Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Brigham Young University-Provo?


While this school is a private university under the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it is open to anyone who is willing to sign and live by the honor code. All religions, races, sexual orientations and other such demographics are completely accepted as long as they are willing to live by the code that all other students have agreed to. So, the only people who would not be successful at BYU are people who would refuse to live by the honor code, and be uninterested in the lifestyle it encourages.


BYU students must have integrity and love to learn. Anyone just looking for a crazy party life or who wants a free ride to a degree should go elsewhere. It is a privilege to attend BYU. Most students are working their own way through college. Irresponsible and immature behavior is not welcome. There is a strict honor code, and if anyone is not willing to cheerfully live by it, they clearly do not belong at this university. The standards of living and learning are clearly set. No one should even apply if they do not like those specific standards.


Someone who isn't willing to follow the Honor Code and abide by the rules willingly.


Rebelious people. The rules are strict, so if you don't like rules, you will not do well here. If you don't want to work hard, you also wouldn't do well here.


The kinds of people who shouldn't come to this school are those looking for outrageous parties, alcohol, and to find someone to sleep with. Brigham Young University has strict no alcohol, no drugs, no sex policies that will get anyone who does these things suspended or expelled. No one is excluded from this, even including athletes (towards whom most universities will turn a blind eye when they break school rules).


BYU is a very uniform school. There is plenty of encouragement of creativity and many opportunities to learn, however, if you enjoy going against the grain and making your own rules, this is not the place for you. As students, we are expected to maintain high standards of living and adhere to the Honor Code so that we represent the school well. Abover all, strong morals, honesty, and integrity are prized here.


A person should not attend this school if he or she is unmotivated and believes that they can miss class or not do the assigned reading or homework. They should also not attend if they cannot follow strict rules (i.e. the Honor Code).


You should not attend this school if you are not willing to abide by a strict Honor Code, study hard, and if you hate the cold.


Those who do not like to do homework and study for exams.


Non-serious students shouldn't attend there. People who don't want to keep the honor code or live up to the standards shouldn't attend there.