Bryan College-Dayton Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The people and community here are amazing. I'm so glad that I chose to attend Bryan College because of the close relationships I have developed and continue to develop every day. Because Bryan is such a small school, the faculty and staff here really get to know students as individuals. They greet students by name and care about them - not just academically, but also spiritually and personally. The student body at large is terrific, as well, in much the same way. Everyone seems to know everyone else, and this creates a strong community. I love that about Bryan College.


How they have helped me and encouraged me throughout my classes.


The feeling of "belonging" when you step on campus. The students care for new students and are extremely helpful and friendly to visitors and attempt to establish friendships with the new students on campus. Bryan is very laid back and relaxed socially but academically it is challenging and you get your tuition's worth if you apply yourself. Our campus is well-kept and there is always something going on; school spirit and team pride is always apparent even when the athletic teams aren't playing, we still represent our Bryan Lions.


It is a great College! I am very proud to be a Lion. This is a small christian college and you get to know everybody. If you are really into studying this is the right choice for you! All in a christian enviroment.


I've made the best friends I've ever had in my life at college.


Bryan College is a small Christian College. At this school you are likely to make lifelong friends. The classes are fairly small which allows for frequent interaction between students and professors. Also, you are not "just a number" in the classroom. For the most part professors know you by name. The professors care about how you perform and they care about you as a person. I belive most professors at Bryan would go above and beyond to help students accomplish lifelong goals and be willing to help with any current hardships the students may be going through.


How friendly all the students are, and how the professors are kind and actually get to know you as an individual.


My school has very high academic standards, well qualified professors, friendly faculty and staff, and friendly students. The dorm rooms are very accomodating and the cafeteria food is better than most colleges. You will have a great experience here. There are often activities on campus in which all people can participate and have fun. Everything is safe, though, and high emphasis is placed on finishing all schoolwork.


The fun


The professors truly care and invest in our lives. We are a Christian college but we do not sacrifice education for spirituality or vice versa. We have a great balance, and although we are small, we have so much to do on campus. Our student body is truly close community.