Brigham Young University-Provo Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The quality of education at Brigham Young University is amazing! BYU focuses on not just handing out degrees but on preparing students to excel in their field of study. Professors actually care about a student’s personal well-being and personal development (even those who have classes with 600+ students). Whatever a student decides to study here there are amazing opportunities for hands-on learning and application. State of the art STEM labs, theaters, and on-campus internships allow students to gain valuable, applicable experience. Brigham Young University is focused on developing well-rounded individuals.


Our school is inexpensive, and absolutely beautiful. The professors and classes are overwhelmingly wonderful, and even beautiful. There are so many resources and aids for students. Our school is focused on students and their well being. We are all thought of individually, and can receive any help that we need.


I love the fact that everyone pretty much has the same religious background. Making friends and study groups is easy and it's nice to learn in the context of things that fit within your religious values. There is no drinking or drugs and no one even wants to be involved in those things. This provides an optimal environment to really work hard and thrive in college. Your mind is clear and your body is healthy which are 2 major things that impact how you learn.


It is a wonderful environment full of excited and friendly students. It is a unique combination of secular and spiritual learning that allows each student to grow in unexpected ways. It is very challenging, but it is worth it because you know that you are getting the best possible education.


The best thing about my school is that it provides an enviornment to be with people who are just like you. Being a private school is allows me to grow in many different ways and gives me many different opportunities to become who I want to be. With many programs and clubs and people who want the same thing as you, it provides friendship with people who will not only be a blessing to me but help me throughout my life.


The best thing about BYU is how much freedom the school allows. For example, students are allowed to choose classes and times as they please. This freedom allows the students to learn and grow at their own pace making their education more effective and desirable. As students choose classes and the path they want to take, classes become less tedious because students know they personally chose to be there. This creates a contagious love for learning throughout campus making it a lot easier and more fun to learn.


Brigham Young University has a very mature environement with its honor code. Many would take this code, which prohibits alcohol, tobacco, drug and substance abuse, harassment of any form, and abuse of internet to be a high restriction of one's liberties; however, I have found that with these specific prohibitions, a student can more fully and effectively focus their time and efforts on the primary reason for attending a university- learning.


The best thing about Brigham Young University is the atmosphere among the students. There is a strong environment of helpfulness and friendliness that just can't be beat. The students share a strong value system, and the school's Honor Code is simply the best in the country for those looking for a conservative, fun, and clean college experience. I would strongly recommend this college to anyone looking for a wholesome college environment.


The best thing about BYU is the mixing of spiritual and worldly knowledge. You get to see how God's hand is in science, mathematics, hsitory, and so on. You also are reminded that worldly knowledge is just a means for providing for your family and helping others.


The best thing about Brigham Young University is the students. Students at Brigham Young University come from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 110 countries. The non-LDS students here represent more than 25 faiths. As of Fall 2012, BYU reported that 14 percent of it's students came from minority groups. It's an honor to attend school with such a wonderful, loving, and diverse group of people. I will probably never get an opportunity like this again.