Brown Mackie College-Louisville Top Questions

What should every freshman at Brown Mackie College-Louisville know before they start?


Since attending Brown Mackie ive become more diverse and open to learning new languages and cultures,due to all the ethnitics there. Ive met Korean, Spanish and English people there and many more. Therefore i am very thankful that i live in america because they've told me stories about things that have happen where they're from as well as how they live. Resulting me to not take anything for granted.


I have a professional understanding when it comes to getting my major . It has prepared me for the real world and what to expect in the workforce. It is important because if you are dedicated to college you most likely are to finish what you started. You can achieve what you put into it. Attendance is very inportant and striving to make the best grades as possible. Learning the ends and outs of what is the best professionally for me and the acheive that goal dream I have of finishing college and maybe one day be in a professional setting.