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The strong religious beliefs at this school make us stand out. We also have an honor code, which we choose to follow.


Our school has a unique honor code that really helps students to focus on school and making healthy relationships with people around them.


It's a private, competitive, LDS church-owned university, where spiritual doctrine strongly plays into student life. What I loved most about it was that--even though BYU being a religious school might give it the reputation of being radically conservative, closed-minded, and 'backwards', the professors and people I was privileged to know were the most open-minded, loving, and intelligent people I have ever met. The experiences I had and the things I've learned have shaped and changed my life for the better.


It's very conservative.


BYU has a strict honor code. Every student at that school signs their allegiance to follow rigid guidelines; as a collective student body, the attendees of BYU agree not to smoke; drink coffee, tea, or alcohol; have premarital sex; use any illegal substances; and also pledge to dress modestly and attend church regularly. BYU also requires religion classes as part of the curriculum. I love that my school is centered around the teachings of the LDS church and Jesus Chirst.


Brigham Young University is unique because it is one of the only schools that really enforces a code of conduct. It allows for those with a higher moral standard to feel comfortable and secure. BYU also allows for an environment of good, clean fun that will help anyone to have fun without getting into trouble. I highly recommmend BYU to anyone trying to get away from the declining standards of the world and looking to find a university that will help you progress not only academically, but also spiritually as well.


There is a culture of friendliness here, maybe even over-friendliness. It's hard to get by without people taking notice of you and wanting to know all about you.


BYU is the most sober campus in the nation, the people are genuinely nice and the teachers care about you and what grade you are going to recieve.


It's place where people from all around the world can come to and pursue their career, whilethey are surrounded by those of their same faith.


To be completely honest, Brigham Young University is the only College/University that I considered, let alone, applied to. It has always been my dream to attend this school and I am so grateful that I was able to work hard enough in high school to achieve my goal. The environment of this University is unlike any that I have ever seen before. First, it is free of trash which I have never seen before. Second, the students and faculty are genuine and care about others. They are selfless and put others before themselves.


It is, in my opinion, the most student friendly campus/university in the world. The mission of the university is clear: the success of each and every one of its students. But it defines success different from most any other institution. You see, Brigham Young University focuses on giving you the life experiences and skills necessary to provide for the welfare of your family, your community, your friends, your employer, etc. In an environment such as this, we understand that we are all a family. We treasure our relationships, one with another. We seek to live clean, happy lives.


The Honor Code


Brigham Young University is a private school that is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This private status allows the board of trustees to set the standards and rules of the university a little higher than the rules that public universities have. Each student signs the honor code before they are admitted. This code holds the student to high standards of moral conduct and academic honesty. Because each student signs the honor code, we are all on the same page and do not have to worry about being cheated in our academic experience.


The Honor Code: no drugs or alcohol, no people of the opposite sex in bedrooms or in the apartment past midnight. If you can't deal with these then you will struggle at this college. People here are also very focused on getting married, so it changes the dating dynamics.


Brigham Young University is the most sober university in the nation. College students here know how to have fun without putting their health, lives and the lives of others on the line. We are creative and we have fun just being ourselves. We are content with who we are and we don't need artificial substances to help us "feel good." We are naturally happy for the most part!


I love that my school has a no drinking policy; our campus focuses on a healthy lifestyle. Many students exercise, eat healthy, and generally live healthier lifestyles. This sets a good tone for the rest of your life. Think about it - college is (in most cases) your first time being away from home for an extended period of time. Who wouldn't want to start off on the right track? It helps so much when your roommates and friends are particpating in a healthy lifestyle right along with you. On the weekends, we like to have some REAL fun!


Brigham Young University provides a clean and uplifting environment for learning. We are encouraged to become better people while preparing for our future lives. BYU men's basketball has had an extremely great year and this publicity has drawn attention to the honor code that we sign upon acceptance to this school. The honor code is a huge part of what makes this school so unique and wholesome.


