Brightwood Career Institute-Harrisburg Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My college exprience so for has been hard but rewarding. I see that i can make something of myself. I want to provide more for my child by finishing college. I want to be a professional in criminal justice so i can help someone out. inever had anyone to just look up to and i want my daughter to have that feeling.


I have gotten the knowledge and understanding for my self that no matter how scary things might look or feel if you don't try it you will never know what you can achieve. When I first started my on line class I did not think I could find my way around, but I must say that my teachers, the staff has been wonderful in helping me. When my classes are over I will take with me a lot of knowledge and understanding about art, the measure of people and history that I never new before.


I would stress the importance of beginning the process of finding financial aid. Grants, scholarships, savings, anything that could go towards your dream. It's sad to say your dream comes with a hefty price, but it must also be said that you must not be discouraged, disheartened, or forlorn, because you CAN do this! Of course, I would also say that it is okay to be stressed, and it is okay to cry. It is also just fine to reach out for help. Just think of all the great new people you're going to meet! You better brush up on your study skills too, becuase you can't be lacking there. Don't worry about feeling nervous, scared, or downright sick to your stomache your first day of school, because like mom said, everyone else is just as nervous as you are. You've had to encounter about twelve first-days already throughout the years, so what's one more? Please remember to pay attention, it's going to be very interesting stuff! Lastly, and certainly most importantly, I would say to always remember your mantra -- if not to soothe, then to atleast have a giggle.


Do not assume you know what you are doing. Life has a way of seeking up and hitting you from behind and then you realize you have not reached your goals. It is better to humble yourself and get the right training for what you want. You are young and have not live your life, don't wait.

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