Brookdale Community College Top Questions

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Brookdale is unique to the others schools I was considering because it is an actual campus. UTI, Lincoln tech, Wyo tech, etc are just tech schools, whereas Brookdale is a fully fledged community college. There is far more here to do and going on then at a technical school.


It offers a multitude of options when trying to choose your field of study. From medical to arts, from a 2 year transferable degree so you can continue on to a 2 year career degree so you are able to enter into the workforce with the education and skills you need. The campus offeres a community feel to encourage students, it offers a feeling all are welcome and doesn't make a student feel overwhelmed. Of the various schools visited, Brookdale offered the most comfort and selection for my needs and goals at this time.


Brookdale is very unique due to the campus is spread out so much and also there are diffrent buildings depending which courses you are taking. When I was living in NYC and I atteded Medgar Evers College everything was in one building.


There are small classes with a maximum of 35 in large lecture classes and one-on-one learning assistance provided in all subjects. There is a large math lab , speech labs, excellent science labs, and many branches called Higher Education centers for those who can't make it to the main Lincroft campus. The campus is also more like a college campus than other community colleges.