Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Love it love it love it. Everyday I am grateful for the decision that I made to go here.


I think that BYU is the best option for LDS students who consider their faith to be an important part of their lives. It really is impossible to talk about BYU without recognizing the role that spirituality plays in your experience. Student wards provide an amazing community and tons of social activities. Along with that students are extremely friendly and willing to make friends with just about anyone. In my experience there aren't any cliques or exclusive social groups. Academically there are a lot of interesting courses and professors genuinely care about the students. My only complaints are that the class sizes can be insane for some of the lower level courses and the majors all have a ton of requirements.


I love the atmosphere and the people, it really fosters a great spiritual atmosphere perfect for growth and development. It's not too large or too small. Most people react positively when I tell them I go here because it is a competitive school with a great reputation.


I decided not to do a review.


I decided not to do a review.


I decided not to do a review.


I decided not to do a review.


Brigham Young University is a wonderful place for those who seek peers with similar educational and moral goals. The academics are rigorous and competitive, but the relations between students are not. While not the most important factor, it is most definitely a beautiful campus, with mountains nearby which are absolutely magical.


Brigham Young University is my favorite place on Earth right now. I always wanted to come here and worked hard in high school to make sure there was no way they could turn me away. The campus itself is beautiful and the buildings are close to one another. Most teachers keep their own agenda out of class discussion, although some do see things one way and one way only and if you do not agree, you get whatever grade they decide to give you. There are so many majors and classes and service opportunities here it really should be illegal. The students here are kind and open and willing to serve whenever they can. We are a diverse body of students and take pride in what we learn from each other! Last, but certainly not least, is the sports. BYU is famous for football, mens volleyball, basketball, soccer...Most of our sports teams are at least decent with many of them excelling in more than one way. There is never a shortage of things to do here, as Provo is a "college town." BYU is a great place to be.


BYU is the best college to attend, in my opinion. People say you are in a bubble while attending here because you don't have to deal with people drinking, smoking, and doing other things like that. I appreciate this about BYU because I was able to be surrounded by better people more often and I could focus more on my homework than having to worry other things that aren't worth my time.


BYU is in beautiful Provo Utah, AKA Happy Valley. People assume that Provo is its perfect little place but it is a college town for the most part with problems of it's own. Most of the kids at BYU are really good and are here to learn and to have a good time to. However, a good time does not include drugs and alcohol. There is a lot of school spirit and there are always lots of poeple at the sporting events etc. I can't compare it to other colleges/universities but a lot of poeple seem to participate in all the on-campus activities. The administration is conservative but but that should be expected since the majority of the board of directors are also leaders in the LDS church. Overall... BYU is much more than a school, it is an experience!! Check out a speech given by Gordon B. Hinckley (former member and president of the board of directors and Prophet of the LDS Church)--it was given on Nov. 4, 97 and can be found at


I love this University so much. It is nice being on a campus where the "Aims" of the school arent just about getting an education. Students that graduate from BYU are well prepared for anything anywhere-they are people of Integrity and of high moral character. Students that come here are happy and optimistic about life and we don't need drugs or alcohols or sex to be happy. It is a huge campus-having 30,000 students and 6,000 faculty is intense but I love it-and it is nice knowing that we have those students going out ready to make a difference in the world, their communities; and their homes.


Our school is pretty big and hard to get to know your classmates the first couple of years when classes are so large, but because we are all in the same religion we are in small congregations or wards that help connect students in smaller groups. Junior and Senior year usually includes smaller classes with students you have seen over and over and therefore you create great friendships there as well. I've noticed our school is pretty respected, but some think we feel we are better than others since it is a difficult university to get into. I think it would be less than 5% that actually feel that way. BYU's administration is the best I could ask for. There is a TON of school pride, almost too much with sports sometimes. BYU is unusual because it is a private LDS religion based school and therefore spiritual as well as temporal. Students complain, but usually not about the same things, so I can't think of a main thing they complain about. Maybe there are some bad professors, but everyone runs into one at some point.


The best thing about BYU is the atmosphere in which you get to study. Not only is it clean and beautiful, but there's no smoking, drinking, weird piercings, profanity, etc, which is partly a result of BYU's Honor Code. There is a unique spirit about BYU's campus. People are generally friendly and honest and just downright helpful. If you ever get lost on campus, don't hesitate to ask someone for directions. They'd love to help.


BYU can be crowded at times and definitely needs to provide more tickets at athletic events, but is overall the perfect size. Provo is definitely a college town with BYU and UVSC. BYU administration is pretty removed from the students. No big controversies and LOTS of school pride. Big competition with the U in rivalry.


I'd say the size of the school is just right, but then I meet people, in another place, and they're also from BYU and I've never even seen them before. My bad for practically living in the HFAC (^^; ). lol It is definately in a "college town," but it's beautiful. Plenty of things to do, at school and in Provo. I wouldn't say that there's too much school pride, but it does get a little irksome when I want to park at my complex but the football fans have taken over. Yeah, that really stinks. The whole BYU vs the U is way overrated. Needless to say I'm not much of a sports fan. The walk to school is usually nice except for the blizzard-like conditions. lol. It is Utah, and we are next to mountains. Ah the lovely mountains.


BYU is a private, religious school. It is provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The campus is beautiful and clean. The quality of education is very good. A large percentage of the student body is married; many have children. The town is very social, and for the most part has a very uplifting environment. The town, Provo, is a college town mostly. Expect traffic, long lines, couples, and small children.


