is very low, only about $4000 a year, so it gives many people an opportunity to get an education and not go into a ton of debt.


Everyone on this campus are so friendly. People help you out with whatever you need, and don't hesitate to help. And there is always funs things happening around campus. No excuse to say you're bored because there is so much always happening.


The best thing about Brigham Young University Idaho is the friendly atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly! It doesn’t matter if you are walking to class, going to the grocery store, or having a horrible day, people will greet you with a smile, say hello, or strike up a conversation. The friendliness doesn’t stop with the students; the faculty really loves their students and wants them to succeed. The faculty go out of their way to make themselves available to their students outside of class. The atmosphere is so friendly that it provides the perfect learning environment.


Honors Program


The school is not a place for partying, but rather it has been set up as a place for learning.


I love the atmoshpere on campus. I haven't taken any classes there yet, but just being on campus I feel that I am right where I belong and I can't wait to start my classes!


I love the spirit that you can feel at BYU-Idaho. Everyone there lives by the same morals and values that I believe in. Because most students are Mormon, it is easy to relate to people who were raised the same way you were. There is no peer pressure to try drugs, alcohol, or engage in pre-marital sex because everyone is devoted to living by The Honor Code. There is also an LDS temple within walking distance of the campus.


I'm comfortable in the environment


The best thing about BYUI would be the feeling that is on campus. It's different than any other school campus you will attend. You could just walk by someone you've never seen before and both be smiling at each other. Everyone is on your side and for your cause, and because of that it is so easy to find friends and the help you need with anything. Getting involved with everything really helps you get to know people and enjoy being up there. Getting around is SO easy as well because the campus is so small.


I would consider the best thing about Brigham Young University-Idaho would be the spirit on campus. Not only the school spirit but also the Holy Spirit. I have enjoyed feeling the companionship of the Holy Ghost in all that I do, and I feel that I am doing what I am suppose to. You will love the environment here and there is so much available to the students in attendance.


The best thing about BYU-I is the quality of th education for it's price.


The best thing about this school is the fact that it is very religious, and every one there shares the same moral values.


The best thing about Brigham Young University-Idaho, is that everyone has the same religious background as you do. They have the same values as you and everyone loves everyone no matter what. The environment up here is just outstanding, and words can not express the spirit that you feel here. You can learn so much about other cultures as well as learning about other people's backgrounds.


It has a really good atmosphere because of the Honor Code and the LDS based standards of the school.


Mostly everyone at my school has at least one thing in common. Religion.


There is a positive outlook on things and a greater sense of balance to life than in most universities which I have visited or which friends attend. There isn't any particular pressure to succeed academically, but the "pressure" is focused on building a foundation for successful living in all areas of life: career, academic, family, social, and health.


I love the atmosphere on campus, and the spirit of the students.


The best thing here is the unity. Unity between students, faculty and administration. Unity allows for students to become the best they can be.


The facilities. (ex: clean study areas, clean campus, abundance of resources and computers, etc)


There are teachers that make you feel really comfortable in class and really listen to you when you talk. They take into consideration how much you need to learn and listen to what you want to get out of the class. They will do anything they can to make sure you pass the class and learn what you need to learn.


The professors. They really know what they are talking about, and even when they don't, they know who does. They are attentive, sensitive, funny, and take what they do very seriously. They enjoy learning as much as the students do (sometimes even more). They work vey closely with students and student organizations. In my experience, they have responded quickly to any email, and, though a bit intimidating, are always direct and friendly. They come from all over, with skills way beyond what one would expect at school this size. The cream of the crop, I would say.


The best thing about this school would definately be the atmosphere. It is so peaceful and stress free, everyone is there to help everyone else, it is set up so easy to meet others. its way fun!


I consider the best thing about my school the opportunity for learning and growth. All graduates get placed in good jobs and in the fields they have been studying. The learning model that we have here was brought over and adapted by President Kim B. Clark who was the dean of Harvard business before coming here. Learning takes place inside and outside of the classroom.


The student involvement is great. I'm not great at making new friends, but with FHE groups and constant activities with the people around you, the interaction makes it way easier to make good friends that you'll see all the time on and off campus. Coming home when I was off track was hard because I knew I would miss all the friends I had spent 8 months making. I cannot wait to go back!


The best thing about the college I go to is that the other students are so kind! There have been so many times when I have had someone say hi to me, and I had never even seen them! It is so easy to make new friends; I have something in common with most everyone on campus!


The best thing about BYU-I is the friendly atmoshere. You can ask any random person on campus anything and I guarentee that they will try to help you in the best possible way. You walk around campus and all you see is smiles. You always feel like you belong there no matter where you're from or what status of student you are. People who visit always comment on how their is a different feeling or atmosphere about this university and it's all due to the standards that are expected of us.


