Broward College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If your aim is to go to school to do absolutely nothing to better your education, this is not the place for you.


This school is a great place to start and prepare for future student education.


The only person that should not attend this school is someone that has absolutely no desire to further their education. A person with no desire to pursue a better future for them self attending the local community college is only wasting their time and money. While they are on the right track to better themselves by attending school if they just don’t care then they should not be here. Otherwise, Broward College is a great choice for anybody looking for an affordable option to better their future.


I think that everyone that is focus and has a goal should attend school and get their degree; however if you're not focus you shouldn't waste the time and money. A student that isn't serious about their future or career should not attend broward college.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Broward College is a person that is not mentally ready for college, and a person that is not committed to being in college because a person that is neither won't progress as a college student.


Someone who is not ready


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this school is students that are not positive if they want to expand there future of learning. Even tought Broward College is a two year institution it functions and gets you prepared to the four year institution. Students who think its going to be easy should not attend. Also students that are going to waste their time should not attend either.


If you are a person who is not serious about education and learning you should not attend Broward College. if you wont help yourself how do you expect others to help you. broward College is here to help educate people who want to learn and exceed.


I don't know what kind of person shouldn't attend this school because Broward College has something for everyone.


A person looking for many extracurricular activities, partying, and housing.


someone who has no desire to exeed and grow in life, thought I believe everyone has the desire to go forward though it might seem otherwises sometimes. but this college is for everyone. everyone who wnats to learn and open their wings to fly!


Broward College is known for its high standards and hard-working students. I don't believe that anyone who is not willing to contribute to this high standard should attend this school. In addition, anyone unwilling to participate in a community that is strengthened by the variety of its members might not be suitable for this institution, unless this individual is open to change...


I think that everybody should attend this school if they want to go to a 2 year college, I'm goin to a 2 year community college then I am transfering to a 4 year college. I feel that if you want to go to a 2 year college and then its good because u have your parents to help you out and for u to get on your feet as a young adult then you go a university if you want to. It doesnt matter what kind of person as long as your getting the education you want.


A persoon who does not like divesitr because there are peoplefrom every where. No one is the sma ei know most colleges are like this but since i decided to stay home from college i thought it was not going to be as good good but i was wrong.


Anyone who doesn't care about their grades, if you don't want to be there....don't go there. There are many students who can't get into classes because many people choose to show up to class just to get the reimbursement's not fair to those who actually want and/or need to take the class.


I think this school is perfect for anybody.


A person that doesn't want to study, that they don't know what to do with their lives because you are going to end up waisting ypur money droping clases. If you go to school you have to read, do homework and research on your own.


The kind of person that should not answer this school is someone who thinks they'er going to get a Harvard Education. Community colleges are for those who was to get a degree, but dont want to spend a ton of money getting one.


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this school are people that expect to be babysat . In addition people that also want life easy.