Broward College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is very hard to build close friends and connections with classmates. It may have just been the classes I've taken so far but I feel like a robot being programmed during class by lecture after lecture beating any source of creativity out of me.


It does not have an active soccer team


The worst thing about my school is that students do not interact as much with each other.


I believe that the inconsistency in the staff is the worst thing about my school. A few of my teachers have been amazing. I honestly have the opportunity of saying that they taught me information I will never forget and have changed my outlook as a student. On the other hand, I have had teachers that show no true passion towards their profession or students. Also, these teachers will mark a dedicated, interested students grade down for missing one class. This is really discouraging. One sick day shouldn't mean the difference between an "A" and a "B".


What I consider the worst thing about my school is the cost of books. The majority of Broward College school books are overpriced. Some books can range from $20 to $500. I receive financial aid and I still get worried everytime I have to buy my books from the bookstore. The worst part is when it's time to sell back your books when classes are finished. You don't receive the full price you paid. It's either half, less than half, or they don't accept it once they have enough copies of that particular book.


The worst thing about Broward College to me is the parking garage and trying to maneuver through that nightmare. This could be interpreted as an invalided complaint because it’s just a regular parking garage like all the others before it, but it’s on Broward College property so I can say that it is just the worst. Imagine being stuck at a standstill trying to go home with no radio signal for music to play, the only noise is the car alarm of the Mustang that has been blaring since you first arrived for class. It’s just awful.


It looks like a high school. It's only a small step from my previous educational facility. There is not much to look at, nor is there anywhere to go at Broward College. That is really the only negative thing to say.


It can be very impersonal. The dropout rate seems a bit high as many are single parents.


The stigma that going to Broward College carries. Some frown upon it due to the "community-college" feel it gives off. I do not have a problem with the school but others seems to mock the school. There are many prestiguous universities in the area, and this is likely the cause, but personally this is the one thing that truly bothers me about this school.


The pricing of school that restricts alot of people from getting a higher level of education.


I really can't think of the worst or anything negative to say. I have takn classes on 3 campuses and they have been worthwhile. Every teacher I have had has been very helpful. The professors genuinely care about their students. I am very happy with the education I am recieving. All campuses are clean. College staff isn professional.


My campus is more of a college campus size. I would like to go to a school that has a university feel to it. Although, I have heard they the school is trying to become University level, so I know that means that remodeling and growth will follow. It already has Bachelors degrees with make it a 4 year education, the only thing is missing is the campus activities and resources. Other than that there is not much to not like about the school, it has affordable classes, flexiable schedules with available classes and the professors are dedicated and organized.


The worst thing about the school is that if a student is looking for the perfect college environment,they will be dissatisfied. It dosent offer all the extra-curricular activities that most of the other colleges offer.


The worst thing at my school is that many of the students attending do not actually care about education. A lot of the students attending Broward College go to school because either their parents made them or they want the extra money from the financial aid check. The students can be disrupt the classroom and can be a nuissance when they are in a group presentation. They come to school in tank tops and show complete unprofessionalism in what is basically the work place for a student. I believe BC has to hold these students accountable for their actions.


Need more detailed information regarding how much to borrow per year for student loans


nothing really you just have to do your work


well i think the worst thing about my school would be there are too many students compared to the faculty that works there. So if you have an appointment at a certain time and get there on time , you still have to wait on the previous students. Basically its kind of slow and people become very impatient . Nothing is never really "On time."


There is nothing i can say as a worse thing about it , therefore nothing is the worst...besides it's a great college, i love it!!!


The overall dirtyness of the campus facilities.


I consider the worst thing about my school not being able to get invovled easily. I feel as though if you do not know somebody in the club or organization it is harder to get information on it or to join. They do have a list of all the organizations but a lot of the time some are missing.


I personally havent experienced anything that would make me think my school wrong.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of education from teachers. You would assume that being a teacher you would be well educated on the subject that you are teaching. At my school that is not the case, the teachers are more like babysitters than insrtuctors. Granted not all the teachers are like this but a majority of them are. Reading directly off powerpoint slides that come with the book and not being able to answer questions on the subject is not acceptable. I know that as a student i most take it upon myself to learn.


The worst thing was dealing with the long lines for books, finacial aid and seeing your academic advisor.


they dont have any food for vegetarians/vegans


I never get to know the events happening. The advertising is bad. Services are out there but people don't even know about it.


It is dificult to make an appointment to speak with someone in person. You must do everything on-line. Trying to speak to someone on the phone seems almost frowned upon.


Counselers, each obne of them will tell you different things, make you take clases that you don't need and you end up losing time and money. I was better off on my own.