The standards: a lot of people may think they're strict, but it's still easy to have fun while obeying the rules. And the library is simply wonderful


BYU has high standards, beliefs, and values. If you are looking for a place to go where you can get an outstanding education with other hard-working students this is the place for you. Most everyone is focused, friendly, and faith oriented. This is a great school that can help you become the best person possible just as the motto of the school says, "Enter to learn, go forth to serve." It is very service oriented and looks great for future job opportunities.


I was looking for a school that had a really good art program and that was not too far from home and this was the best option for me. Also it is a private school owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. BYU does a great job of teaching and including gospel principles in your study. That is something that you could never get if you went to a public school. It is very interesting to me, the information they teach you that applied to our gospel beliefs.


We're a tight-knit community that has the foundation of religion that seals us together. Other schools that I visited seemed to be purely individualistic, simply missing the invisible threads that connect classmates together, whether friends or not. I visited BYU and I felt a sense of belonging that was absent everywhere else. The Honor Code doesn't permit smoking, drinking alcohol, sexual misconduct which may seem restrictive, but I find that it binds the school together because we know that we're all on common ground standards-wise. I feel safe and can still have a good time.


This university has an "honor code" which is a system of standards and values that students are expected to adhere to. That honor code includes abstaining from alcohol, sexual relations before marriage, illicit drugs, and extreme fads (hairstyles, dress, etc). A large emphasis is placed on not cheating, plagiarizing, or any type of dishonest academic behavior. The university also has several well-develop service organizations which provide many opportunities to get to know other students. The most unique part of the university is the integration of faith and religion with academic progress. It gives a good direction to life priorities.


My school is absolutely clean and, in the country, is the only school that is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sober. It also has a high honor code that the students must abide by that includes dress, grooming, and behavior.


There's a great spirit among the students and faculty. Standards have been set high but everyone has fun, even without the drugs and alchohol you might find at other universities.


BYU is one of the cleanest campuses both morally and physically. People are very nice, but they're also very strict. This is not a school for people who need alchohal for a good time. If you lie partying without it, then BYU Provo is a great campus. The intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects of BYU can't be beaten.


Unique religious focus.


My school, Brigham Young University, is probably the most unique school in the country. The fact that almost everyone there is the same religion, LDS, sets it apart from other schools. Another thing is the university's goal, which is to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life, which is a pretty lofty goal compared to other university's goals. The honor code, which has to be signed in order to attend the university, is another unique thing. It ensures people are complying with the moral standards laid out by the LDS church.


The school stresses the importance of living a life free of drugs, alcohol, and pre-martial sex. You must sign an Honor Code and keep it to attend this school.


Being a religious school, there is a focus on the ethical, moral, and spiritual development of the student in addition to his/her academic development. There is a sense of purpose that the student is not just attending school to find a job, but attending to become the best the student can be.


My school is unique because there is an emphasis on combining secular learning with religious learning. There's also the fact that BYU has been named the most ?Stone-Cold Sober? university in the United States for the 12th time in a row. This means you don?t have to worry about drugs or alcohol being at a party, and there isn?t any peer pressure to experiment with those things. BYU also has low tuition compared to other public and private schools; tuition costs less than $10,000 per year, which is a steal for the quality of education.


The environment of Brigham Young University is entirely different from any of the other schools I considered. Students and faculty here have a dedication towards moral cleanliness that was unparallelled at any other university I considered in my decision process. The availablity of activities organized by the school and the focus on extracurricular activities was also unique. As I considered schools, I realized that this was the only one that could give me both an abundance of fun and an environment in which I was comfortable as well as a challenging and motivating education.


The fact that Brigham Young University is a private university for those of the Mormon faith is enough to greatly separate it from any other instituion available to attend. Whether it be the praying before classes, calling your professors "brother" or "sister" before their surname, or the honor code which includes abstaining from premarital sex, drinking, and drugs, this is a unique opportunity for anyone looking for something outside of "the norm" of college. Many people may think that this idea of conservativism is a bad idea, however those attending BYU are some of the happiest you will ever meet.


