Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I would say that I brag most about my classes, my great professors, and my overall experience that I get through attending BYU. Yes, my classes are challenging, but they are also interesting and very enjoyable. And my professors are great, because they are willing to help and aid their students so that they can succeed. As well, my overall experience at BYU is awesome. I love pretty much everything about this university.


I am getting a top notch eduaction for a very affordable price. All standards at the school are set to high bu the tuition is not. The teachers care about you. Your classmates work harder than any class mate you have ever had. It feels almost as if you are at an ivy league school. You just are not paying the same price.


The academics at BYU are amazing!!! I loved every single class I took. It didn't matter if it was a class for my major or just a GE class. All the professors are so amazing. They really know what they are talking about and stretch your mind. I learned so much at BYU about every subject and about life in general. I am so grateful for the classes I took at BYU, they changed my life!!


Since the very moment I stepped foot on campus, it felt like home. The university does an incredible job at welcoming new students, and providing useful information on how to be most successful. There is an energy here that just makes you feel like you belong. The instructors and professors are extremely knowledgeable and professional and have a sincere concern for my learning. The university supports students with numerous activities, tutoring, opportunities and resources. I feel very well prepared as I begin my college career!


BYU has the second best college library in the nation, has great school spirit, and great social opportunities through the student wards. There are great athletic facilities, intramural sports, and great collegiate sports of all kinds to watch and cheer. It is a fun, challenging, and very supportive environment.


How cheap it is especially for such a high quality education.


The tuition isn't too terrible, especially considering the great quality of the education given.


We have such a good balance of everything. Our sports teams are D1 and some of them go to national championships (i.e. Men's Volleyball); the classes are intellectually invigorating; there's a good mix of nerds, jocks, partiers, average-Joe's; the campus is beautiful; and there's a significant spiritual element too.


I tell my friends that the quality of education is incredible. From the instructors to the curriculum itself, the schooling is top notch. I can say that with a good degree of confidence as I transferred from the University of Texas in Austin to BYU. Additionally, the cost is minimal which only enhances the schooling experience.


I brag about the great environment and people you find at this school. Everyone is friendly, everyone is willing to help out, and everyone wants to get to know everyone. It's a great big clean fun place to live and meet people. In my opinion is it the best place for a person to begin their life on their own when they are trying to keep their standards high in this world.


I love the learning atmosphere at BYU. The social scene is amazing and the teachers are the best quality you can get for the low price that you pay. The education is one of the best educations you can recieve without going to an Ivy League school.


I brag about how beautiful the campus is and how happy I am at school. There is a very uplifting spirit every time I get to school that I want it to keep going. I love that I can be myself and not worry about what other people think about me because everyone is so different here.


Brigham Young University makes it possible to succeed if you put in the right effort to. Everything that you need to make it through college is given to us, we just need to be aware of what there is and how to use it. I feel like the university gives me so many opportunities to accomplish what I want to accomplish in this life.


The school spirit, and the comfortable and safe atmosphere felt here.


It is no surprise that BYU is the number one stone-cold sober University in the United States. That is something to be proud of! Not only does BYU have a strict honor code that, we, the students live by, but they we glad to have those standards set for them. It makes the campus a more inviting one because of the absence of substances pertaining to caffeine, drugs, and alcohol, to name a few. I am grateful for the standards set for us because it is easier to have a fun worry and stress free weekend.


I love the academics. The classes are hard and intellectually stimulating, but there are also tons of classes that are just for fun and relaxation. I also really love that religion is mixed in with academics. The professors were very kind and easy to work with. They seemed to really care about their students. Lastly, I love all the activities on campus. There are dances, sports, clubs, food, parties, plays, musicals, and concerts. Every type of person can find fun.


That I can be around people who have the same standards that I do.


I mostly brag about the high quality of my friends, classes, and teachers. I also tend to brag about how beautiful the campus is--it's really unmatched anywhere, in my opinion.


There is a spirit of productivity and enthusiasm no matter what major you're in. Everyone is striving to be their best, and it shows in the remarkable people you meet, and the love of learning that seems to permeate each classroom.


I love living in a morally clean environment.


I was able to start right into my art program when I got to BYU and that was my favorite part. My art classes are so much fun and it's what I want to do as a career so I love that I am able to start progressing towards my career ever from the first semester of my freshman year. I also love the diversity of the students at BYU. I love meeting students from all over the country, and even from all over the world. Last of all I love the religion classes that are taught at BYU.


All of the classes are amazing -- they're rigorous and definitely prepare you for whatever you plan on doing for a career.


It's really friendly here. Faculty and staff are all willing to work with students to accomplish goals in school work and careers. Also, professors are willing to accomodate to things that come up in your personal life. Living on and off campus neighbors are all friendly and there is a lot of social activity. People are equally interested in academics as they are their social life.


There are so many resources at my disposal here. The teachers are very willing to help me learn to the best of my potential, and everyone on campus is so nice to one another (holding doors, saying hello and whatnot).


