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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Actually, it is surprising how many men AND women do come here only to find someone to marry. A lot of parents urge their children to come to BYU so there is a better chance of finding someone who is a "good Mormon."


Yes they are true.




Marriage-yes and no...for Latter-day Saints most will never be in a place with such a concentrated number of (for the most part) good strong members who value education and their religion as much but no it is not the "purpose" of most that are here and if it is they are gone and have left the school by the end of there first year. The percentage of students that speak another language is really high and one of the best in the nation-most students have lived somewhere foreign for at least 2 years or 18 months for the women. It is incredible knowing that BYU works so well with The missionary training center and that it is our students that teach these missionaries that go all over the world. The University of Utah is our rival and it is sad but it is no different than USC vs UCLA or Stanford vs Berkeley. They aren't very respectful at games though... Yes most of the campus is Latter-day Saints Yes the majority of students are "white" but we have so many cultures and so many nations represented. I love that we have tons of opportunites to learn more about other countries and that we have all of those nations represented or there are missionaries that served in those countries.


I don't think we are close-minded, we are willing to listen to other's thoughts and understand why they have their opinion. But yes, we won't change our opinion about things our religion is against such as Gay marriage, etc. I do think there is less "partying" or careless actions. We still have a lot of fun and everyone has really good friends they hang out with. A lot of dating goes on moreso than other schools by a long shot which may take the place of a lot of "partying". I have at least noticed that graduates from BYU are considered great employees and trustworthy friends.


Completely untrue. In my opinion, if you don't want to live the honor code, then DON'T GO. It's as simple as that. It doesn't inhibit any fun, and I personally enjoyed lots of the benefits that come from everyone following the same standard. As for the perfect Mormons--there are none anywhere on the planet, and especially at BYU. We all have our flaws, so don't let yourself think that everyone is perfect and you're the only one that struggles with something. They are all.


A lot are married, but there is a lot of diversity in the way people dress and act based on their personality and upbringing.


The truest stereotype that I've heard is probably the one about BYU being very hard. BYU has an incredible drive to strive for excellence in whatever area of study is being provided. That being said I think that much of the faculty will try to validate that effort by giving a superfluous amount of work to be analyzed and evaluated on, giving the impression that with excellence, comes busy work. This may be the primary reason for the stereotype.


Mostly, yeah, I'd say it's true.


not entirely, but a lot of the time


No - but it does feel like all the boys are tallskinnyblonde.


yes. all true.


I love the latter perception, however, the first one I believe to be a misconception.


Not entirely true. Tons of people do get married but thats not the reason they came here.


For the most part I would say they're incorrect.


To an extent yes, but there are all types of kids at BYU.


No. There are plenty of non-LDS students and faculty. There are plenty of non-committed LDS students around campus and around Provo that do not adhere to the standards of the LDS chuch.


NO...though most students have religion and ethnicity in common, there is a wide range of students here, with different backgrounds and different interests


oh yeah, libraries packed Friday and Saturday nights... I was there.


It is only true for a few people, definitely not the majority.




of course, to some extent. most byu students have the same long- term goals and expectations because we're pretty much all mormon. classes are challenging here.


Sometimes. There are a good amount of sheltered people. But a good majority have experienced 'real' life.




For the most part, yes. Almost everyone is mormon, and almost everyone obeys the "big" rules such as no drinking or sex. Of course you can find exceptions, but for the most part the stereotypes are true.




for the most part.


As for these stereotypes that majority of BYU students are Mormon and most of the football students are not Mormon. I have met a lot of other student athletes who are from out of the country that are Mormon so this stereotype is not always accurate.


We actually sign a pledge (the "honor code") promising that we won't do these things, so yes, definitely true with very few exceptions. The marriage obsession can be a slight exaggeration at times, but that is definitely one of the reasons why I am here--there is a great selection.