Broward College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Broward College is best known for being the gateway to getting into the desired college of students if they did not have he grades to get into those schools while they were in high school. Broward College is seen as the stepping stone in a young college career to help you achieve acceptance into the other school. Broward College offers good preparation and guidance for when hese students do transfer to better schools.


A wide set of majors to choose from and flexability to accomplish each degree


My school best known by the really good qualities and the best proffesors. the school is really clean and the people are really nice and friendly. it also have the best labs where you can study and do homework. i give my school an A+.


My school is best known for its Honors society here at Broward college and its Nursing program


Because it has everything i want and it's located nearby my house, so for me it's the best one i could attend as my first college degree for my career


I'm not really sure because I just started school there last week. I would say Its a good school to go to before going to a university to save money.


It has a very good honors program, and many clubs. it has a huge cultural diversity because of where its located (south florida).


Easy of education.


My school is best know for recuitment of students from its city, because of the location.


I believe that my school is best know for having various resources avaliable to students. they offer tutoring in all subjects which really helps students in better understanding the subject because they get more one on one time. Another thing is the learning resource center which i believe every student takes advantage of; it has computers, instructors to help you out, modules and so much more. The LRC is where students spend most of their time studying.