Brown Mackie College-Findlay Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I find alot of them travel a long distance to attend the nursing curiculum and the older students like myself are looking for a better future , because of the closings of our former place employment.


My classmates varies in age some are middle mothers , some have jobs and other are going to college to get a degree for a better career. almost all the classmates travel about twenty five miles or more. The classmates enjoy the one class a month because we can get through the classe much faster than other colleges. most of the classmates are white americans, but majorty are black americans in the Nursing feild . Many of my classmates I have became good friends with and are willling to help there classmates out with studying and if a student needs help in .


My classmates are typically non-traditional students. This means that we have been out of high school for some time and are going back to school to make a career change or have been laid off from their last job and are going back to school to gain new skills to make them better in the job market. They are widely diverse and have a huge variety of backgrounds. Most of my fellow students are female.


Most students are dedicated and intelligent.


My classmates are people alot like me trying to further their educations to make a better life for theirselves andfa families.