The friendliness of my proffesors and fellow students is the best thing about my school. Everyone here is so willing to help and teach others. They will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable or to help you with a math problem. It just makes the whole campus feel great!


I love how to campus isn't extremely large. It is quite easy to walk from one end of campus to another, this way you don't have to have a car while going to school. I also really like the wonderful professors that teach at Brigham Young University - Idaho; they are all very nice and willing to help you whenever you ask for help. The students on campus are very nice and kind to everyone; this helps you to feel accepted easily and you aren't afraid to ask anyone for help.


The best thing about my school is the companionship and the spirit on campus. Everyone is friendly and helpful, even to complete strangers. You can have a conversation with someone simply because you're walking in the same direction; people you don't know say hi to you as they pass you in buildings. Almost everyone is happy to be attending the school and feels grateful for the opportunity to get a great education.


The standard of morality at a religious institution such as Byu-I sets a tone for what is the purose of a higher education. Learning and channeling study skills is an easy task as distractions are cut in half as students choose to put their education first.


The small, friendly environment. There's no pressure to do anything I don't want to. There's more to do here than I thought there was and I can have a good education and have fun in a clean environment where people have high standards.


I think the best thing about my school is the atmosphere of friendship and acceptance that there is. Most students at my school, I have found, have very different political views than me, but I have rarely felt like I couldn't share my opinions. Whenever I do get into a political discussion, I have been pleasantly surprised at how understanding they are with my views, and how ready I am to find similarities in our differing opinions. I have learned so much just by talking to my peers about issues that are important to me, and I love it.


The best thing about BYUI is the campus environment. There is a spirit of anticipation and determination, and everyone is there to support one another in their efforts. One always feels safe on and around the campus, but it's hardly a boring place. There is plenty of fun to be had all over the region. The campus and surrounding town of Rexburg is clean and orderly and once again, everyone feels safe and secure as they enjoy their classes, the social scene, and their devotion to Christ and His church.


The relationships built between the students. With it being a religious school, we have more students who are more focused, causing a more effective learning environment. We do not have to worry about hazing or ridiculous party scandals. There is so much love between the students, it is almost shocking! Everyone seems to get along, and we help each other if one is in need. For example, my roommate did not know if she could afford housing for the next semester. When our classmates found out about this we all chipped in for her to stay.


The schools environment and atmosphere is the best thing. I love being able to go to class with students who want to learn and are dedicated. There is a code of conduct that all students must abide by and it really helps with keeping the students and campus safe. I never see drinking, smoking. or any immoral behavior. I feel safe here at this school.


The best thing is the atmosphere. There's a spirit on campus that everyone can feel. That spirit brings unity, friendliness, and welcomeness for everyone. No one is left behind and students try to care for one another. In one sense, we feel we are being prepared for great callings in life and that brings much happiness to the life at BYU-Idaho. It's why I absolutely love my school. We're not only students receiving an education, but we're learning how to be a family and active citizens in our community.


I think the spirit here is the best thing because it a very religion oriented school. I do not drink and don't like being around it either so BYU-Idaho is the perfect place for me to be because this school has very strong values and standards for its students. I love having fun and hanging out with friends and enjoying the outdoors but in a safe environement with high standards.


The best thing about BYU is the consistency in the teaching. Most teachers seem to want us to succeed but they don't make it easy. They want us to have to struggle a little in order to gain maximum retention in our subject matters.


Most everyone shares the same values and lifestlyle on campus. The rules on campus for the students reflect those same standards and though some may feel they are restricting I like them becasue they encourage us to be professional and clean. Drug use isn't allowed which is nice because everyone comes sober and ready to learn each day. The rules are in place to proctect the students and to provide a clean, safe, wholesome environment in which to learn.


The best thing about my school is the spirit. Everyone that is part of this school is kind and considerate including the teachers. We all look out for each other. This school makes me feel like I am part of one giant family. This is a hard-working, caring school that emphasizes happiness, learning, and improvement to every individual. Very seldom is there feeling of sorrow or despair. People on campus, people in class, and people in the apartment are always there to make you smile and give you hope!


Since Brigham Young University - Idaho is mostly LDS population it is nice knowing that almost everyone has the same standards. The way we dress, speak, and behave makes a wonderful environment on and off campus.


The best and worst thing about my school is the same. It is great to be in a religious environment. While in class, the teaching of history is correlated to the gospel. It?s a completely different style of learning than I am used it. Everyone around you believes in the same thing and has the same morals and standards. We uplift each other and make each other better.


The best thing about my school is that it is a private religious school. I love this because it gives me the opportunity to be with so many other people of my own faith which I have never before had the chance to experience.