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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Students love going to basketball, football, and baseball games. The dating scene is very involved. People are rarely found drinking or partying on the weekends; movies, hiking, and dances are more common.


I decided not to do a review.


Sporting events, Divine Comedy, Weekly devotionals/forum addresses


Well I do not really go to many activities but there is something called FHE, which is a social activity night on Mondays, I used to go to that one a lot no I go when I can. It is still fun though. Also there is movie night I enjoy that one, we have snacks and a cool social movie night thing going on. There are of course more activities and groups you can check out. I however have not gone and looked at them unfortunately. But you should!


I think the most popular activities or groups are the athletics, but not very many people can be involved in those on the teams, but TONS of students go to the games and stuff. Another student activity that is popular is BYU/SA, the student body officers and coordinators. And YServe is popular. YServe gives students chances to serve in the community and on campus. Another popular group is the Student Alumni Association that students can serve in, but can also benefit from having meaningful connections with alumni.


Montage of the cool stuff you can do if you join the BYU Army ROTC


Sometimes you have to really search for somewhere to go on a Friday night. There are not as many parties because we do not drink here. However, there are websites and fliers everywhere so find one and go have some fun! We do have a couple nightclubs on Center Street in Provo that are pretty good. There are salsa dances every week, sporting events, fundraisers, hot springs, pools/hot tubs, bike paths, parks, skate parks, and, of course, hiking the Y.


Probably the most popular BYU activity would be dating. Everyone gets into it at one time or another. Some never leave it for fear of committment to one person in marriage. I on the other hand have seen great blessings that come when you find a good person and get married! One great thing about BYU is that there are so many great and cheap or free things to do in Provo or closeby. It makes dating more fun and less expensive.


There are on-campus activities, weekly devotionals or speeches, intramurals, sports, dances, clubs, performances, competitions, comedy shows, and more. Overall, everything that happens on campus is really good. The performing arts are amazing and the sports are consistently desent too. In the LDS church areas are organized into 'wards' and this supplaments the activities and events on campus. They have tons of activities and things going on all the time!


There are always things going on! There are so many different kinds of activities and opportunities to serve


Most popular groups are BYUSA (student association), service groups, each college has their own student association, like Nursing has their own. Dorms are pretty open, athletic events are very popular, Guest speakers get great turnouts of students, (thousands). Theater is huge at BYU because it is such a well-known program and #1 in a lot of dancing categories. Ton's of dating, 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or so is married. I meet close friends through major, where you live, and ward (most often). Fraternities are not huge at all. Weekends are groups of friends coming up with some creative activity, (e.g. ice blocking, acting games, etc.). There is no drinking at BYU so the ideas get pretty creative. Most everyone lives off campus. Only Freshman live on campus.


TONS to do. If you want to be active in just about anything (minus drugs, alcohol, and sex!) you can! They have an incredible intramural sports program that anyone can participate in. Dating is huge because of the LDS culture, and there are lots of dances on campus. Parties are good, clean, and lots of fun. Lots of people dis Provo but saying there is nothing to do, but that's a total crock. Especially during the summer, the natural beauty of the area cannot be beat.


Lots of activities, but not always so well publicized. Website calendar the best resource for listings. Great for group activities. Dances are clean and fun. People will organize their own activities A LOT.


I go to Animation Club. I would say that that's an....experience. yep, and experience. You'd have to go to understand, but for me it's the highlight of my week. ^^ We draw throughout the whole 2 hours (all gestures) and just talk about the most random stuff we can think of. Sometimes it goes WAY off topic, but there are intellectual conversations, a miniscule amount, but they are there! Then the critique at the end is what helps me to improve my own art. At my last apartment I was with 5 other girls. What a trip! It was the first time I had ever lived with other girls besides my mom. yeah, there was drama. All-in-all though it was good. We stayed up late most every night. I think to go to bed before midnight was a miracle! lol. We would also bake late in the night. Bread, dinner, breakfast, you name it. Then the singing and laughing and scaring each other,....hehe. ok, the last part was all me, but you get my drift. ;P Oh yeah, I lived off-campus in Alta Apartments, which is mucho social! Older people, as in post-missionary (boys and girls), but still way fun. We would get a lot of people together a couple nights a week (not finals week of course) and play volley ball or ultimate frisbee. Those were good times. That's how I got to know most of the people at that complex.


BYU's activiity committee, BYUSA, plans activites regularly. These activities are well attended and include such things as dances, lunches, concerts, sports, etc. The committee members dedicated atleast 4 hours everyday to planning and organizing. BYU students can always count on good activites where you can meet new people and have a good time.


Lots of activities - not sure if any are all that good. No obvious drinking - you'd probably have to search much harder to find it than any other college. No frats, sororities (thank heavens). Socializing is very encouraged, but leaves one (aka me) feeling a bit choked for solitude. Friends are easy to find if you're looking for them, and boys to date, too. But beware;dating is an awkward, mine-choked battlefield.


