Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Brigham Young University-Provo?


I would say that I brag most about my classes, my great professors, and my overall experience that I get through attending BYU. Yes, my classes are challenging, but they are also interesting and very enjoyable. And my professors are great, because they are willing to help and aid their students so that they can succeed. As well, my overall experience at BYU is awesome. I love pretty much everything about this university.


I am getting a top notch eduaction for a very affordable price. All standards at the school are set to high bu the tuition is not. The teachers care about you. Your classmates work harder than any class mate you have ever had. It feels almost as if you are at an ivy league school. You just are not paying the same price.


The academics at BYU are amazing!!! I loved every single class I took. It didn't matter if it was a class for my major or just a GE class. All the professors are so amazing. They really know what they are talking about and stretch your mind. I learned so much at BYU about every subject and about life in general. I am so grateful for the classes I took at BYU, they changed my life!!


Since the very moment I stepped foot on campus, it felt like home. The university does an incredible job at welcoming new students, and providing useful information on how to be most successful. There is an energy here that just makes you feel like you belong. The instructors and professors are extremely knowledgeable and professional and have a sincere concern for my learning. The university supports students with numerous activities, tutoring, opportunities and resources. I feel very well prepared as I begin my college career!


BYU has the second best college library in the nation, has great school spirit, and great social opportunities through the student wards. There are great athletic facilities, intramural sports, and great collegiate sports of all kinds to watch and cheer. It is a fun, challenging, and very supportive environment.


How cheap it is especially for such a high quality education.


The tuition isn't too terrible, especially considering the great quality of the education given.


We have such a good balance of everything. Our sports teams are D1 and some of them go to national championships (i.e. Men's Volleyball); the classes are intellectually invigorating; there's a good mix of nerds, jocks, partiers, average-Joe's; the campus is beautiful; and there's a significant spiritual element too.


I tell my friends that the quality of education is incredible. From the instructors to the curriculum itself, the schooling is top notch. I can say that with a good degree of confidence as I transferred from the University of Texas in Austin to BYU. Additionally, the cost is minimal which only enhances the schooling experience.


I brag about the great environment and people you find at this school. Everyone is friendly, everyone is willing to help out, and everyone wants to get to know everyone. It's a great big clean fun place to live and meet people. In my opinion is it the best place for a person to begin their life on their own when they are trying to keep their standards high in this world.