Bryan College-Dayton Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


You should be a person who is goal oriented, can self-regulate, and are organized; then you would do very well in this course structure.


Christian. It's very Christian based, so if that bothers you then it's probably not a good idea to apply here. I love it. I've grown up in church all my life, so it's pretty cool to me to go to school with people who most of them have the same religious values as me. If you're not Christian, or you just don't believe in anything then it would probably be ok for you to come here. It could change your mind on your beliefs and you could get yourself on the right path. Thanks.


If you are someone who wishes to get a great acedemic education along with learning more about God, and how to connect with all kinds of people then Bryan College is probably a great fit. Bryan is a small school but is it very well balanced in the kind of people that attend. There are librals, consertatives, artist and athlets and those that can't fit into a category as well.


A person who is involved in there Christian faith and community. A person who is dedicated to achieving academic excellence.


Bryan College is a very strict school. Our moto is "Christ Above All." Although it is non-denominational, it takes a person that is on fire for the Lord to be able to sustain all the religious aspects that is a part of the curriculum. The academic program is very rigid as well. It takes a very well disciplined person and student to survive all four years here at Bryan.


A person who intends to fudge his or her way through college should not attend Bryan. The professors here know their students and become mentors over the time here but they aren't afraid to fail a student for poor performance. This is a Christian school, so there are rules that students agree to adhere to, so students who party or drink or do drugs shouldn't expect to continue those practices here. Anyone who wants a challenging academic experience and wants to join a community of people who strive to live right and serve others should definitely consider Bryan.


Christian students would feel most comfortable here.


People who love learning, don't mind small towns, and love tight-knit communities should come here. The campus and surrounding area is also gorgeous. Academics are highly emphasized. The school has a few strict rules (like a curfew), but it is worth it.


This is a great school for people who want to get a great education and a lot of new friends! This is a small college and a big family!


A person committed to excellence in academics, and high moral character in friendships should attend Bryan College. During highschool I looked at and visited 6 or 7 schools, Bryan College being my second or third choice. Through the process of elimination, mainly finances, I chose Bryan College and have not regretted it. The professors are high quality, the atmosphere fun. People should be prepared to work hard, but enjoy the process. The gen ed. courses are well thought out, and I believe will genuinely help me become a widely educated person.


A person who is committed to their education, who wants to learn, who is willing to put forth effort, who is friendly, and who is ready to create and cultivate some lifelong friendships.


If you are ready to be challenged academically, you should come to this school. If you are willing to REALLY dig into the Bible and look at stories with an adult perspective instead of a Sunday School perspective, you should come to this school. If you want to know more about yourself, what you think and why you think what you think, you should come to this school. Finally, if you want to learn to make a difference in the name of Christ and have fun doing it, you should come to this school.


Anyone curious enough to dig deeper into what life means will find Bryan College to fit like a glove.


Highly motivated, deep thinking students who are willing to rethink the foundations of their beliefs and explore why they believe, behave, and think the way they do are they type of students that will do well at Bryan College.


This school is good for anyone looking for a small, close-knit school where you can meet people and form close, life-long relationships. People who want a challenge to their minds and don't mind having to think in order to learn. If you are interested in Art or Cosmotology, then this is not the school for you.