I feel like the campus is very diverse. One semester I had more professors who weren't from the United States than professors who were.


The Honor Code is the most unique thing about BYU, it doesn't exist anywhere else but the other church of Latter-day Saint schools. Which makes a college experience at BYU completely different from any other school in the world.


BYU is a joyful campus. Though it has a large student body I feel as if I know a lot of the students I see on campus. Everyone shares similar standards and so I feel bonded to complete strangers. BYU is about lifelong learning and service. The campus is breathtakingly beautiful at every season and has any program that might interest you. I love BYU!


I feel that Brigham Young University is the best place for students to come if they want a safe enviornment that promotes morality. The school has an honor code that covers dress, appearance, conduct, and actions. Each of the professors and the administration are committed to the school's goals and it provides a great atmosphere to learn.


I think that BYU is a very culturally diverse university. Because it is founded by the LDS church it has the ability to bring different kinds of people from all over the world. The university creates an atmosphere where people from all sorts of backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures can come together and form a team to accomplish a task. There is no other university in the world like this one. The people are accepting and friendly, the staff really cares about the success of the students, and the overall learning experience contains quality.


One of the greates learning environments you will ever incounter, even if you aren't LDS, this is a school which provides what you need to make it big, and is one of the best deals (financialy) in the world. GREAT education for an extremely low price in comparison to schools of similar status.


It's a little college with a big time feel.


This school is very religion based. It has wholesome values and is notoriously ranked as one of the most sober schools. The professors get to know students more than at other schools.


BYU is extremely unique not only because it is a private LDS school, but also because the environment of campus is so different from any other college. Here at BYU we have an Honor Code, instituted by the students, that establishes certain guidelines for students to follow, such as modest clothing, no inappropriate language, no alcoholic beverages, etc. The thing that is so special is that the students, as well as faculty, choose to follow these rules because they know that it makes them a better person for it and not because they?re being made to.


BYU has a long tradition of service and it is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that encourages students to catch the vision of themselves as leaders who have a responsibility to do their utmost to make the world a better place for not only themselves, but for others, and by so doing ennoble both themselves and others.


I chose this school because I would get a really good education without the social pressures to drink and experiment with drugs. Not many schools can offer that. That occurs here but isn't the norm and I have gained confidence from this school that enables me to refuse them confindently. This school also was a religious based college where I could practice religion without persecution.


spirituality, undergraduate doing research, friendly beautiful compus


BYU is located a five minute walk from the base of the Rocky Mountains and allows for a great off campus experience. It has about 36,000 students and most of them don't drink, smoke, or have premarital sex - to me, this makes BYU an unbelievable place. Everyone really knows how to have good clean fun. Also, a lot of the students have spent as much as 2.5 years in a foreign country and know foreign languages. Because of this, there are virtually no cultural barriers. Finally, BYU has excellent professors who will truly change your life.


It's predominately attended by LDS students so I'm surrounded by people that typically have the same values as me.


The school I chose is a private school. It's very spiritually centered. Religion of all kinds is freely discussed. I feel that the university bends over backwards to help its students and provide them with the best education possible as well as career placement upon graduation. The university expects a lot from its students expects a lot from them academically. Our motto is "enter to learn, go forth to serve" we're centered on making the world a better place by starting in our own community while attending school and then in impacting our different fields once we leave.


Brigham Young University has a lot to offer, but you have to be willing to make it happen. Dedicate yourself to your schoolwork and to enjoying your college experience. If you can do that, BYU will provide you with a really good education and an equally fulfilling social life. It is easy to get passed by because of how much goes on here, so make yourself known and just get out there and start DOING!


Brigham Young is a very religious institute. As we learn about Chemistry or English, we also have a spiritual foundation that creates a friendly atmosphere. It adds something to the campus and the students who truly care about each other.


BYU is a private school that is almost entirely Mormon students. Mormons don't drink, do drugs, etc. so it's very conservative; and a wonderful, safe place to go to school.