Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What are the academics like at Brigham Young University-Provo?


General Ed classes have way too many students. However, the level and quality of education are outstanding.


The general classes everyone is required to take are usually the least favorite course. Even then, they aren't too bad! Everyone participates and students are competitive yet willing to help each other. Professors are easy to reach outside of class.


Classes can be pretty tough depending on the professor. I definitely recommend using sites that review the different professors because that can make an absolutely huge difference.


They're great; it's very competitive and serious.


I decided not to do a review.


I decided not to write anything.


The academics are great. stating this though I have not been able to go through much of them since this is only my first semester; but it has a well structured program of keeping the student well and ready to be able to face the challenges of school, by helping them carry through with it. All at the same time putting good emphasis on making them responsible to take n the challenge them selves.


The academics are challenging. They challenge body, mind, and spirit but provide an opportunity for growth. After taking classes at BYU, the student leaves with a solid foundation of knowledge as well as a thirst for more knowledge.


The academics at BYU are hard, but not impossible. They stretch me to learn and become a smarter and better person. And that's how education should be. I feel like the professors really do want us to do well and they are so kind to share their incredibly vast knowledge with us as students. It's a stretch, but it's definitely a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.


School is hard. Bottom line. Even the "easy" classes take work. There are not too many that you can simply breeze through, although the teachers - I believe - try to make class as interesting as possible.