BYU is very bright and big. I love the school, but not the people; this isn't their fault, I'm just not a very social person. I get what I need from my self and the rest is all well and good. People are extremely polite (I LOVE how the guys hold the door open for us girls. Very, very chivalrous) and nice, making it a pleasant and easy environment to ask questions. Classes are mostly interesting and informative (usually because of the professor) and there is plenty to do. People jokingly ask me why I'm not married yet when I tell them I'm at BYU (if they're Mormon - hint: I just barely finished my first year). The over-emphasis on marriage makes walking around campus feel like walking into a den of hungry, but picky, lions, and generally makes the guys look like asses to the girls. Oh, and saying that on campus would've turned at least a few heads *grin*.


The best thing about BYU: the quality of education in exchange for the amount required for tuition. I also like that BYU teaches you more than one kind of knowledge; the religious atmosphere really gives you an all-around experience. One thing I would change is the ridiculous parking at BYU. Bus passes should be free and parking passes should cost money. When I tell people I go to BYU, that usually alerts them that I'm LDS, or they ask about my sibling who also attend/attended BYU. School pride is ok. I find that more people outside of BYU appreciate it than inside. BYU is unique because of the ward experience... you live around the people you go to church with. The line between church and school is not so definite.


I love BYU. It's a great place to go for anyone, Mormons or otherwise, who wants a great college experience without all of the alcohol and partying. The sports teams are great and always competitive. We also have one of the largest fan bases in the country! The academics are top-notch, and it's a great place to be.


I love BYU. Lots of people dont. People that come to BYU do so because they want to be around other people who share their morals and standards. We dont want to have the temptation of drinking and partying that exists at other schools. This is a huge reason people come here but then a lot of kids complain that Provo is a boring town...which its not at all. We are 20 minutes from 11 incredible ski and snowboard resorts. There is tons to do in Provo. Bowling, iceskating, tons of sports, concerts, tooons of places to go out to eat, dance parties all the time, etc. Dont complain if you come here. YOU chose to come here.


I like BYU over all. It's a fantastic school for the price. Very inexpensive for the education offered. I'd say people are pretty judgmental over all. that is one down side to BYU. We see different and aren't always as accepting as we probably should be. The campus is really nice and quite small comparative to other universities which makes it nice for walking and getting around in between classes. Over all I also think people are pretty cold, by saying that I mean they aren't very friendly. Sure if you can get into their "group" they'll be friendly but other than that, Not so much.


A lot of people (including me) complain about BYU's rules, parking issues, etc. but I am constantly reminded that BYU provides some things that no other school can: dirt cheap tuition for the caliber education, a welcoming atmosphere, crazy networking, and common core values threaded through almost everyone at the university.


BYU is a large university and it's easy to feel lost in the grand scheme of things because the campus is so large and the beginning general education classes are very large (800 students). I spent most of my time in the Harold B Lee Library working (I worked 20 hours a week) and studying when I had a break from work and class. The most frequent complaints about BYU is the lack of student parking close to campus. There just isn't enough space to add more student parking around campus because the administration gives the closest spots to faculty and guests. BYU's biggest rival is the University of Utah. I think there's a rivalry because both schools are Utah schools and people assume that BYU contains all LDS students while the U doesn't, or doesn't contain as many. The stereotype of the University of Utah students is that they are drunk, crude, rude, and loud.


BYU is a great education in a great environment. We won the "Stone Cold Sober" award for a reason. The people have a lot of exposure, the students are from all over the world and have been all over the world. Lot's of school pride, especially when it comes to football.


The best thing about BYU is its reputation for excellence. As an accounting major it is nice to know that even though school is hard, you will graduate from the number one accounting school in the nation


BYU is a good school as far as academics go. One thing I would change is all the pressure that teachers put on trying to get married. Not everyone wants to get married when they're 19. I spend most of my time in the engineering lab or math lab. I don't think there are many controversies on campus. There is a lot of school pride


the best thing about byu is that we're allowed to discuss our religion in class where it is relevant. there are lots of good things about being sponsored by our church-- tuition is cheap, and our church leaders come to campus a lot.


I love it here. It's just fun, good, whole-some times. The only advice I have is for Freshman to live in the dorms. That was the greatest year of my life and I made such great friends.


I love the campus, the people are always nice. Professors are usually always good. Class sizes aren't too big most of the time. Good environment to be in.


BYU is a large school, with 33,000 undergraduate students. 99% of the population are mormon, and thus are very religious and participate in church activities. It's a good environment for socializing, growing spiritually, AND getting a good education.


I love the atmosphere at BYU. Most everyone is really nice and easy to get a long with. The only thing I would change would be to tone down how much they talk about getting married.


BYU is an amazing school. most of the programs are IVY League quality, but because it is a private university it doesnt have the IVY League title. And the best part is that the tuition is less than 2,000 dollars per semester, that is just as good as some community colleges, but you have a university credit that is highly respectable in the world.


the best thing about BYU is the people. There is a variety of people with many different interests you are almost always going to find someone that you have something in common with. BYU's campus is relatively small compared to the number of students here. During the warm weather students spend most of their free time outside on the grass and benches. BYU is full of school pride and a common motto around the BYU sports team is " I bleed blue!" Most people that know I go to BYU were first impressed that I do go to school here. BYU is a good school, very competitive in all aspects.


Class sizes are pretty big, it is hard for a professor to get to know you well (sometimes even at all) if one doesn't take the initiative to participate in class, sit near the front, talk to him/her before or after class, etc . . . If I were to have my will, classes would be about half the size they are now. Best thing about BYU is definitely the people. They are intelligent, have their heads on straight, have direction and specific goals that they actually work on, and are--for the most part--sincerely trying to live every precept of their religion.