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Kaplan College ( aka Maric College) Has allowed me to enter an associate degree program in nursing without waiting on a list for 2 or more years. I began the application process mid October and was accepted as a student in November and my first class begins on Jan. 19 2010. This was a must for me since I am a 40 year old wife and mother that worked as a medical assistant for the past 10 years and due to the current job shortages, was unable to find a position as a medical assistant when I lost my job.

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My school focuses directly on the career of your choice and offers hands on and visual learning that has helped me tremendously as a student. Going to a community college I felt lost and confused however with Kaplan C ollege I am getting all A's and I'm happy to attend school everyday. Their focus is completely on the students and our success and it shows. If it weren't for Kaplan I wouldn't have a promisising future.

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