Brookdale Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Very diverse, lots of different kinds of people go to brookdale. There all pretty nice, some are weird.


Majority of my fellow classmates are focus on learning the material and obtaining the highest grade.


My classmates are each unique in their own way.


My classmates are ecclectic. There are the students that sit in the Student Life Center everyday and play Dungeons and Dragons and shoot nerf guns. There are also students of many different cultures, I often see women wearing scarves over their hair as a part of their religious practices. I have met many people, some even business executives in my classes. If you can think of a type of person, they probably attend Brookdale.


Each on of my classmates is different in his or her own way, I think it would be impossble to decribe them as a whole.


Many of the classmates that I have been around are irresponsible, lazy and unmotivated, regardless of what the professors try to do to get them involved in class activites.


My classmates are young, brilliant, vibrant and fun.


My classmates want to learn as much as the professors enjoy teaching!