Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we only come here to get married.


They get married before leaving. Some stick around to pursue a high degree, or at least stay in Provo for a few extra years, if they haven't gotten married by the time they graduated with their BA or BS.


That all of the students follow the honor code--unfortunatly... it's not true. You have to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) to attend BYU--not true. BYU is expensive--WAY not true.


You are here to get married We all speak a foreign language because everyone has served a mission We dont like people from the University of Utah (the U)-they dont like us more and are way more rude to us We are all Mormon There is no diversity


If law schools are looking at you - close-minded. Don't have as much fun/ or less partying. Goody Goodies perhaps.


Some stereotypes about BYU are that the honor code doesn't let you have any fun or that the church standards get in the way of agency. BYU students are also sometimes viewed as Molly Mormon or Peter Priesthood--you know, perfect Mormons.


Get MRS degree, all look the same, goody goody, living in a bubble


I've heard that a lot of people think that BYU as a University has a bit of a "holier than thou" attitude. I've heard more than once from others that our welcoming banner that reads "The world is our campus," should be changed to "The campus is our world." Before coming to BYU I also heard more than once that BYU is a great University, but it is really hard, and all the classes have tons of homework.


Thier goal is to get you married before you get your undergraduate degree.


Return Missionaries just want to get married; everyone at byu is married and/or pregnant


Blonde and perfect (as if) Girls get married within a month Boys are tall, skinny, blonde


They love disney music, Princess Bride, Enchanted, musicals in general. Short engagements. Average age for girls to marry: 19. Marriage is a topic addressed on all occasions.


That they are elitists. They are also thought as very clean and virtuous.


There is a stereotype about BYU students that all they want is to get married.


- Everyone's a Member of the LDS Church - Nothing Bad happens at BYU - Everyone has the same beliefs - People only come here to get married - All males are RM's if not they must have done something really bad preventing them from going on a mission - Can't wear Shorts


Clean cut, conservative, smart.


All students and professors are LDS, Molly Mormons and Peter Priesthoods, all students are good LDS people


goody-goody, "zoobies," (molly mormon/peter priesthood), all are the same..


super intense and competitive academically. want to get married.


That the students are uptight and self-righteous


Everyone is LDS; all the boys are returned missionaries; everyone just wants to get married


everyone at byu wants to get married, all the guys are returned missionaries, it's pretty much impossible to get a 4.0


That there are to many stereotypical 'Mormons.'


Everyone is really smart and really competitive.


- students very religious - strict rules on campus and campus approved housing - "stone cold sober" - all students are the same - everyone is a republican - everyone is mormon


They are marriage crazy.


Good, Honest, Integral people.


There are so many stereotypes at BYU 1. everyone is Mormon 2. student athletes are not LDS 3. the assumption that all sophomore boys are Returned Missionaries 4. Any guy in a suit is in the business program


Being known as a "Mormon" school, there are a lot of things associated with that that give us many stereotypes. We don't drink, smoke, swear, involve ourselves in promiscuity, and a lot of other things. Also, because of the emphasis that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ("Mormon" is actually just a nickname) puts on the importance of family, we also have running jokes about everyone's obsession with dating and getting married as soon as possible.