Bryan College-Dayton Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The divide between the athletes and the non-athletes.


The tuition is the worst part. It is very expensive but understandable since it is a small, private Christian college that recieves no money from the state.


There's not much that is bad about Bryan College; overall, the experience here is great. The main thing that I don't always enjoy is Chapel. Granted, most Chapels are great - informative, interesting, and worshipful. However, there have been times where a certain topic was not addressed appropriately (for examply, the issue of sex), or a certain speaker gave controversial views that were not clarified as right or wrong by the school itself. We are required to attend a minimum number of Chapels, and when the topics or speakers are not beneficial to listen to, Chapel is very unenjoyable.


Perhaps the worst part about Bryan is that students' backgrounds are very diverse to an extent. Most (not all, of course) have some sort of Protestant religious background. Therefore, minorities, especially religious minorities other than Christianity might be treated with offensive or even hostile behavior, most likely by fellow students. Religious jokes and such are very common and may be considered offensive.


The thought by most incoming student that everybody who goes to the school is Christian. Having preconceived ideas like that can cause barriers between groups of people which hinder the ability for rounded individual growth. Just because a school is based on Christian principles does not mean that all in attendence are in fact Christians. You have to consider each individual separately.


I would like for Bryan College's dorms to be improved, and also for more to be provided for underclassman.


Although small schools have positive aspects such as making close friends, sometimes this atmosphere provides for people being in one another's business. Sometimes people at this school portray that they are better than others, but it just depends on what kind of personality you have as to whether you can take it or not.


the school is fairly strict, but rules are selected and governed by students as well as teachers.


The thing that I consider the worst about Bryan is the way that some of the students don't really appreciate it here that much. Some of the students strictly come here for athletics and complain about how they don't like the certain rules that were place here because it's a Christian school. It gets annoying after a while to listen to them complain when they can just go somewhere else if they don't like some of the rules.


Due to the small size of the school, there are many majors that we don't offer (Engineering, Criminal Justice, Foreign Languages other than Spanish, etc.). It's obviously a problem because it makes it hard to recruit people if we don't offer their area of study. Some people also don't like the rules that Bryan sets in place. It's a very conservative school, but on the other hand, it teaches students to respect the rules, not just obey them, which is a very good thing to know how to do in the work world.


I love pretty much everything about my school. I know why they have the rules they do and even though I don't always like them/agree with them by deciding to come to my school I chose to live by and agree to the rules.


The location


One disappointing thing about my school is that It does not have an art major.


The worst thing I think is the location. The city of Dayton is very small and there are not many things to do here.


The lack of funds to repair and update the facilities. The tuition is also hard to come by, but the Lord has provided.


Some of the rules seem a little strict when considering seniors are in their early twenties. The rules are great for Freshman since they are still adapting to being on their own.