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What I consider unique about my school compared to other schools is the fact that it's a start to getting ahead in life. Granted, it is a community college, however, I feel that Broward College offers people a lot of opportunities to perfect their craft and prosper in what ever they are passionate about. For example, there's many clubs that people can join and network in, there's career/job fairs that are held often, and there's lectures on real life situations that many can benefit from. Broward College is a template for greatness.


Broward College has flexible learning,good environment and great teachers.Also the classes and programs are very affordable.


The school has caring individuals who will help you to be able to succeed. The counsleors, employees and other students are all very helpful and the school provides a very good atmosphere to learn and to succeed. You can go at your pace and coordinate your schedule any way you would like. It is very convinient for students.


Broward College is a every friendly school. There is alway someone there to lend a helping hand whenever your in need of assistance.


Broward College has been a sort of haven for me since I've began attending. The atmosphere is very friendly and the professors are very knowledgeble in their respective fields. The school is located close to my home so commuting is very conveniant for me. However the one stand out quality of Broward College is the prices to attend are naturally much lower then that of state universities. Academically I excel because school is my my number one priority, however financially, I am not where I'd like to be. I intend to change that through higher learning at BC.


Broward is very organized. I was able to sign up for the classes I needed with in a few days of applying.


I attend a former community college that is now considered a four year college as of 2009. Usually schools around the nation the same thing as in nice staffs, great workers, teacher, etc.. I have yet to experience what other schools may bring to my plate, but so far something unique I like about my school is the time workers and teachers put in to help. For example we have free tutoring on campas for every type of study, teachers have a smaller number of students per class which help the student get more hands on and suffient help.


Broward College offers a chance for students, who in the past ignored the importance of high school grades, to excel in subjects of varying difficulty. Broward College offers a vast range of characters from the Ivy League material mother to the redeemed high school dropout. One thing that links all of the students of Broward College is their interest and love for experiencing the finer moments of life, with a strong sense of Carpe Diem.


Really what makes it unique is that is very close to my home, only five minutes away. Also the music program is exellent. my professors are great and understanding, and they are willing to help no matter what. I had some problems this semester with my schedules. See, the school is not so good when organizing and technical things. Anyhow I spoke to the dean letting her know how I needed a new professor for my Private voice lessons for this winter semester because of several issues with my major, and theywere so helpful , they went beyond!


My school is in a well kept area. There are local businesses, shops and restauraunts near by.


In Broward College, high school graduates or new students will feel some comfort and an easy transition into a college life because of them. My school gives many people a chance to succeed in life. I am trying to transfer to Florida International University for a dual degree program after my Associates Degree. Broward College is preparing me with incredible educators, tips for the future, and exercises for preparation in our careers. Many people can explore the numerous options for majors that will better their lives. There are not enough words to thank Broward College for everything they have done.


It is clean, the location to me is a lot better than miami dade community college.


The professors are very caring when it comes to each students needs and education.


Broward College allows schooling to be easy. The travel time and tuition/fees are less than if I were attend a Universtiy.


My school is unique because my school was a community college and in a blink of an eye, it became a college and that is very unique. Also my college is in the center of about 4 different colleges.


The class sizes are way smaller then most schools so it gives you more of that one on one with the teacher.


My school has the best nursing program for students and I am enrolled in it. Broward College, formaly known as Broward Community College, went from having only 2 year degrees, to now offering 1 and soon to be two 4 year degrees. There are so many different types of people at Broward College and everyone is so welcoming.


Broward Community College is unique compared to the University?s that I looked at in that they specialize in getting students the decrees they need or the foundation for a BA that they are seeking. Private University?s are costly and unobtainable for many people; Young people without help from parents and older people who have families and children to support, but still want to better their financial situation with higher education. Borward College strives to make education available to many by affordable rates and class times at nights and on weekends for employed head of households and single mothers.


What makes my school unique is how all the different campuses offer such different feilds of study. The downtown center focuses mainly on design while the south campus has a lot to offer dealing with aerodynamics. On the other hand central campus has a great nursing program,