Brown Mackie College-Salina Top Questions

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Taking one class at a time makes it easier to acheeve my short term goals, per class of getting all A's. The instructors are very informative. I look forward to achieveing my goal of becoming a register nurse and look forward to returning to health care and providing the best care I can for my patients. I also want to further my education and become a Nurse Practitioner in the future.


My school is unique because we do one class a month. By taking only one class a month you learn at a faster pace which enables you to graduate faster and get your degree and begin with you career. Another thing that is great about it is that we have small classes, so you get more one on one time with you instructor. One last thing is that class is only three days a week so you can still work and go to school.


Brown Mackie College focuses on one class a month and that makes it so much easier for me to dedicate myself in finishing my work and being proud of the work that I turn in. I have no one to blame if work is not completed.