Broadview University-West Jordan Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would start by saying that you need to make sure you finish high school no matter what and not let things get in your way. I would also have to say not to wait to go to college and just get right into it because it would be so much easier had i done this to begin with, and i wouldn't be in the position i am in now.


Just because in a few months you will never have to walk through the halls of high school, doesn't mean you stop applying yourself in your classes. Sure skipping class here and there to be with your friends is fun, but what about your grades, just getting buy is not enough. Right now it just seems like its high school, but your high school grades will follow you forever, where as those good friends, well they got married and moved on just like you. And now the lack of effort in your grades shows every time you think back to your final GPA. High school was the free ride your parents pushed for you, you didn't have to pay, and you knew you would graduate. "So whats the big deal huh". College doesn't care if your there or not, they get there money, your not hurting them. Your hurting yourself, wake up and step up its your butt on the line. There is nothing worse then wondering "What If", start applying yourself now so you don't have regreats. "I wouldn't be here talking to myself, if I had listened to myself ".


I would go back and apply for the school I'm currently attending, Utah Career College. If I would have applied as a senior they would have paid for my schooling. But instead I went to the College of Eastern Utah to be close to home and friends. At CEU I took a business scholarship, which I have no interest in, but took regardless. After a year of paying for and taking classes I was not interested in I decided I had to do something. So I called Utah Career College who had been sending me information. Now I am enrolled in their Veterinary Technician program doing what I want to do. But now I have to pay for all of it on my own. Because I am not married or pregnant I am still considered to live with my parents, so the state feels I am under their income and will not provide me with aide. So if I could go back I would have taken their offer right out of high school and saved myself all the trouble I am going through now financially. I could really use and appreciate some help in trying to pay for school.


As hard as it is to decide what it is that you want to do for the rest of your life, just going to college for a 2 year degree pays off in the long run with a higher salary over your lifetime and gives you an advantage over other job applicants. Your interest in animals was a good indication of what your interest is, so waiting 30 yrs to finally decide what you ultimately want to do is crazy. You are not locked into that particular job for the rest of your life. No one has to do the same thing forever and ever. After you graduate you can try managing a resort or learn carpentry. Just because you have a Vet. Tech Degree doesn't mean that is all you can do for the rest of your life. Think outside the box and try something different. You can always go back to college and get a degree in something new. Life is too long not to continue learning throughout your lifetime. Just start now. If you wait you will talk yourself out of going at all. Just go. You won't regret it.


Go to college when your young. Having a baby out of high school is hard, but it's easier to go to school with one baby rather than raising a houseful, working full-time, and going to school. If I could go back, I would have gone to college right out of high school, baby and all.