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What's unique about your campus?

Having transfered to Bristol Community College for my "sophmore year" I was a little skeptical to transiton from a state college to a community college. I feel like the best thing about my school is the specialized and personalized attention that my peers and I receive. Not only is there attention in the classroom, and ample time for student/teacher interaction, but they care about us just as much outside the classroom as they do in the classroom. The best thing about my school is the professors want to be there, and want to see us succeed in future endevors.

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The staff works as hard as they can to give myself and all of the other students the best college experience. If I need help, they go completely out of their way to help me. They gave me step by step instructions on what to do to register, what website to visit, where to find the list of classes I'll need and what code to put in my FAFSA application. They also help other students however they can with a monthly food drive and occasional contests to earn a little extra money to pay what we need to.

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I believe the best thing about Bristol Community College is that every teacher is while to commidate with your need has long has you avacate yourself. Also, if a professor sees you are struggling they are willing to try to help you in every way possibe like open office hours or after class. There it is not just about college you can get invloved with many different clubs, organization, sports. Also, they have personal tutor for you to get for any subject and do not cost you a dime.

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