The amazing campus and faculty. The campus is beautiful and most things are centrally located. It's big enough to have a lot of things, but it's small enough that you don't feel overwhelmed. The faculty and staff are really dedicated, and most go the extra mile to help you out. The policies for classes, schoolwork, etc. are strict, but they want you to succeed and will help you get there.


I brag about the level of education and the great atmosphere of the campus.


Brigham Young University is a very clean and nice school. There is a dress code there and therefore there is no need to worry about being distracted by student's choice of clothes. The professors and students are all so kind there and the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming.


I usually brag about the buildings or my freshman experience. I was in Freshman Academy, which places students in a community which shares core classes and lives close to one another. It was a fun, welcoming and safe environment. The buildings, while a little un-artistic, are fun and unique. For instance, there's the JFSB, which has beautiful architecture including modernized colonnades and a large spiral staircase, and many of the rooms are paneled wood. And then there's the JKB which is two buildings joined together, and getting to class means asking strangers. It's refreshing.


I brag about the honor code, and that this university does not only wish that its students will achieve financially or educationally, but morally, spiritually, and mentally.


There is a great school spirit here. Everyone "bleeds blue for BYU" and there is such friendship and connection on campus. A great spirit of friendship and welcome seems to hang over the campus, and I absolutely love going to school here.


BYU has been labeled the "stone-cold sober" school for 12 years. On any other campus, you are guaranteed to find alcohol, but here you don't. I don't drink, so this was a huge plus for me. Additionally, I'm not woken up at 3am by drunk freshmen pulling the fire alarm, which is really nice. We still have tons of fun - we just do it sober.


Brigham Young University has so many opportunities. Students are able to go to various types of classes and make connections between them. I have gone to a Statistics class and been able to learn something new that applied to an unrelated class. The professors are wonderful to work with and willing to help you in anyway they can. I especially love how most of the students at BYU aspire to make a difference and are working hard to be able to do that. There is competition, but students are still willing to help each other out.


How amazing the campus and teachers are! My teachers help me to feel involved and usually stir up great class discusions about our lesson for that day. There's a strong sense of community at my school and people are generally very helpful, especially when you're running around campus, trying desperately to locate a class.


I brag about the thousands of dollars I'm saving with no disparity in the quality of education that a $40,000 private university has to offer. I also enjoy being able to experience a foreign environment away from home that offers some of the worlds most majestic skiing slopes. Among other things, the athletics particularly stand out on the national stage which provides ample room to brag about ranking in the competitive fields of division 1 football, basketball, soccer, track and field, etc.


I love the options. They tell you about activities and service opportunities and lectures and forums and classes. There is so much to choose from and so much easy access. I love everything including the low price. I brag about everything from students and professors to work to the service association to sporting events. It's fun and cheap and a continuous learning experience.


BYU is very academically prestigous while also affordable and fun. There are students here from countries around the world, and despite common belief, we have many differing political and religious views.


I love this school. It's beautiful, the people are awesome, you learn a ton, and it's not that expensive of tuition compared to other schools. I love the spirit here, there's nothing else like it.


Great professors and opportunities to learn.


That it is culturaly diverse and is very great academically.


There is such a strong spirit at BYU and so many opportunities to be involved. Within the past year and a half I have been involved in clubs, leadership positions, volunteer opportunities, and other activities at the schools. The teachers are amazing!


I brag about the environment. Brigham Young University is known very well for it's high expectations regarding moral standards. Because virtuous living is promoted here, there is an uplifting feeling on campus and in the off-campus housing for BYU. I grew up in Las Vegas, and can say that the feelings I experienced there were much different, much more negative, than what I have felt here. I feel that I have matured more not only spritually because of the environment, but academically. BYU is a friendly, moral, and happy place to be; it's the place for me.


The Campus and the great education I am getting! Not only does this school help me prepare for my future career, it helps me prepare pr the rest of my life!


How hard it is and the success it's notorious for!


Wonderful moral standards. I feel like I belong and I can be myself.


The football team, the quality of the professors and how well they involve the Church into the curriculum (it's a religious school), the other students.


I like to brag that it is diverse and everyone there is quite friendly. There are a bunch of things to do for fun such as outdoor recreation and many clubs to join.


It allows many opportunities to succeed in every given field with many programs placed among nations top. There are many opportunities for experience in the field of choice before graduation and a high rate of employment upon graduation. The student body is helpful and kind. The library is the best in the nation with unlimited resources. The professors are there to help the students! Its wonderful! I learn many life skills here that will be useful and are fun to learn.


The religion institute.


I tend to brag about the amazing social environment. BYU is the #1 stone cold sober school in the country, so we never have to worry about people drinking or doing drugs around here. We have so much fun just being silly and having a good time. For anyone who's Mormon it's near ideal because 98% of the students share your same standards and views so it's easy to make friends and feel accepted. I don't know many other schools that can say that!


The environment. Everyone at BYU is really friendly, it's fun to be on campus. I also brag about how my school is drug and alcohol free. It fosters a great learning environment and allows the students to find fun in things that aren't drugs and alcohol. It makes the students more social because they are sober all the time so they can't use being drunk as an excuse for things. I love BYU and what it stands for.