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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


?In the next year, your life is going to change tremendously,? were the words falling out of your father?s mouth as you were driving home from enrolling in college. You were stubborn but you wanted to believe him. You craved something outside of the mundane. Little did you know just how right he was. My first and greatest piece of advice to you as a high school senior is to keep your chin up. Don?t ever let the gossip at work or grim attitudes of your peers affect you. You are going to make something of yourself and truly help those who need it. Don?t spend all your money on things you think you need. Open a savings account and put away twenty percent every pay period. You will need that money more than you know. Appreciate and love your family with all you have. When you return to that empty apartment, they won?t be there. No one is going to pave the way to success for you. You get what you put in, so try your hardest and show the world that you?re ready for whatever situation life throws your way.


Well, I dropped out of highschool and waited 6 years to get my GED. It took me another 4 years before I went back to school. So I would have to tell myself to finish highschool and go on to college. There are no careers out there for people that do not have an education. And that although you may not like doing the work now, it is a lot more difficult when you are a single mom with 3 kids.


The transition would be easier after high school, you would be already in the routine of things. Would be no wast of time to better your career opportunitys. I would be already in the routine of study . I would tell myself to have fun and enjoy that time in school, life is to short not to have fun and get to know people during this time in life. I would get as much help in paying for college as i could. I would go for a job that would be much in demaned like Crimal Justice, Medical Assistance. I would say enjoy the job i would get after college. Stay with the job no matter how hard it gets, cause work will be hard to find 20 years from now. Most of all do not give up your dreams to become someone you want to be. At the end of the hard work and time, i will be happy with the job i am in. I will have a husband and children. Life will be hard, but i can say that i did and not look back and regret it. Gretchen Mckinzie


If i could go back in time, I would tell myself that college is a very important part of life if you want to be somebody. I would say that being cool only goes so far and will not get a career. Me and my friend will still being doing the same stuff in 10 years if I don't change something. My friends will not pay the bills. My friends will not be there when your children are born, and if you can't party with them, your not that important. So going to college will be the best idea to get out of the rut and become someone. It will take a little hard work, but if you do it now you won't be in you mid 30's trying to get a good career or taking time away from your family, who will be very important to you when they come.


I would tell myself to carefully consider what college I choose because every school is different. Also, I would suggest taking off a semester between high school graduation and college to avoid burn out and being overwhelmed with the transition to college. Not finishing college will mean years of low paying jobs that don't interest you or build your esteem and character. Find something you have a passion for and make it your career. Finally I would suggest taking advantage of my senior year in high school by exploring majors and career paths, taking classes that will enhance my college experience, and keeping my grades up to be eligible for scholarships because education is very expensive.


If I could go back in time and tell myself anything as a high school senior it would be to take my future more seriously. I attended a community college after graduation and really didn't care about any of my classes because I felt as if other things were more important, which is the same attitude I had in high school. I would also say that the little things that I felt were so important in high school really won't matter that much in a few years. I would also tell myself to listen to my parents because they acutall might know what they are talking about. Now at almost twenty-one years old I have finally grown up and have went back to school to pursue a degree in nursing. I feel that I have learned my lesson about college and that I am finally taking it seriously and putting an effort into school. I try very hard to study and always do my best. I now realize that your eduction is what will truly make the biggest difference in your life.


I did not make it to senior year because I was immature. If I could go back I would of stayed in school even though I have my high school diploma it just is not the same. I know now that it has affected my life more then I knew. I missed out on a milestone in life and you just can not get hat back. I would of done things different and I would of tryed harder.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to just go to college right out of high school. College isn't really as stressful as one may think. Plus, getting a degree soon after high school gives a person the advantage to go back to college and get a higher degree or a different one depending on ethe situation. The economy is not really a stable thing. One day you could have an job and not the next. Those with college degrees seem to have a better chance at keeping their jobs. Life isn't easy, but getting college out of the way first is the best thing to do. Life would have been so much different if I would have went right out of high school.


Don't take time off from school, just go sign up right out of high school. Also consider all of your options when choosing a career, you might feel like taking more than one field of study if there are many things that you are interested in or enjoy. Find a college that fits your needs, such as one that you do not have to stay on campus for, one that can work around your schedule, and one that meets your needs.

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