Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Brigham Young University-Provo? Is this stereotype accurate?


Cocky, clicky, and white. Very accurate. There is no diversity and most of the students are very confident in themselves.


Students are stereotyped as 'goody-goods' which is mostly accurate! More positive stereotypes are driven, focused, and giving.


I decided not to do a review.


I think a lot of people not from our religion might think we are prudish, narrow minded, ignorant, and judgemental. I think stereotypes come from not being exposed to whatever it is you are judging or stereotyping. So a lot of people that have these views about Mormon BYU students just haven't been around many Mormons. I don't feel like these stereotypes are accurate at all. There is a wide range of personalities, backgrounds, upbringing, and orientations at BYU. Just like would would find at any other school, because people are fundamentally unique. You might find a few that fit into some of the above categories, just like you would at any other school. But on the whole, I find BYU students to be open minded, well read, kind, funny, well balanced, easy going people.


The stereotype of the students at my school is that they are all smart, dedicated, and LDS. And I would have to say that the stereotype is accurate. The students here really are smart and very dedicated to their education. And mostly all of the students are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints (Mormons).