Brown Mackie College-Findlay Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to slow down and listen to what my teachers were saying and pay attention more in science classes. I did pretty well but I could have done a lot better if I would have listened and tried harder. I feel as if I would understand more in college classes. I would also tell myself to enjoy everyday of high school and all the football games and sporting events that we had and the dances because once you start college it may seem like a big party but if you want to do well and graduate with the grades you deserve you need to concentrate and study hard it is not just a place that you can party for a few years and all of sudden have an amazing job and life.


Don't put schooling off! You are a smart and talented girl who has so much going for you. Don't let the fear of failure stop you because you can do it. You can waste so much time by not continuing your education. Everything is going to work out fine, put yourself first for once because only you hold the keys to your future!!


I would tell myself to never give up when the going gets tough. When I graduated high school I became pregnant with my son who is 4 now and I wish I would have gone to college sooner so I could have the job I have always wanted in order to give my family the lives they deserve. I wasnt prepared for college and dealing with juggling family and being laid off so if I could go back in time I would make sure I went to college right away so I wouldnt be in the position I am now. Broke and jobless. I look at the positive though. I have an amazing son and father to him, a roof over my head, and I am pursuing my dream finally.


Brady, you need to prepare yourself mentally and even physically for your future college choice. Begin deciding now what you want out of life, and then start looking for the college that will provide this for you. Explore the campus, take in the graphical area of the school area. Keynoting every single spot you can hide and study when you need that quiet time to focus or take a nap, because we know how we like to do those. Read the campus magazines, they give you great insight on others experiences on a campus. This can give you ideas on what you should be doing for yourself to prepare. Pay attention to what they say and do your afterschool homework on the right college for your field of study you choose. Buy your books used or online, when it's actually used the way it is now. But in the end it comes down to what you want. Do what is right for both of us. I'm feeling less drunk, so I know you are going to make the right choice. Maybe I will stop doing the college parties and finding myself on a strangers yard.


The same advice my father and other more mature adults in my life had (to stay in school). I would encourae myself to give a hundred and ten percent , adding to the fact general labor is hard on your body. Injuries can take a toll on your life and no job is certain, but an education opens doors. The more you know the better chances you give yourself to stay on top of those searching for employment in the same carreer.Likewise you give yourself a headstart on a carreer in which there are more opputunities to grow. In conclusion no job is safe from lay-offs or the threat of foreclosing , but with an education you have more oppertunities to find a better job with a higher sallary.


Dear Self, Please take your education seriously. Try to soak up the material you are presented and enjoy the feeling of knowledge. You will lay the groundwork for your future. You will become a beneficial member of society by pursuing your dreams and accomplishing your goals. Life will treat you good because you are a winner and nothing can stop you when you put your mind to it. Grab the brass ring and run with it!


I would tell myself to just go for it. Take the plunge and get the education. Three months after high school I was pregnant with my first child. By the time I finally started college I had two children, was married, and on the beginning stages of getting divorced. Going back in time would change my life a lot. I would tell myself to go to school even if I didn't know what I wanted to go for, where I wanted to go, or how I was going to pay for it. I didn't realize it then but it would have been a lot easier to go to school then without children, then it is now with them. I would tell myself to live my college years and that I have plenty of time to have children and a family later, once I got at least some education and grew up.


I got good grade in high school when I was a senior in high school. I am so happy that I am in college now I lean so much in college. This is the life for me college life just for me.


The advice I would give to the nineteen-year younger me is to not wait until later to finish your college education. Figure out what career interests me quickly and then commit 100%. I would tell myself to set short and long term goals and revisit them often so I don't forget where I want to be in twenty years. Going back to school after all these years is difficult, you forget how to write essays and basic math skills. Also, having other people dependent on your success is stressful and frightening. Make it easier on yourself later and get your degree now then you can spend the next tweny plus years building on it.


If I could go back and give myself advice about collge, I'd quote: "Do not procrastinate." It only leads to failure and college is the most important step to your future. I would preach to get everything done in advance. From scholarships to applications. Early is never too early. A major is not as important as getting signed up to attend school, unless your applying to a school that specializies in your specific course.


As a high school , if i knew now that I could have went to college after I graduuated I would have done so. Now high school student have many more options to go to college and now you can't find a job out in the work feild without a college education. I am now going back to get a degree to get a better job. In highschool now they have college credits which a student can use toward a college. When I was in school we did not get any college credits. I wish i would have futher my education after graduating, because I would be further along then I am now. Yes, I am happy to go back to school after all these years. as high schools student you can go on and get a degree and a job you will enjoy and even have high minum wages for a degree then you would without. A degree will get out in the work force faster than not having a degree at all.


If I could go back in time and give myself advise about college, the first thing I would tell myself is to make sure you are making the correct decision. College is not for everyone. You have to be ready for the college experience and you must be going to attend college because you want to and not because someone else wants you to. Also, do not rush into picking an intended major. In The first two years of you college experience, you will be taking mainly elective classes regardless of major. Take the elective classes that interset you. Enjoy the class time and make sure to do the work and go to class. It is very difficult to maintain high grades if you do not attend class. Another thing is to apply for every scholorship that is available. Even if you feel that you have no chance of getting the "free" money, at least apply, you never know. Finally, make new friends and enjoy the time. This is the best opportunity that you will have to expand your views of the world and different cultures. It is also the very best time of your life.


Do the best you can in class now and develop good studying skills now s that when you go to college you will be able to handle the caseload of all the assignments required of you.


College is an excellent experience.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself that college is very important to my future and I need to go to college right after High School. It is much easier to go to college right out of high school because your academics are still fresh in your mind. I am not saying that going to college later in life is bad, look at me now. I pay more attention since I am older, and I am more interested in what is being taught. The instructors are great and they are there to help us as students succeed. We all wish we could go back and do things differently, but it just doesn't happen. We need to do the best we can and it is never to late to get a higher education.