Brookdale Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Brookdale Community College is open to all resident in Monmouth County, thus it is a college of diversity, and students who do not enjoy such learning environment should not attend Brookdale. Brookdale average class size is small (30/1), so students that prefer bigger classes shouldn't apply. Also, students who do not wish to be bother by tedious college transfer process, or student who like to have on-campus housing experience, should not attend a community college.


There is no person who shouldn't attend this school. I've been there 2 years and I've seen every walk of life- different ethnicities, social status, age, religion. Perhaps it's not best for someone who knows exactly what they want to do and has the money to do it, in which case they should just go do it at their 4 year college without the hassle of transferring credits and dealing with undeclared majors.


People who are not driven to succeed. Brookdale is highly accredited and, in my opinion, is harder than the 4 year university i attended before coming to Brookdale. They take success very seriously and have very intelligent professors. Only go to Brookdale if you truly are driven and want a challenge.