Broward College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I mostly brag about the different clubs that you can really become a part of and get really involved in with school. I also brag about the some of the scholarships they offere to help you with your schooling/classes. And last but not least the Professors here at Broward, not only are they good their patient, and take the time out to help you when you are lost with anything! Love this school


It has great teachers


I like to let people know about the caring faculty at Broward College. The professors within the classroom truely care about the student's success and look forward to helping the student to succeed.


the only thing i can brag about is my major because not a lot of colleges specifically offer nuclear medicine technology. Not too many of my friends kno what the field is all about or ever heard of it. So its something new i can be proud of.


When discussing my school with my friends I have a habit of mentioning the friendly enviorment. Also, I never fail to mention the modern buildings and the comfort of being there. There are tons of extra-curricular activities such as the game room and the basketball court. Another factor that I mention is that there are lots of sections for classes to choose from. So, planning your schedule is easy. One other thing would be parking. Parking is a painless experience.


With the program that I am in (dental assisting/hygiene) i will be able to finish school sooner than most of my friends and start working right out of college.


Although my school is a junior college, there are activities and programs just like a state university. Such as, athletic programs and student publications.


When talking with my friends about Broward College, I tend to brag about how great the education is at the school. The way the professors teach you topics can relate to your everyday life. The education is the number one priority at the school and the emphasis of education being grasped by their students. Professors will give as many labs, study sessions, and extra help needed to have their students succeed. Some people will brag about how horrible the education is at their college, but there will not be one bad word spoken about Broward College.


The classrooms are smaller, which allows the teachers to be more interactive with the students.


Girls, girls, girls i do adore.


When asked about my school I ushually tell my friends that I enjoy the professors beause they are very intelligent and knowledgable about their subjects. But the thing I really like is that the classes are small so you can get the attention you need if you are not understanding something.


be caerful with the counselers, because most of the time they don't do the right job, sometimes they'll just tell you things and clses to take but you really dont need to take it. Also, have a lot of patience whenever you go to admissions or financial aid, because they are going to keep you waiting as long as possible.


The professors I had were great! They really took the time to explain things that I did not understand. Broward College has an science club and other clubs that you can join in to help meet other students. There are a lot of scholarships available and financial aid to help assist with pay. Broward College is also web-based. You can chose to take night classes instead of day classes., and there are approximately four campuses to chose from.


Counselers!, don't take their word. You have to go and check your requirenment clases and you choose them, is better if you check on rate my before you pick the professor.


The teachers.