Dance, especially ballroom, is huge a BYU. There is always a dancesport event going on, or dance clubs one can attend. Athletic events are very popular (I would know because I work on the events staff for BYU). Guest speakers are also popular. The dating scene doesn't own up to its reputation, if you want to date, you have to make enough effort. But that depends a lot on your living situation and your ward. I was roommates with the people who became my closest friends. If I'm awake at 2am then I'm either wasting time on facebook or writing a paper. "Party" does not mean party at BYU haha. Fraternities/sororities are nill. You can go dancing on a Saturday night and meet other single adults.


There are several dances and activities (such as completely sober foam parties, it's way exciting). The football games are always packed (every game this year was a sellout, and our stadium seats almost 65,000 people). BYU basketball, volleyball, baseball and other sports are way exciting. We have incredible meetings every Tuesday, with amazing speakers. Two years ago, we had the vice-president of the United States. This year, we had the senate majority leader, the supreme court justice, and the prophet of our church. These meetings are inspiring and educational, a one time experience and kind of unique to BYU.


Social life is good. EVERYONE dates. Dating is probably the biggest social thing to do. Theres no pressure, a first date is no big deal. YOu ask out whoever you want and do whatever you want. Its just a good way to meet people and get some one on one interaction which i feel like sometimes you dont get as much when youre at college and you have 6 roommates and 2398459023 friends.


There is always something going on, if not, Most LDS people can come up with random stuff to do that doesn't contain alcohol.


Dating at BYU is amazingly unique. You have the smooth talking "sharks" who are looking to "hook up," meaning make-out at BYU, and then you have tons of dudes that are super nice, but too chicken to ask a girl out so they don't get too far with the ladies. Either way, dating at BYU is pretty much spouse hunting, it's funny to watch and scoff at.....until it happens to you.


Since drinking is against BYU's Honor Code, most (I say most because there are the exceptions) activities do not involve drinking. Fraternities and Sororities are not important at all becuase I don't know of any that exist. It is very popular to go to BYU athletic events (football, volleyball, soccer, baseball) on the weekend and during the week. Because of the LDS culture, dating is on all of the single students' minds. Men and women students take it seriously and over-react on a lot of occassions. Activities that you can do on the weekend include hiking, going to movies, bowling, and going to SLC for activities (45 min drive).


Every Tuesday we get to hear devotionals from big people on what's up. you have to experience the dating culture to understand it. No parties, at least party parties. Lots to do outdoors, social life rocks.


When I lived in the dorms, my roommate and I always left our door open. It was pretty typical to leave it open if you were not doing homework. Also, so many students are very trusting so you would occasionally see room doors open with no one inside.


Football is very popular and so are the other sports. Lots of dating goes on. I met my closest friends in the dorms. A small group of people go out and party regularly but most students study or go on dates on the weekends. There is no drinking at byu.


dating at byu is notoriously ridiculous. group dates, blind dates, and 2- month engagements are all common. it's a really big deal here. it's fun, but it's different from most places and the stereotypes where this is concerned are true. normal dating also does exist.


There is something for everybody. There's always something going on. It's great.


Great social life, not much partying. No alcohol or drugs. Huge dating scene.


There are LOTS of things to do on campus, from intermural soccer to salsa dancing to creative writing club. The BYU student council does a really good job of hosting a variety of activities. The dorms are really social, and off-campus living is even more fun.


BYUSA is a very popular club on campus. There is a lot of school spirit here and so athletic events tend to do very well!




BYU's social scene is great! People are always throwing parties. Many people who have not experienced the BYU social scene don't really understand it. This is because Mormons are typically not the 'partying' type. WRONG! we love to party and dance and have fun! Provo/ORem parties typically included a room with strobe lights, a DJ and tons of people. One downside is that most parties are so packed the cops come not long after it really gets going. BYU is also big, like HUGE on dating. BYU basically marriage like it promotes passing classes. Dating is a major activity on the weekends and provo has plenty of business that cater to the college dating crowd. BYU is the prefect school for you if you love to do winter sports. There are a number of ski resorts located in the Salt Lake area. Anything from the stylish Park City to the small and affordable Sun Dance. Winter Weekend trips usually included people taking trips to Vegas (5 hours south) or St. George (3.5 hours) Just to get a dose of warm weather. A lot of people have family in Utah and condos or cabins as resorts which is also a great way to get away from campus for the weekend. BYU athletics is huge. Football, Basketball are national ranked and the games are fun, crazy and loud.


The basic unit of BYU social life for most people is definitely centered around the church. There are local congregations called wards that are organized by locality and by one's marital status (if you are single, you go to a ward with all singles--to help facilitate meeting people). There are always things happening on campus--they have an entire "events page" dedicated to it, but the most enjoyable activities, at least in my experience, were definitely organized through the local wards, but that depends on each ward. My ward has an activity almost every night, but I've heard of others that do hardly anything, but most are at least fairly exciting. There is always a sport event to go to, and we have a college devotional or forum each week in addition to various workshops throughout the week all across campus.