Brookdale Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I’m attending Brookdale community college for their automotive program which is spectacular! I’ve looked into UTI, Lincoln tech, Wyo tech, as well as a few other technical schools. None will stack up to Brookdale, for it price. It is much more affordable then the other technical schools. The class/lab work here is 50/50 unlike many of the other technical schools from what I have heard. The best part is with Brookdales auto program is that you receive an associates applied science degree A.A.S, not just a Tech degree!


All the oppurtunities the school has to offer. The events they hold, and the education system. You can really get one-on-one time with your professor and actually learn and understand the material.


When i tell my friends about school i mainly talk about my professors that i have had. Most of the professors i have had for my various art classes were upbeat and down to earth. If I'm talking about school i am usually reccomending the different professors i have had to them.


The choices! The number of choices for a small community college are exceptional. Not just degree options, but the elective options to add to your education. With the choices comes the support; the staff works with you in helping you tailor your education - there is some flexibility in refining your classes to meet your real workplace objectives.


The classes at my school are rather easy. As long as you pay attention and don't slack off, it's not difficult to pass.


There are so many aspects of this college to brag about. The most important aspect is the education I have receieved due to the great teaching abilities of my professors. The teachers here really care about the students. Their ability to teach us is incredible. Through group work, power points, videos, and lectures we are able to learn so much. I have never met so many adults who truly cared about my future. There are many opportunities to ask questions and to seek help.