Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The best and brightest of them all. They are good honorable and friendly people who want to do what is right and to set up a bright future for themselves and their families.


Students are mostly members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints (LDS/Mormon). Most students wear modest clothing and dressed professionally. Students come from all sorts of financial backgrounds as tuition is affordable and subsidized by the Church.


We are all headed on the same path of aquiring knowledge, some of us are very determined to get there quickly.


Though over 90 percent of them were Mormon, you would not find a more diverse and interesting group of people anywhere else.


My classmates are all very supportive of one another and very genuine, well rounded people. I have never had someone be flat out rude to me in class or on campus. Mot of them are very driven and a little healthy competition helps everyone to do their very best. Everyone is very social and accepting of others, even when they do not share the same Mormon values (contrary to popular belief Mormons are very accepting of other religions).


The students here are eager to learn, and eager to make friends.


BYU's student body is primarily made up of nice people who are: sexually frustrated, intellectually vapid, religious zealots who are not ready for academia or real life because their focus is limited to fulfilling Mormon cultural goals, such as marriage and promoting the religion.


NIce, helpful


As a student at BYU, I have noticed that my peers love deeply, are passionate about life and know better than anyone else how to do crazy, stupid and incredibly fun things without the influence of anything other than energy and chocolate milk.


My classmates are so friendly! If you are willing to talk and get to know them, then they will take the time to talk and get to know you. If you don't want to talk, they can usually tell and don't typically bother you. If you do, they are drawn to you and you can really make some good friends in the classroom. Which helps for study groups while preparing for exams!


My classmates are the best classmates that I could ask for, focused on their intellectual and career pursuits but, coming from a common religious background, they also realize the importance of having satisfaction in life.


The students at my school are generally trying to be better people. I am amazed everyday at the drive and dedication to education of the students at BYU. They all look sharp too. They're clean cut and and modest. They look professional and I like that. The library is always filled up with students who are striving to reach their potential. People here take their education seriously.


I love my classmates because, due to BYU's honor code, it promotes an enviroment where people with my same values will thrive.


My classmates are well-rounded, academically talented individuals who are motivated and strive to do their best.


My classmates are diverse, focused, driven, and goal-oriented with their respective education, profession, self-developement, family life, and religious activity.


Focused, friendly and driven.


Everyone here has brilliant minds, is eager to learn, and works hard to earn good grades; people want to be here.


My classmates were a fairly healthy mix, as there were some religious, some more free-thinking, and it often varied from class to class; if there is a particular clique or demographic one wants to hang out with, one can find them if they look hard enough.


My classmates are friendly people who share the same belief system as I do; depending on the class, they also share the same academic drive.


All my classmates are extemely smart.


I am a relatively shy person, and at such a large university I have a hard time getting to know my classmates but from my limited observations they are mostly energetic, spiritual, and kind.


My classmates are friendly and nice. They are competitive with school work. I feel like they are sometimes out to be the best, and sometimes clique-ish. Others are not like this thought and are super helpful and kind. If you are used to being a big fish in the smaller pond, BYU is a place where there are tons of fish. I felt like I went from being a big fish to being a tiny guppie in a giant pond. Once you find your place, then you are fine.


All of my classmates are respectful, creating an environment where all students are welcome to share their opinions.


Upbeat, good humored and studious.


My classmates were like-minded, professional, responsible, fun and smart.


Females trying to turn their lives around by taking control of their education.


Mature people who know where they want to go in life.


The people at BYU are very kind and extremely honest, you can lose your wallet and find it sitting in the same place the next day. They are a people of high integrity, high enthusiasm and high ambition.


My classmates are the kind of people that are your friends whether they know you or not; they're quirky, studious, and can throw a party where friendships are made, fun times are had, and spirits are uplifted--where no one winds up doing something they'd regret in the morning.


courtesy cheerful and lovable people.


My classmates are intelligent, driven, and consistently show a desire to keep their lives clean from immorality and other influences that limit their ability to choose for themselves later in life (ex. drug/alcohol)


Everyone is focued on school and living good lives. There is rarely a time that you are tempted to do anything wrong. Depending on the class, classmates can be helpful or unhelpful.


White Mormon kids from California who don't necessarily know a ton about the real world.


My classmates are young people that have worked hard to be where they are, the majority of the students are friendly, helpful, studious, and fun.


Many of the classmates are various studious, friendly and love meeting people.


My classmates are kind and friendly people dedicated to learning and to being their best selves.


Most students at the school are friendly and helpful. Although classes are very competitive, you can always find many people to help you out with your school work. There are a lot of over achievers at this school.


The students at BYU are full of light, optimism, and fun.


Mostly white, conservatitve Mormons. But, there is diversity when you know where to look.


My classmates are a group of highly intelligent, talented individuals with determination and dreams they are bound to accomplish.


The students at Brigham Young University are truly unique. You won't find a happier group of students anywhere. Walking on campus, everyone smiles at each others, students yell hello back and forth, or talk and laugh in large groups. But more than just being friends, the students here truly care about each other and go out of their way to help each other. Campus food drives and blood drives are always a success. People have said that the students at BYU have a glow about them, and I definitely know that is true!


My classmates were people, with all different personalities and backgrounds, and while there were many that I didn't get to know well, because the school was pretty big, I think overall they were decent, kind people who were doing the best they could in life, and we had that in common.


Extremely smart and overachieving.


My classmates are all very well educated students who care about their education and do not waste any time, which somewhat hinders their ability of being friendly.


Students at Brigham Young University are happy, successful, and dedicated to their education, and they are fun to be around!


My classmates are happy, friendly, full-of-life, and ready to learn.


My classmates are very polite and helpul if questions are asked.


They are fun but ridged.


Everyone seems brilliant here, but then you think about how they were trying just has hard, if not harder than you to get in; however, even for their brilliance, I have yet to meet a stereotypical genius because everyone I know is so crazy, fun-loving, and outgoing sometimes it's hard to remember how hardworking they are as well.


My classmates are all friendly, striving to get the best grade possible, willing to help and have all of the similar standards and morals that i havel