Broward College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


hard working student


If you ask me, I would suggest anyone who plans on going to college and fulfilling their dream career but cannot afford to attend a university to come here. Broward College may seem like terrible choice, but if your money situation isn't great I would certainly not suggest you attend someone "better" by taking out many loans. The education you get there is the education you'll get here, just cheaper.


A person that should attend this school is someone who is looking for a cost-friendly education. You pay such a small fee to take the same general education courses at a 4-year university. If you want to start off your first 2-years of college without having to break the bank, go to Broward College. It's the most affordable education in Southern Florida.


part-time, full-time students. Hispanic students, Heitian students, African-American students, anyone who want totransfer to the university or the associated degree


Students that wants to succeed in life and wants the flexibilty of attending classes that's conveniet for the student.


A student that should attend this school is a student that would like to get help face to face with the teacher, like small class size and that has a budget with money wise to pay for their classes.


Broward College students should embrace individuality because the school's moddo is "Define Yourself." A Broward College student should be willing to embrace cultural diversity and should pursure an education that teaches the individual how to solve problems that affect the global community rather than one specific population.


This school is perfect for a person who is accustomed to working hard for what they want and who is serious about pursuing his or her goals. This school is suitable for those who have the desire to attend school, but find it difficult to do so due to a job, children, or other activity that might consume a lot of his or her daily life. Also, a person who is willing to become a part of a community and contribute to its development.


This school is perfect for the person who has to work and pay bills, because it allows you the flexibility and affordability. Also, if you're a little nervous about entering college this is perfect to settle those nerves, and allow you to build up confidence and strength when it comes time to transferring to another university.


There is a variety of Students who attend this college. Parents who are stuggling, students who want to stay closer to home, students are financial situations aren't as good as they should be, as well as many others.


I think this school is good for anyone who has a busy schedule with work or children because the professors work well with you if you need to manage your class time around other important things in your life.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be a person who wants a close teacher-student relationship and a person that doesn't want to be so far from their hometown


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is motivated and has a general idea of what he or she would like to study. Broward College is a school that offers many activities and classes that a freshmen or returning student will feel comfortable in. The advisors are always available to answer questions about future endevours, and welcome meetings.


I believe that all people have an equal opportunity and chance to further their education. College is a wonderful experience and there should not be a limit to ?who? or ?what kind of person? should go to college, as long as you have the will power, drive, determination, dedication and opportunity I think that at least everyone should give college a shot.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who's seeking a degree, and doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg doing it. Broward College is also great for someone who works, and can only attend class on the weekends.